Divine Father, Divine Mother... new book by Donna D'Ingillo

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Divine Father, Divine Mother... new book by Donna D'Ingillo

Post by Sandy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:28 am

Hello all,

This just in from Byron Belitsos.... a wonderful new book by Donna D'Ingillo!


We’re excited to announce that Donna D’Ingillo has just completed Divine Father, Divine Mother, after a long collaboration with Byron Belitsos at Origin Press. These messages are hand-picked from Donna's "Breath of the Spirit” series and handsomely laid out in a gift book format of 120 pages. Donna and Byron are now offering it for "pre-order" at Amazon. I am writing to ask you to help kick-start her national campaign next month by making an advanced purchase, which will provide much-needed moral and financial support. This unusual book (page down to see representative lessons) will ship in about 10 days. Please get your copy now and also consider it for a Christmas gift later on.

“This exceedingly profound and inspiring book contains an incredible set of solid, practical teachings on spiritual growth—but most of all, a deep, deep sense of unlimited love."
—Marty Risacher

https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Mother-Fa ... ine+father

Divine Mother, Divine Father
Messages on Inspired Living from Our Heavenly Parents

$14.00 Trade paperback / $7.95 eBook • 120 pages • Trim Size: 7 x 8

Pub date: December 15, 2016 • Origin Press • 978-1-57983-047-2

https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Mother-Fa ... ine+father

Unprecedented Life Lessons from Christ Michael and the Divine Mother

Divine Mother, Divine Father offers one-hundred concise spiritual lessons from Michael and Mother—in a gift book format. The endearing nature of these teachings will inspire a renewal of your heart-felt devotion to our Parents. This short series of one-page messages was transmitted by Donna D’Ingillo, founder of the Center for Christ Consciousness.

Working with Donna and the team at Origin Press, our Divine Parents have provided this guidebook to bring you a new awareness of their wisdom, compassion, and divinity. You will discover fifty succint messages from Christ Michael as well as fifty short teachings from Divine Mother—thus illustrating their complementary divine natures.

Here are some representative lesson titles:

I Am the Unifier of Humanity

I Offer You a Blessed and Bountiful Life

I Help You Grow in Cosmic Understanding

I Offer Kisses of Life upon Your Heart!

Face All Your Fears with Our Support

I Offer You My Universal Mind

Rejoice That You Are Connected to Me

See Yourselves as We See You

Learn What It Means to be a Universe Citizen

I Fully Understand the Human Experience

Trouble Not Others for Your Validation

Liberate Others by Speaking the Truth

Learn What It Means to be a Universe Citizen

Accept Yourself Completely Just As You Are

Learn to Identify With Your Soul

Open to Life Eternal and Abundant

Praise for Divine Mother, Divine Father

“Donna D’Ingillo’s book is a gift to all of creation. She shows us how to have a deep personal relationship with our spiritual parents. As you read the words of this profound book you begin to fall in love with your spirit Mother and Father. Thank you Donna for this life-changing book!”
—Sharon Lanier

“This fabulous compilation from the Creators of our universe offer an incredible opportunity to reach deeper into our spiritual lives.”
—James Lease, artist, illustrator, urban designer

“This book infuses us with transformational healing through the voices of our Divine Father and Mother. Their lessons restore us to wholeness from the hurts of a lifetime.”
—Richard Rosen, author of Dear Abba and Life After Death

“I sat right next to Donna for years as she transmitted our divine parents, and I can verify her devotion to the truth of this process. I can attest to the clarity of what comes through her that so deeply impressed our group at the time. We often left these sessions in tears of joy and laughter. Thank you, Donna, for all those unforgettable times, and for your new transmissions in this book.”
—Jerry Lane, author of The Adventure of Being Human series; former U.S. Marine platoon commander

“This is truly a work of deep devotion to assist our human family in understanding the reality of who we are as spirit beings and the depth of love that is available to us. This compilation of messages draws the reader into a realm of connection with our divinity unlike the traditional scriptures that endeavor to trap us in religious dogma and division. These messages will grow on everyone but at a different pace, as the reader is ready.”
—Yvonne Williams, artist and author of Slaves of a Different Kind

“This book is to be read and re-read by anyone with a deep desire to open to the love, peace, and goodness within.”
—Laura Maher, author of Auntie Mom

“Divine Mother, Divine Father is a lovely, gentle book full of meditations for personal spiritual growth. I think anyone reading this will be touched by the love that shines throughout.”
—Virginia Brooks

I Am Your Universe Mother

"My beloved, your Mother of Light greets you. More and more are my children awakening to the call of my voice. The energy of my Mother-heart is touching all who live on this world, urging you into relationship with me. Look to the new ways of conducting your earthly affairs to see my hand at work and play. Look to the men and women who are softening their hard edges so they may see my gentility and grace spreading over this world. Many more will awaken and hear my call. I am your Universe Mother, and I desire a deep and passionate relationship with you.

Each time you treat one another with kindness, you humanize me. Each time you forgive an injustice, you bring more of me onto this world. Each time you think and act creatively to benefit the greater whole, you fulfill me. Yes, you children are the ones who bring me to life and spread my love over the globe. I act within you, and you activate me by your desire to know me and carry the ways of Spirit into your reality.

Think of me more during your day, and we will bring the ways of love, truth, and goodness into the world. You are the carriers of my love, and I will help you complete your tasks with beauty and ease when you come to me during your day. Let the action of Spirit create the magic you seek in your life, and allow me to give you enhanced skills and tools to master the craft of weaving the spell of goodness and light wherever you walk.

I am your Mother and I bring all good things to you. Together we will create beauty and splendor on this world. Together we will build heaven on Earth, and all the Earth will rejoice and sing the praises of the Creator. Together we will be as ONE. "

Expand Your Capacity to Live Within Us

"My little child, your Mother greets you this day! As you journey through this season of renewal, I encourage you to ask yourself what you would like your Father and me to foster within you. What quality of his being do you need to renew within yourself? It is patience, forgiveness, courage, tolerance, non-judgment, mercy, understanding, peace? Or is it all of the above? We can build within you whatever quality of goodness you may wish to embody—in those places of your need. Spiritual growth means expanding your capacity to live within us. We add those spirit threads into you that bring these divine attributes into your daily experience.

You show what you are made of by your actions. Do your actions represent these qualities of goodness, or are your actions of a different sort? If they are of a different sort, just come to us. Ask us to build within you those attributes that will ultimately change your responses into more Godly actions.

It is time to embody these ways of Spirit and to continually ask for renewal of our being into yours. You have many habits that do not favor your spiritual growth. Yet, each of these can be exchanged a little at a time by asking us to renew you in something better, especially when you are in the midst of a habitual behavior pattern. Why not instead develop this good habit of coming to us each time you catch yourself in your ingrained habits? We can help you step out of them each and every time.

You built these old habits over the course of your life. Now we invite you to turn to us and ask us to help you rebuild your life based on new habit patterns—the ones we instill in you. We will respond, and you will delight in what you will see growing in you—the attributes of God coming to life in a human being. How glorious to see our Spirit and your human will conjoin to yield a person of goodness and beauty, living in truth and love!"

Slow Down and Simplify Your Life

The universe is my womb, and you are safely secure in it. Greetings, my child! This is your Mother, the life force coursing through your breath and veins. My energy is bathing this world in pure Spirit—that substance filled with love, light, peace, harmony, and healing—and you are the sure recipient of it. Take this into your body. This is my gift to you. Simplify your life by slowing down your pace of living. Enjoy yourself more. Find pleasures in each day that will lift your spirit. Each time you do this you add more spirit-value into your lives, and you get more of me to keep you strong and centered. This is now something that you need each day, my child. The pace of change is so fast now on your world that you require stabilization in Spirit to keep you mentally capable of withstanding all that is shifting in your consciousness.

Why fight the pace of change? Accept what is happening in your life by inviting me into your being. I will change your perceptions and lead you into experiences that simplify and grace your life. You will find this highly appealing, and it will give you something to ponder: What kind of life do I now want to lead? You alone know the answer, yet it is my Spirit that answers the call of your heart and leads you into the greater awareness of what you truly desire.

I am your Mother. I know you. There is nothing in you that I do not perceive. Hide nothing from yourself now, for I love even your darkest secrets. I will keep you safe and calm while you face your deepest and most troubling memories and feelings. I will lead you out of darkness into the light that wants to burst from your heart and soul. This is the change I wish to make within you; and the more you embrace this, the more will you find happiness, joy, love, and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. It is all happening now, my child, and I do this for you because I love you. Live in my love and grow in my womb.

“I will keep you safe and calm while
you face your deepest and most
troubling memories and feelings.”

Now Is the Time to Reclaim Your Divine Inheritance

"My beloved child, this is your Father. I am Michael, and I am known throughout the local universe as the Creator of this wonderful domain that you and I inhabit together. My Spirit Consort is your Divine Mother, and she and I are a co-creative unit. Long ago we left the eternal realms of Paradise to venture into time and space, creating our own home wherein many children of various orders and personality types are born, raised, live, and journey. You are a part of this vast organism of our universe, and you will reside here during your afterlife and for many ages to come as you become more spiritually oriented to the creation we all share.

It is my desire as your Creator Father that you to come into the fullness of your destiny. Your world has been quarantined from the rest of the universe for many years, yet you were always loved, wanted, and cherished. The spiritual circuits of your individual beings were always open to us, yet you knew us not because of the ways of men who wanted to keep you separated from us. This was a power struggle that perpetuated many lies about your nature and fostered religious dissension and disharmony among the peoples of your planet.

But now this is all being resolved. You, my child of this world, are awakening to the true call of your heart, and herein is where you will find what was once missing. Open to my Spirit of Truth within your beings, my beloved, and find the missing links that will fill you with hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion, peace, and love. Now is the time to reconnect, dear one, and reclaim your divine inheritance. "

“Your world has been quarantined from the
rest of the universe for many years, yet you
were always loved, wanted, and cherished.”

Allow Me to Speak to Your Heart

"Dear child, I am Michael, your Creator Father. Some of you may know me as “God” or as “Jesus”; others of you may sense me in your heart as “essence” or “source.” I am here in whatever way you need me to be with you, for I love you with a strength and intensity that is beyond your ability to fully experience.

There is a connecting link within your being that ties us together in a holy union. This link is indissoluble, yet it becomes more present when you turn your sights inward to experience a reality that is, at the moment, much greater than you currently understand. Because of this growing connection between us, a current of spirit is now washing through you and bringing new life into your being. And part of that current contains information about me: who I am, what role I would like to play in your life, what relationship we can have together, and how I wish to draw very close to you.

What I ask of you is to hold open a place in your heart so I can speak into it. Ask questions of me: “Who are you, Michael?” “What is my relationship with you?” “Why should I have a relationship with you?” “What is the purpose of coming to know you?” Each question you pose to me in sincerity will be answered with love and compassion. I will speak the words you need to hear and I will fill your being with peace. I will hold you gently in my arms and help you feel safe. I will help you let go into my warmth of my being.

The life patterns on this world are changing rapidly, my child. More and more you need an anchor to hold you firm and stable during these times of tumultuous change and renewal. Sometimes the changes will affect you deeply and throw you off balance. That’s why something must firmly be in place so you will not feel troubled by the circumstances of life at this time. One of my roles is to provide an anchor that brings peace and stability into your life. When you come to me sincerely asking for a relationship with me—no matter how large or small a presence you may want me to have in your life—I can secure you in my being.

Renewal is yours for the asking. It is my delight to give. My children will receive what they need when they come to me. You will receive what you need when you come to me. I promise you this. I am your Father, and my love for you is boundless, limitless, and forever yours. Will you allow me to reveal this to you? "

A New Glory Will Blaze in the Hearts of All Humanity

"Open your heart to me, my child, and sit in the beauty of my love for you. This is your Father; I am Michael, and I bid you greetings from the heavens. One day soon the veil between the worlds will be lifted and you will know your rightful place in the universe. The time is growing shorter when the separation between heaven and Earth will no longer be in place and when the glory that has been shrouded in secrecy, lies, greed, and blatant deception will blaze in the hearts of all humanity. This is my promise to you, little one, so I ask you to patiently await the time of your soul’s liberation.

You can participate with me now in this liberation through your desire for heaven and Earth to conjoin. This is a heartfelt action you can take at any moment’s notice, one that will give you a feeling of powerfulness and create new possibilities of self-actualization within you. As more spiritual power pours over the Earth, you will more perceptibly feel the truth in these words and more enthusiastically allow them to be the food that nourishes your soul.

When you see certain events unfolding before your eyes, place no thought of doubt or worry into them, assuming that no higher authority is acting on your behalf. I have made promises and commitments to this world. You can trust that all things are working toward the evolution of your planet to join the greater cosmic family. Trust in this alone, my child. Feel your desire for this reconnection to come about with glorious love; allow the deepest desires of your heart for the healing of all life on this world to occur. In doing so, you shall be adding your personal energy into the collective transformational force that is catalyzing these changes.

Together, you and I, universe child and Father, are building peace on Earth. In time, the rejoining of heaven and Earth will come to pass, and you will be delighted that you have participated in the most stupendous event this world has seen!"

You may purchase this book here...
https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Mother-Fa ... ine+father
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
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