What are Midwayers?

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What are Midwayers?

Post by Budgie » Wed Mar 23, 2005 6:23 pm


George Barnard used to call them The Spirit Guardians. Long before he learned of their true identity, these Invisible Friends kept him company and joined him in his work as a therapist. They were invisible to everyone else, but not always to him... he saw some faintly, others more clearly, and earlier decided they were the ghosts of long-gone mortals! That is, until 1972. They finally led him to discover the Urantia Papers, in 1997.

In fact, these Spirit Teachers are only partly spirit... being descended from parents who were partly angelic, they exist mid-way between the angelic and mortal realm. For this reason, they are called the Midway Creatures or Midwayers.

Midwayers are present on most material planets, being related to the mortals on that planet, but immortal and invisible to the mortal creatures. They are dedicated to the service of their mortal cousins until the planet attains an enlightened status, after which they are released to continue on to other realms.

Midwayers exist in one of two orders, Primary and Secondary Midwayers. The Primary Midwayers were born to the first contingent of superbeings who served here with the first Planetary Prince, about 500,000 years ago. They are closer to the angelic orders, and very hard for a mortal to perceive. Secondary Midwayers are descended from the line of Adam (about 37,000 years ago), and they are closer to the mortals, being capable of manipulating the material things on the planet, including humans and animals.

Midwayers start out their spiritual progression as do mortals, having a different connection to God but the same challenges in personal development. On normal planets, they are very much in touch with the angels on those planets, and also have their immortal parents with them to guide them. On our planet (as a result of our involvement in the Planetary Rebellion) the Midwayers on Earth (or more accurately, Urantia) were isolated and scattered. Everything was a total mess, everybody did as they pleased. A group of the Secondary Midwayers Warriors decided to work with the Seraphic (angelic) government on Earth, led by the new Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, who is still in charge here at this time. These Midwayers became the eyes and ears of the new Seraphic Government, given the task of working as go-between for the angels in making contact with humans, especially in emergency situations, and in helping human souls to cross over to the next realm.

They were 1,111 in number, the Secondary Midwayers who chose to work with Prince Machiventa, and they became known as the 1,111 Emergency Platoon. So they worked for thousands of years, unseen and unheard by most mortals. Very recently, all the other Midwayers were united with the 1,111, and today we have a body of Midwayers called the United Midwayers of Urantia. They are joined by many others who have now come from other worlds as volunteers, and while they don't all bear the appearance of our local Midwayers, they are just as dedicated to the progress of our world.

Today, Midwayers work all over the planet, saving humans in trouble and healing... helping souls to cross over and bridging the gap between mortal and angel. They generally work 20 hours out of 24, we have been told, and never stop trying to bring us mortals closer to God. Some of the original 1,111 Secondary Midwayers continue to work as before, but they are now called the Progress Platoon, or the Progress Group. They have increased the number of humans they interact with, and the contact is generally (although not always) made by using digital time prompts. Read about their signature 11:11 time prompt on Geoff's 11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

Today they are no longer warriors but teachers and healers. Their work is not yet finished as we enter this new age, but thanks to their never-ending efforts and dedication to this world which they share with us, we are so much closer to the bright age of Light&Life, when these brave and selfless planetary helpers will eventually be released from service, to take a well-deserved holiday.

For more information on Midwayers, see the Spirit Guardians website, and read some of their messages here: Our Midwayer friends


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