Second Most Satisfying Love. - Midwayer Andrea.

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Second Most Satisfying Love. - Midwayer Andrea.

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Chicago, US of A, March 19, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: Second Most Satisfying Love.

Primary Midwayer Andrea: “Some ‘in-love’ people do not hesitate to say to each other: ‘You are the person I most love in the whole world, for you are my everything.’ ‘I love you with all my being.’ Have they forgotten the love we should vow to God, first and foremost? Some have, indeed; some do not count God as in the same category as humans, so when they voice these all-encompassing declarations, they are not thinking of God. However, they really should, because God should have our first and foremost love. Still, who causes our second most satisfying love? You know who, Jesus said: our fellow neighbors.

“Loving Your Neighbor is to Love People. It seems impossible to humans to love people in general, that is, to love all. You don’t need to know every person personally to love them. You just need to realize that independent of who they are or what they do (good or evil) they are just as human as you are. Love them because we are all sons and daughters of the same Universal Father. First, you pledge loving all, and in fact do, when any human being, whoever he or she might be, crosses your path, and you show your love right then and there.

“Loving Your Neighbor is to Love Someone. Loving all does not mean you are prohibited from loving someone. Rather, loving someone is just the reason why Jesus said to love your neighbor, putting proximity in the love equation. Love who is near you: your parents, your spouse, children, friends, co-workers, acquaintances. Love anybody with whom you establish any kind of relationship. Your love will be according to that type of relationship: parental, spousal, filial, friendship, cooperation or courtesy — infuse love in all and every relationship. Loving all is the range of your love, loving each one, the focus of your love.

“Loving Your Neighbor is to Love the Poor. Without favoring any ideology, let me define the poor as anybody who is in any kind of need, not necessarily the economically poor. There are indeed many kinds of poverty: material, intellectual, spiritual, just to mention a few. Your love for the poor must seek promotion of the wellbeing of those in need, not promotion of yourself. It should be respectful of other’s self-esteem, privacy, and not create dependency. You may love your family out of proximity ties, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as helping anybody regardless of whom they are.

“My friend, consider the dimensions of Love. Your love of God is spiritual, that is, worshipful, your love for yourself must be instrumental, kind, and modest, For others, love must be practical, selfless, and one of service. Love always must be selfless, unconditional and abundant. The second most satisfying love is the love for others. To God, it is your will-consecration; to you, will-moderation; to others your will-affection. It’s not enough to love God, we must share the love of God, loving others, specially the poor, the ones in need.

“I am Andrea, a Primary Midwayer, even descended to be your friend.”

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