Stillness exercise

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Stillness exercise

Post by Budgie » Sun Mar 13, 2005 10:00 pm

A Stillness Exercise.
(By Sandy Montee of the 11:11 Group.)

Great Gains Can Be Made.

It is an aspect of our culture that when one talks about our well-being, many of us react by thinking of our savings, earnings, or possessions. This writing is not about dollars and cents and what these will buy. It is about our physical, intellectual, and emotional welfare. Above all, it deals with our spiritual bliss. This writing endeavors to answer two questions: how to still the mind, and how to attract a Celestial Teacher. And our great spiritual gains to so be made will even reflect positively on our physical and emotional well-being.

His Many Helpers.

God is the greatest of all Teachers, and He has many messengers working for Him. I would like to emphasize that I believe our main purpose in life is to seek a closer contact with our Creator. If God wants us to co-create with Him, we must have lessons on how to do this. He therefore sends us His teachers in the form of celestials - guides, angels, spirit guardians, and a heavenly host of spirits that is perhaps even beyond our wildest imaginings.

I remember being told that God does send many teachers, but that we mortals seldom pay any attention. Every day, miracles happen all around us, but we shrug them off as coincidences, luck, or intuition. Maybe we need to be more aware and have faith that God is indeed working in all of our lives. For most of my life I prayed, and I wondered if God even heard my prayers, much less that He would answer them. When I first heard of people asking for, and receiving (channelling) teachers who would help them learn to live their lives and provide answers to the puzzle of knowing how to do God’s will, I believed they had lost the storyline at best. Yet, with a little faith we can hear, see and feel those many messengers God sends. To help us make the most of our lives here on planet Earth.

Making It Work.

Finding a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, away from the telephone, the doorbell, and other likely interruptions, is a must. The mind will not be still at first, and I concentrate on my breathing, thinking ‘breathe in, breathe out’, which at least takes the mind into a somewhat disciplined routine. As other thoughts enter my mind, I don’t fight them, but just let them pass, then I once again return to the regular breathing regime.

Even a fifteen-minute session each day will soon become much easier to do, and one can gradually add a few more minutes. Meditate no more than is comfortable for you. And after a week or so of this practice, begin listening for other thoughts that seem to come to mind, when you may not recognize these thoughts as your own. One of the first things I noticed was that words being used in these thoughts were different than the words I ordinarily spoke. Many people call this ‘that little inner voice’. You will not hear a big booming shout coming from out of nowhere, but rather an impression of thoughts that form words. Again this is a new exercise for the mind, and you will naturally wonder if they aren’t somehow your own words, or even your imagination. It is recommended you have a tape recorder running at this point so you don’t have to struggle trying to remember what was said in your relaxed state of mind.

While talking out loud, begin to ask questions, such as, "Is anyone here who would like to talk with me?" or, "Are you my Teacher?" At first the answers may not make any sense, but practice is necessary, and you will be surprised at how fast this will improve. Soon it will be as easy as having a conversation with a friend. Well, almost. If you get the impression of, "Yes, I am here," you might ask their name, or ask if they have something they would like to say. Repeat their answer out loud into the tape recorder. In many instances, the first contact may well be of an entity that would like to become your personal teacher.

Anytime you feel any uneasiness, just cut off the communication. You are always the one in control. Be yourself, and joke around and have some fun with this. After a few practice sessions you will find that your questions are being answered, and the process will make more sense. I used to write out what was recorded so I could read the words, and better understand the concepts. I believe most people can channel if they banish the thoughts that something fearful might happen.
It truly never will.
It is just a matter of listening for that small inner voice.

© 11:11 Progress Group
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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