Free Soup For The Having

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Free Soup For The Having

Post by Wenebojo » Sun Jun 13, 2021 10:32 pm

We see you there pacing back and forth waiting for your daily bread. "Even a crumb would suffice you if only it would fall from the Father's table", you have thought many a time in prayer. What if I told you that you were created to be just that, a thought of God's ? Would you or could you be still enough now and hear the Father within you?

God has already answered before you can finish asking the question and you are it, as well as the rest of you. Take a little time then and let this sink in? Liken to the most delicious homemade soup that your mother use to make for you as a child. Let that thought resonate from the tip of your tongue, down your throat, warming your heart as it makes it's way to settle in your digestive tracts, the very core of your material being.

Set aside the thorny garlic breadsticks of Lucifer's lies that you are use to. They are bitter and salty indeed and are meant for your detriment. Enjoy this soup instead that was prepared for you since the beginning of time. Let the Father's meal be yours to enjoy and of course to share. There is plenty here to dip your bowls for seconds and thirds of if you need to?

You have a saying there stating, " You are what you eat. " Truly this is your gospel. Let yourself be so full of Him that He runs down your chin and into your shirt. Your Father, God as you call Him, He only asks for a smile in return that you are now full of what He has to offer both you and all your neighbors. That you have received what He has for you and a promise to come back for more when'st you hear His dinner bell ring.

Now get you up from the table and share and wear what you have always had with everyone that starves for the love they think they have lost and searched for everywhere but the place from which simmers and bubbles to the rim of the kettle that you represent. Dip the ladle into what you have now and give it out to those in need. You will know who needs it by their sad and hollow emaciated composure.

Your Father who art in heaven as well as in your earthly vessels, created you to have, not to have not. Withhold what was meant for all and you will feel as starved as your brothers. Be that kettle and reach deep within you and serve all those standing in line with their empty bowls awaiting you His previous commodity because where you stand is holy.

You need not make a sign advertising 'Free Soup'. For they will know by your radiance of light that exfoliates from every cell of your being. They will want what you have even by the very smile on your face. Many questions will they ask. Like how did you get what you have? Where can I find more of this thing? And how can I keep it?

Fear not for the answer too resides in what you have and are. Let it come from within for those that think they are without? I think your soup is ready now to be served. Open up the doors to your heart and give that which was meant for all. For that is the reason you are given anything. To share the love you have in abundance for all those that would only ask. Fill their emptiness with your fullness you holy child of God.

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