Re: Sad news and the Impact on this board

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Re: Sad news and the Impact on this board

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Very sad news. George Barnard passed into spirit approximately 7am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Saturday 7th November 2020. He had steadily declined over some period. It was, in the end, a blessed relief for him, even as it is an enormous loss for all of us, not least of which is his devoted wife Sandy.

His loss is irreplaceable. He was the finest medium in the world that was capable of reaching and communicating with midwayers and many classes of angels unknown to other mediums such are arch-angels, melkizadeks, life-carriers, celestial engineers, the list goes on. But that was just the beginning of George's story.

I was proud to have known him for twenty years and together we founded this board. Sandy was the love of his life, and George the love of her life. May he have a great time in the Celestial realms till we all catch up again.

I trust that others will step up and offer what they can. His dear wife Sandy will be carrying the 11:11 Progress Group torch forward, and would love any assistance that can be offered.

"Slip your hand into the hand of God and you will never walk alone"
said Chief Flaming Arrow.