Tips on using this Message Board.

Please read these posts first if you are new here, because they will answer lots of your questions. Don't try to post here, because its limited to Admins deliberately.
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Tips on using this Message Board.

Post by Geoff » Sun Jan 11, 2004 10:21 pm

I have found that the best way to use this board is to tick the option that automatically signs you in, and then to never log out.

You may find, if you do log out, that you need to log in twice. There must be a bug somewhere, because the first log in returns no error, but if you look at the top of the screen, it does not say, as in my case Log Out [ Geoff] , which means Geoff is not yet logged in.

If you use the auto log in feature, the colours change to indicate with a red button, which forums have new messages, when you return, but this does not seem to work, if you have logged out, and then log in.

Lastly. Very Important. If you do not use a valid email address, the message board will try to email confirmation details to you, and your new account will be inactive until you get those. So bad email address, no activation of account. And I delete those after 24 hours.

I can understand folks wanting privacy, and emails are not displayed anywhere on this board, but we can't have a bunch of folks here without any means of the program being able to contact them.

Regarding Private Messages.

Firstly, you must have one post approved and on the board for this functionality to be fully activated. Prior to that you can read PMs sent by others, but you cannot reply.

I think many folks don't know the difference between "sent" and "outbox". Also, most importantly Private messages are not really sent to anyone. They sit in the "outbox" waiting for that person to turn up at the board. But, what folks do is "clean up", and clear their outboxes and sent boxes, not realising that anything in the outbox HAS NOT BEEN READ. It is not the same as deleting your sent mail in Outlook mail program on your PC, which is merely your copy of what was sent.

For example I currently have three PM's in my outbox, some of which are more than a week old. But the intended recipient has not read them yet. When they do, they will move to "sent".

Regarding editing your posts.

Just occasionally, someone will return and clear all their posts, meaning the entire thread is now rubbish, and all those folks that invested their time, actually wasted it. So, I have now set a 30 minute time limit, and you can't edit after that. Sorry, as always the occasional person makes it harder for all the rest.

Much love,
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