Need help with ruminating and social anxiety

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Re: Need help with ruminating and social anxiety

Post by Sandy »

Thanks again, aidebynature. Will try the 100 count too. I can really use it right now. Hope to make the breath count a habit. :thumright:
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Re: Need help with ruminating and social anxiety

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I realize this thread is old but topic - not so much. Ruminating and social anxiety - how well I relate so let's talk about it. When I ruminate - I'm all up in myself. As much as I have difficulty with the socialization thing - I continue to realize how I forget about myself when I am doing something for someone else.

Here's my deal - I have always wanted to go to church, right? But that social anxiety - HA! If it's just me on a Sunday morning, it's easy to just sleep in. But somehow the pastor and I discovered that if I am asked to give someone a ride to church ... like we have a drug rehab in town and a couple of individuals wanted to go - I know it sounds awfully simplistic and I certainly know it's NOT simple.

So after the service, I give myself a pep talk --- let myself know I can dash out the door and wait for my riders outdoors. Or the big challenge - stand there next to 2 or 3 people chatting it up. Oh no - I never have a thing to say but I try it and then dash out when it just gets overwhelming.

Ruminating - first I had to become aware that I was doing it. Then, I had to consciously break the connection --- and I can't do that by myself. What a conundrum - I finally had to bite the bullet the past year and make a conscious effort to befriend someone. Of course, I absolutely knew there's nobody around here that I have anything in common with. Jeesh - this old lady learns something new every day.

I'm better one-on-one and will NEVER be a social butterfly but I'm cool with it. MY passion is helping others discover what their passions really are (as a therapist).

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