The Story of a Silver Spoon.

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The Story of a Silver Spoon.

Post by George » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:35 am

Illawarra District, Australia, July 21, 2016.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “The Story of a Silver Spoon.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “Silver was often and for many years called the devil’s metal. There were many reasons why it was called by such a name and mainly by the aristocracy. Silver cutlery was frequently ‘disappeared’ from the well-to-do upper crusts into the pockets of their often rag-tag servants and other swift-fingered ones. There were other reasons for silver to have been given such an undeserved name, but I don’t want to linger with any of those stories. I will sing silver’s praises for the medicine and real money that it is.

“Today, many bandages for open wounds contain nano particles of silver that kill the majority of germs, virusses and some nasty funguses as well. Long ago, a ship’s wooden water keg would have a silver coin thrown in, so the water would not spoil. Much food and drink was served in vessels made of silver. Silver was important because acid in food would dissolve the tiniest of silver particles and these, in turn, would keep diseases at bay.

“For those who could afford their baby’s silver spoon (or drinking cup), the slow release of silver particles gave these babies an advantage over those who could not afford such utensils. It’s doubtful if more than a few people understood what the nano particles actually achieved, if indeed they could imagine a nano particle.

“For most people, as if by magic, silver spoons and cups did the job of keeping junior healthy. It became a saying, a proverb: ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth.’ From an ever-so-important near-guarantee of health it surprisingly became a guarantee of wealth and the antibiotic properties of silver were almost forgotten — lost if at all understood — to be replaced by the ever-more-often failing medicinal antibiotics.

“In our (Midwayer) opinion silver should perhaps be redesignated to become the angels’ metal and in times to come, we can envisage nano particles of silver being ‘brewed’ in many a home as an antibiotic or even as an illness preventative.

“The only thing that you can count on to always, always be the same on an evolutionary world is the constant presence of change itself. You will see some important changes come about, lasting for the next five years or so. Have some of the purest silver pieces about the place to be able to both heal . . . and deal.

“This is ABC-22. I bid you both au revoir.”

Receiver’s note: Should you wish to obtain silver coinage as an investment for times to come, any reputable coin dealer will do just fine. Should you wish to purchase a colloidal silver maker or simply the colloidal silver health product, simply return this transmission to the sender and George will ‘dig up’ the relevant information for you in due course.

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