Why you can't post here

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Why you can't post here

Post by Geoff »

Dear folks,

Initially we allowed posting here, and the vast majority were very complimentary, or asked for further explanation of messages here. But, as can be expected, eventually there would be criticism. Now we don't mind that, but we do mind our receivers being exposed to criticism.

It is the fact that receivers are sensitive. After all they are sharing with the world the thoughts that come to them, and there are plenty that will ridicule the very idea we can get communication from the next realm.

So, the fact that we don't allow posting here anymore, is just for that reason. If you would like to ask a question, please feel free to start a thread in Miscellaneous, and you can quote a section, or refer to a post here. That way we will be able to permanently unlink any discussion. And keep these messages as a simple history of what we share with our very much larger mailing list, that presently reaches thousands.

Much love,
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