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A Step Back Day

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:24 pm
by Seeker13
A Step Back Day
December 14, 2015

How is your day?
There's that phrase...
The rote reply, “Fine, how is yours?”
Thin smiles exchange until another we meet.
Behind the veil my days fall into numerous classifications,
Not good or bad, but many gradations and levels of in-between.
Today is a Step Back Day...
And it's only just begun, because Yester Day was...
a shade or two to the darker.

The Step Back is one to
Take a breath,
Remove shield and armor,
Redress wounds,
From the onslaught.
Extract myself from the torrent.
The mania, grappling, hooking my emotions
Entwining and ensnaring attention whether I intend it to or not.
Followed by the night of sleeplessness,
Ceaseless brain chatter,
Seemingly to have 'a mind' of its own.

Yes, today is definitely
One to step back,
Review and stake stock
On how it could have gone differently.
Am I one of those out there to win?
Whether the war has been declared or not?
The first to hurl an assault or insult,
Satisfied it's
Shaft has hit the mark?
Carefully retreat to a corner
Blanketed by my fear.

I do not believe that is me,
Fairly certain of my intentions,
Perhaps we've not the vantage point to
Be our own judge?
Today is my Step Back Day
I'll take full advantage of it,
Taking stock, breathing, refueling my reserves, because
Tomorrow the armor will be donned
A mask of fresh perspective fully pasted
In place
Ready for what ever needs to be faced.

Everyone should take a Step Back Day now and then.

by Seeker 13

Re: A Step Back Day

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:40 am
by Sandy
Kim, that is awesome!... and it hit its mark in me... in a very good way of course. :D I won't forget the wisdom... Love you sis,