Being Paralyzed

We will list here stories almost too amazing to believe - when our spirit brothers and sisters turn up physically here to help us. This forum is only about angels physically helping us.
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Re: Being Paralyzed

Post by starborn »

062224 4:am
Was sleeping soundly on my LH side when awakened by a being touching both sides of my neck and causing deep paralysis in my body. I immediately tried to fight it and called out to christ and my guardian angles to help heal and protect me. Then I remembered to start wiggling my big toes. As HappyRain advised me to do. Surprisingly it was not difficult to do. As I did so some other being grabbed my ankles and immediately the paralysis began to stop. I was able then to roll to the right on my back and my mind was then transported to one of my happy places. I was lying on my back on a beautiful grass hill top looking at the sky and clouds. ..with a wonderfully warm breeze. And a feeling of peace and security. This place is similar to description of the Elysiun fields of greek mythology. The sky began to get abit darker and as i watched the clouds roll bye...gentle warm rain began to fall. A pleasant warm summer rain that began to wash away all the fear and paralysis of my body. I new then this was Happy Rain . Like the name of the mentor who gave me courage and the toe moving suggestion on the angelic BB . I thanked HappyRain for this experience. As the rain clouds slowly moved away and the sun reappeared . ..i sat up in bed full of energy. I also thanked the celestial beings that helped me and immediately an image came to mind of a group of celestial/ angelic beings standing around my bed with halos of ultraviolet blue.?? They smiled at me and i said thanks...and they disappeared. At about this time my grandson...who was visiting with us woke up crawled out of bed and went and jumped on grandmas bed and shouted wake up Grandma its time to play! This was at 4:30am this a coincidence? I think not!
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Re: Being Paralyzed

Post by happyrain »

Wow, I have goosebumps reading your words. It brings tears to my eyes knowing you had such a beautiful experience. I thank God and I thank you for sharing. Truly life, and the mystery is beautiful.

The big toe method was one I discovered when I too had very fearful sleep paralysis episodes. It is normal for us to be placed in fight or flight, but- remember this technique if you ever want it to end. You can even will yourself up after you break free form the paralysis and collect your self before going back to sleep.

I hope you remember the calm and beautiful sensations, it is comforting to know there are angels out there who care about our well being.

You are loved and protected. I am still a little frightful when the experience becomes even more real. But, I remember these words and these moments... And- I wish to learn more. It can be an opportunity to learn more.

Congratulations, wishing you peace and happiness.
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Re: Being Paralyzed

Post by Sandy »

I too have tears and goosebumps reading what you wrote, Starborn.
And as a grandma who has had plenty of playtime..I can relate to the grandson jumping on the bed at 4:30 in the morning. :bana:
What you wrote in the description of your happy place...I could see it so clearly in my mind's beautiful.

Eric, I remember so many years ago when you struggled with sleep paralysis, and I was so proud of you as you learned to handle it and move through it. I think I am even prouder now as I see how you have grown spiritually and can help other people who are experiencing this same terrifying "manifestation".
You both are awesome people!
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