The God Delusion

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The God Delusion

Post by Geoff » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:19 am

Well its pretty debatable that this book could be called spiritual. It's Richard Dawkins, the scientist who is into evolution.

I enjoyed the book. He sure hammers organised religion, and Christianity. But frankly, from my perspective, its appropriate. I did not find any of his arguments refuting the existence of God affected me, but I know it has really upset some folks. The reason I am not affected is the best he could do, is claim that those of us who base our "belief" on personal experience are mad. And I have been called worse. I certainly don't base my beliefs on the Bible being inerrant, or anything like that. We warranted about a page an a half in a big book. I expect he has no idea of the sort of eclectic mob we on this board represent. You just can't categorise us. A great many have given up organised religion.

I think its probably a good thing if he destroys organised religion. And if a bunch of guys end up being atheists, it may be no worse than believing that Jesus is gonna save their skins.

From my perspective he is looking for God in the wrong place, and it's not surprising he can't find Him. The mind is NOT, in my opinion, a good tool to find God. In fact its possible it was never meant for that purpose. The soul on the other hand, best accessed through our right brain capacities, seems to have no trouble. But the left brain?

Actually I would like him (or science) to prove that the Mansion Worlds exist, AND that atheists are found there. Now that would destroy organised religions like Christianity. But just maybe it would cause folks to really think.

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