You Are Always the Other Person — by David Cain

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You Are Always the Other Person — by David Cain

Post by Welles » Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:31 pm

You might like this or not. David Cain is one of those writer/thinkers who often engages my mind and sometimes my heart. I thought this point of view was fascinating.
Imagine that when you die your life is converted into an extremely long, first-person YouTube video, which you may review at your leisure.

While you’re fast-forwarding through it, looking for certain memorable moments, one thing you’d see frequently is a person you know entering the room you’re in, talking with you for a while, and then leaving for a much longer while. Seeing people come and go like this might crystalize one of the poignant realities of living a human life: you’re the only one who’s there from start to finish.

In life, there’s you — the omnipresent Protagonist — and then countless Other People. Most of them are bit players, but some of these Other People are major characters in your story. They might spend quite a lot of time onscreen, but they always remain Other People. You never get to see inside their heads, you don’t get to choose their behavior, and ultimately you know them only by what they do and what they say. Most of the time, no matter how large their role in your story, they’re simply offscreen — somewhere out there in the world, doing who knows what.
You Are Always the Other Person — by David Cain ... er-person/

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