11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

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11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

Post by Geoff » Wed May 05, 2004 2:55 am

11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

This is a very typical comment from folks who reach this message board.

What does it mean?

It's a wake up call. A wake up to what you really are. Not some accident of animal evolution, but a spiritual being that needs to pay attention to its own spiritual evolution.

What does that mean?

Well in general it is an awakening to things that you don't know, and need to know. Humanity is in a mess, and not heading in the right direction. Folks are needed to change that, and it happens one person at a time. Starting with you. Take responsibility for who you are, and most of all, who you are turning into.

How do they do this prompting?

Well if we take the way-beyond-random chance sightings of any number sequence, these celestial beings are able to put a thought into your mind, just the same as one of your own, and you turn and look in the right place at the right time. Sometimes they create the number on an electronic device, most times they just point you to something that is there, that you would not have noticed, or if it is a clock, would have changed before you noticed. As for the street lamps going off, they can do that, as they have an affinity for electrical devices.

What do I have to do?

Acknowledge it out loud. Say - OK guys I hear you, tell me what you want. This speaking out loud is to get around the problem that Midwayers do not automatically have access to our thoughts. You can of course announce that you are happy for them to have this open access, or alternatively make it clear which thoughts you wish to share with them.

But I can't hear anything?

They will find some way to let you know. These guys are a bunch of special angels, and they have picked you for a very good reason. Quite what that reason is, may only later become clear. If you want to, you can work with them, as George has done, for many years. Or you can ask them to go away. Your choice - it's called free will. But they picked you because you can be useful to them. The chances are if you develop good meditation techniques, or practise George's Akashic Construct, you will either see or hear these guys. Maybe both.

Why the 11:11 prompt?

There were only 1,111 of these guys for a very long time, but today there are a very great number of them. They asked for, and were given, the 11:11 signal as a trademark. Sometimes they will vary the prompt, and that may indicate precisely the individual prompting you. For example if you always get ??:03, it might be MN03, or ??:22 ABC22

Can you tell me more about these guys?

Sure, read this as a starter: Our Midwayer friends

What's with this "midwayer" thing?

Well technically they are called Midwayers, because they live in a realm between us and the next level that we go to after death. They are the closest spiritual entity to us. They are actually material creatures, but of a material invisible to most of us. It was not supposed to be like that, we were supposed to be able to see them, and on "normal" worlds that is the way it is. George much prefers to call them "Spiritual Guardians" or simply "Angels."

What proof have you got?

Well it's getting so that this is now pretty much proven, simply because by following our instructions, so many other people have found these guys, and talked with them.

George has been dealing with these guys for over 50 years. He sees them, and talks to them. Mostly he sees with his spiritual eyes, but there have been cases of physical manifestation as well. You could not expect a psych (George) to believe in the voices in his head if they did not turn up physically, could you? They have played a major role in his entire life, and some of his experiences are detailed in his books The Search For 11:11 and In the Service of 11:11 and The Anatomy of the Halfway Realm
You can read some of the chapters of these books on-line here:
Sample The Search
Sample In the Service
Sample The Anatomy

You can also download sample chapters in pdf format here:
Download PDF files

An external proof of their existence can be found in the Urantia Book, a huge spiritual tome of 2000 closely printed pages which was published about 1950. See:

The Urantia Book - Paper 77 Search that page for 1,111 and you will find this passage:
Urantia Book wrote:The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things." These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.
The Urantia Book - Paper 114 This paper is about the general celestial administration of our planet, and is a bit out of date now, but this passage is true of our group of 1,111:
Urantia Book wrote:P1255:5, 114:6.6 2. The progress angels. These seraphim are intrusted with the task of initiating the evolutionary progress of the successive social ages. They foster the development of the inherent progressive trend of evolutionary creatures; they labor incessantly to make things what they ought to be. The group now on duty is the second to be assigned to the planet.
And again, from The Urantia Book - Paper 37
Urantia Book wrote:The Midway Creatures. In the early days of most inhabited worlds, certain superhuman but materialized beings are of assignment, but they usually retire upon the arrival of the Planetary Adams. The transactions of such beings and the efforts of the Material Sons to improve the evolutionary races often result in the appearance of a limited number of creatures who are difficult to classify. These unique beings are often midway between the Material Sons and the evolutionary creatures; hence their designation, midway creatures. In a comparative sense these midwayers are the permanent citizens of the evolutionary worlds. From the early days of the arrival of a Planetary Prince to the far-distant time of the settling of the planet in light and life, they are the only group of intelligent beings to remain continuously on the sphere. On Urantia the midway ministers are in reality the actual custodians of the planet; they are, practically speaking, the citizens of Urantia. Mortals are indeed the physical and material inhabitants of an evolutionary world, but you are all so short-lived; you tarry on your nativity planet such a short time. You are born, live, die, and pass on to other worlds of evolutionary progression. Even the superhuman beings who serve on the planets as celestial ministers are of transient assignment; few of them are long attached to a given sphere. The midway creatures, however, provide continuity of planetary administration in the face of ever-changing celestial ministries and constantly shifting mortal inhabitants. Throughout all of this never-ceasing changing and shifting, the midway creatures remain on the planet uninterruptedly carrying on their work.
And then there is Courtney Brown, a USA University Professor and social scientist and author of Cosmic Voyage published in 1997. He says, on page 124:
Cosmic Voyage wrote:The discovery that Midwayers actually exist was a shock that reverberated through the consciousnesses of the military's SRV (Scientific Remote Viewing also called Coordinate Remote Viewing) team for quite a few years. On one hand, the information of their existence was incredibly important - for all sorts of reasons. But on the other hand, it was never clear how one could explain all of this to the generals who were more concerned about warhead counts in missile silos.

The Midwayers are themselves not extraterrestrials, since they apparently are rather permanently based here on Earth. Yet they are not human, nor do they assume human form in a physical sense. They are subspace beings who live and work in a human environment.

The Midwayers work here, but their command structure does not originate on this planet. Apparently, they are one of a number of subspace groups that are assigned a variety of tasks. The Midwayers work together as a unit, in the way that a military team works together. But they are not militaristic. They work with the subspace aspects of humans to promote human evolutionary potential.

As well, the 11:11 Progress Group archives hold a lot of messages, not just from George, but also from contributors. You will note George talks about his "platoon", long before Courtney Brown commented on the way they operate.

Why Me???????????

Well we only have theories on this. They have not yet explained who they pick. It could be as simple as

a) because they can prompt you, and others are not receptive. It does seem that most contactees have excellent latent psychic abilities. This follows - if they can trigger your brain to look somewhere, or at a clock at the right time, then they can impress a wider range of thoughts into your mind too.

b) or because you have unique skills or abilites that they would like to utilise

c) or because you are either already in an important role, or will be in an important role. We are not suggesting you are running the country, but you might be a teacher, or a painter, or a musician - someone who will influence many people. The Correcting Time will be a time when orthodoxy fails, and folks will be looking for answers. And they will be fearful. They will need reassurance. You may thus be the leading edge - the early adopters of new paradigms.

d) There are a lot of special kids being born, and many of the folks getting prompted with 11:11 are simply being prepared as good parents to these special children, who will require understanding and nuturing of their gifts. So maybe its not about you, but your children, or chlidren to be.

Do they want me to do anything?

Yes and no. You have free will. You can do as you choose. But the universe works best when we all do what we should do. And they can help you discover that. First and foremost we have to all change our attitudes to many things. We need to learn more spiritual Truth, and we MUST live in love. Nothing you have not heard before, but now it's angels telling you. For many folks that's a shocking realisation.

How can I contact them myself?

Well you can practise a few techniques, but you should not think this will necessarily happen overnight. But these techniques will help you contact all celestials. So it's worth it to stick with it. There are two approaches that we have. The Akashic Construct and a Stillness Meditation.

The Akashic Construct. This is a CD, that you can buy. It has three sections. The first track is a relaxation. This teaches you to relax. You need to practice this track for a week. Track two is deep alpha. This helps you to get into the deep mind state for the last track. Practice this for a week. Finally the Akashic Construct. This is fabulous. A structured meditation into a workshop where you can call up any celestials you would like to talk to. Akashic Construct

Try this meditation. A Stillness Meditation
Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.
~ said Jesus through Glenda Green in "Love without End" ~

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