Anyas and Inner Sherpa

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Anyas and Inner Sherpa

Post by George » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:55 am

“The Inner Sherpa – Daily Manna from Above”

is a compilation of 365 inspirational messages I received from Spirit or Celestial Teachers over the period of one year during my morning Stillness Time. I consider myself the scribe of this book and give all credit to Spirit and my Celestial Teachers and Advisors, its Authors.

“Manna from Above” is daily spiritual practice—a diverse spiritual menu from which you can pick and choose what most appeals to your spiritual taste buds. Just as the actual manna daily fell from the skies to feed the Israelites wandering through the desert, the Divine is providing us with spiritual manna—a nutritious spiritual breakfast—intended to feed each soul according to its most immediate needs. All we need to do is spend time in the Stillness in order to listen and receive—to be homeschooled by Spirit.
Nine years ago, I set myself on the personal quest to connect with my Indwelling Fragment as well as Celestial Guides. I no longer wished to live my spiritual life by hearsay and wanted to experientially validate that such connections were not only possible, but highly valuable.
Up to that point, my spiritual journey had taken me through various forks in the road that I view now as my ‘public school education.’ I was born and raised in France in a Catholic family. After studying English and German, I moved to Germany at age twenty. Shortly after, as a young idealist, I joined the Unification Church and volunteered there as a missionary for 13 intense years, which I consider to be my ‘spiritual boot camp.’ After seven years spent in Germany, I was transferred to New York City for a couple of years. From there, I relocated to Saudi Arabia where I spent three years as a foreign missionary together with my husband, Jim.

After reading the lengthy revelation of the Urantia Book, Jim reconsidered his affiliation with the Unification Church and tended his resignation. Our family moved to Alaska, USA. After leaving the Unification Church, I underwent four difficult years of what I call ‘the dark night of my soul.’ I was guilt ridden, as I believed I had betrayed God. Fortunately, my spiritual journey resumed when I finally overcame my resistance to read the Urantia Book and becamesimultaneously acquainted with the spiritual teachings of ParamahansaYogananda that introduced me to meditation. Both the Urantia Book and the practical teachings of Yogananda had a liberating effect upon my soul. From then on, I found my spiritual wings and became an avid spiritual explorer. Instead of doing what I perceived to be ‘God’s Will’ out of a sense of duty, I realized that He was only asking of me to share joyfully my own God-given gifts and qualifications. This radically changed the way I led my spiritual life.
My intention is to share these precious messages with kindred souls who similarly thirst for the very personal guidance that is available to each one of us. All it takes from our part is a heartfelt statement of intention, coupled with a consistent daily practice of turning within.

In 2010, I was inspired to initiate a Women’s Circle—SOUL—[Sisterhood of Unconditional Love]—in Fairbanks, Alaska. The intention of this Circle was to bring together women from all paths of life to share their spiritual tools and epiphanies based on what had been validated by personal experience—setting aside any divisive beliefs or dogmas. This was another launching pad toward a more in-depth spiritual journey. Even though Fairbanks was far from being a melting pot, within a few month the Circle had grown to include about twelve women from different ethnicities, faiths, and life paths. That same year, I also started translatinginto French the 11:11 Progress Group transmissions. I believe that it helped me hone my spiritual skills toward my later receiving my own transmissions.
My heartfelt longing became to develop the ability to hear my Still Small Voice and to become a receiver of celestial messages. This longing was heard and answered when, in the fall of 2010, I was led to attend a Melchizedek School led by Daniel Raphael PhD, and facilitated by Vicki Vanderheyden in Chester, CA. Its objective was to help us get in touch with our inner Guides. Little did I know at the time that both the contribution of Daniel Raphael to the Teaching Mission and the one of George Barnard to the 11:11 Progress Group were connected in a practical way to the Fifth Epochal Revelation of the Urantia Book to help us empower our spiritual life.

As I thought I was not making much progress in the process of Receiving and Transmitting, I started rereading the journal entries I had made over the years during my morning meditations. This is when I realized that Spirit had been talking to me all along. George Barnard encouraged me to share some of them with the 11:11 Progress Group and this book is a compilation of the daily messages I received in 2015.
My intention is to share with others these pearls of wisdom, as well as the practical tools of my spiritual toolbox. I would like to encourage each one of you to engage in this personal journey of being ‘home schooled’ by the Divine. We all have this ability. We all are special that way. The rewards are well worth the effort. Rather than taking my word for it, conduct your own investigation. You will only wish that you had started earlier in life—as do I.

Anyas Spencer's book can be found on Amazon in both hard copy and Kindle.

“The Inner Sherpa – Daily Manna from Above” ... 541310586/

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Re: Anyas and Inner Sherpa

Post by Geoff » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:23 am

Would be nice to have a name and a link?

I assume this is Anyas Spencer and this is the book: ... 541310586/

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Re: Anyas and Inner Sherpa

Post by Sandy » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:00 am

:lol: Thanks Geoff,
George put that on a day or two before it was available and I believe he planed on going back and adding the URL but forgot. Thanks for finding it for him... and on your birthday too. :sunflower:
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