Any New Developments?

We will post here messages received about the coming of Monjoronson.
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Any New Developments?

Post by Maku » Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:19 pm

Hello, everyone.

Just wondering what's going on in relation to the arrival/materialisation of Monjoronson. Seems there hasn't been much info as of late...

Anyone know anything?


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Post by Geoff » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:23 pm

Dear Erik,

All I heard is that its delayed. Why I have no idea, and for how long I don't know.

At least we got rid of a war monger this weekend, down under. I hope that helps.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.
~ said Jesus through Glenda Green in "Love without End" ~

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Post by VaidasJSP » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:56 pm


I'm writing to share some news from Monjoronson, as there was received a teaching by Algimantas, he did comunicate in english, and posted a translation into lithuanian language. So, as english message is still not on the site, I just cite an automatic translation from lithuanian to english here.

When the original english version will show up, I'm planing to keep you informed.
Yesterday I received from one of his brother's soul electronic mail, which was the question: Jesus Christ apreiškime LANGUAGE YOU RETURN of another son to download the second coming of Jesus to Urantiją, or I know that the Son?
I began to think himself, as he answered, because the Son is not directly communicated, as communication with Jesus.
And decided to try to establish communication with him. However, before this is addressed to the eternal Son of the mother-brother, as the Son of the Son of arbitrators spirits status, but they all originate from the Eternal Father and the Son.
So now I suggest you have your contacts.
Note - my worship, and communication was in English (2009 08 02 - 18.55), so here is the translation into the Lithuanian language.
Beloved Father, eternal Son-Mother's brother, the Great Spirit-Mother-Sister, I have worshiped you, that you have all the time skleidi love, truth, and the light over the entire kūriniją. My will to be the will of yours. Amen.
Dear eternal Son-Mother-Brother, I submit this question for you: Can I make a direct connection with the son of an arbitrator, whose name is Mondžoronsonas, and which has come to Urantiją? Because you are one of the parents, I first submitted this question for you.
Eternal Mother-Son-Brother:
My dear son, you can and you are allowed to apply to any rank of the spiritual teacher, and you will be connected with him. I congratulate you, that you make contact with the son of an arbitrator.

Mondžoronsonai, I am anxious to get in touch with you, because to me eternal Son-Mother's brother, when he asked, can communicate with you directly, responded positively. I want to communicate with you and get your training, even as they are received from the Paradise Trinity and the son of our Creator-Nebadono Michael-Jesus.
My dear brothers, I am the spirit of it, which you call Mondžoronsonu and you know that you are in training for my entry into the Urantiją, over to you the Father, as well as other persons of equivalent Paradise Trinity.
I certainly agree that you establish a living relationship with me and I really want to convey to you my training for my coming to your planet, called Urantija. My mission is very long, in your view, nusitęsianti almost over one thousand years of your time, and this mission include the Multi-task, the priority will be given justice in the rehabilitation of your life on the planet through human interaction with the father of relationships.
But in order to be implemented This task, I need a lot of helping you, and it will require major efforts from your side, of the human hand, that the soul of your brothers to be trained in such a living connection with the Father, that they actually begin to live life based on rights dieviškuoju justice. This would require any current state Urantijoje totally different kind of management and it would lead you to a new relationship between all areas of your life.
Mondžoronsonai, I really am open to you, and, so far, communicating with you, do not feel such a sense that you būtum me so close, so dear, what a close and dear to me is the Father, the Son of our Creator, Jesus, so I need some Better you know, the experience of this love relationship with you, even as experienced as the father or Jesus. How could you comment on this situation?
My dear brethren, a spirit, you can not love it, with the kuriuoo never nebendravai, so you know it only in theory, and the Father's love is real, it is not theoretical.
As a result, you may not experience the love of those with whom it has never before nebendravai. You love them as far as deep as they communicate and get to know them better immigration practice.
Your love is real real person, but because such a personal experience you are not communicating with me, you still do not love me, its own reality. But really, this will change, and very quickly when you start to communicate with me more often, because I have added you to my material to your staff my mission to the planet.
Therefore, you really give me the choice of my other brothers spirit, between you and which will retain the Urantijoje as long as it is really necessary Paradise Trinity of justice and the light manosios mission completion.
Dear Mondžoronsonai, I call you on behalf of the situ for the first time when I heard about your mission in situ on behalf of the souls of my brothers, involved in the training mission. Is this is your real name, or you will come under another name, while the same person, to which I turn Mondžoronsonu?
You have to know that our real names mean nothing to you. Therefore, all the names that you are taking, using them to us, your spiritual aukštesniesiems partners are given only to your human consumption, you pažintumėte us in our all others.
Initially, these names could you, as a people, to be unusual, but with time you priprasite to them and they look very attractive to you, even in the same way, when you ask why such a proximity nejauti me how you feel and the Father of Jesus.
"Can you at least mention, when you appear in human form?
My dear brothers, I can not tell you for that specific time of day or night, because I personally do not know this, because all of its missions in your world I have to adjust your Son creators, which you are known as Jesus of Nazareth. And we discussed this matter several times, but nepaskyrėme a specific time, as events on your planet at this time when the planet is restored to its previous communications circuits, although not at full capacity, is developing faster than before. Thus, this development not only contributes to the spread of light ahead, but also provoked a lot of the darkness a viable self-defense, and even sometimes more fiercely.
But even if you know the home and the arrival of a specific period of time, I nepasakyciau it, because people are so weak, because they are always waiting for any particular method or means to be a weekend, holiday or any event that you expect situ particular time, place to mėgautumėtės life with the Father every day process. In this case, you will note sutelkiate in the future, and never a moment you are unable to live life in the process with the strongest commitment to the good of my soul brothers and conscious of the happiness of life every day, even in their sight by not in any particular time in the future.
Keep in mind that the future events have come when the focus of his life at any given time lived in the present. And lived in a way you execute the will of the Father all the time. Annex, you feel every moment of his life and the fullness of meaning. And it is this we will teach you to keep, even as in-situ of the Father, and teach you.
Mondžoronsonai My darling, I feel like my love for you to grow at a time when our ongoing communication. Thank you for this brendravimą with you. Do I have to share situ training with their soul brothers, as I asked him to share eternal Son-mother-brother?
My dear brethren, the spirit, really, please, share it, that is known about the coming of my reach as much as possible the spirit of the brethren. This news has spread to the world that the soul of your brothers would not surprise surprise, when I'm on your planet, that they are my children, prepare their entry and that the growth of their children, they would expect Manoj entry.
My entry is your son were determined by the developer and I own. Therefore, do not hesitate to show you my world will replace the large number of people the better, and this will prepare the way for the greater number of our brethren, the spirit of discovery of the Father in itself, since it is only your low spiritual level of arrears in the second coming of Jesus as the Son of the creator of a host Nebadomo .
In this way, note that each of you personally, you are linked to the words of Jesus ištęsėjimu that he return again to this planet, the second time in power and šlovėje, and that you will be able to see their spiritual vision, rather than their material eyes. It really do not the human form, in the same body, in which he lived his life as human beings, and such a body, what I really appear to you. It comes a reduced form as a burning glow Farmers Son of the developer.
Thus, to avoid any need to humiliate the vibrations of such a low frequency, much easier and less dangerous in your environment, including your electronic equipment, such as a nuclear power plant, the operation actually completely replace the disturbances on the power circuits in and around the planet that you could contribute to its own consciousness raising vibrations when establishing a vibrant Communion with the Father and the more sincerely and more loving.
I really seem to help you do this, and it certainly will be our overall mission, together with you, my spiritual brothers Urantijoje. Together we really a set of Michael, son-host a Developer, your Jesus of Nazareth, the second entry.
His second coming, even as Manoj and entry of human form, Urantijoje time deduction is in place for each of you inside.
Thank you, Mondžoronsonai for your training. I really do everything possible to atlikčiau its role, even as you devise it, together with the owners of our Creator Son Jesus of Nazareth.
Dear, I am certain that this training will give you a lot of reflection, maybe
and the determination to go on living the way the Father has courage.
Telydi you peace of mind.
With brotherly love,
translated from english..
2009 08 02

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Post by HeartBrain » Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:19 am

This was in Today's Harp of God Bulletin:
Excerpt from Arcadia Teaching Mission, Teacher JarEl:

"John: I have a question. Are the Trinity Teacher Sons here? And, if so, what is their relationship to the Correcting Time?

JarEl: TR, George: The Trinity Teacher Sons, or, Monjoronson, for that matter, is here. However, he has not made himself present on this planet. But he is around and the relationship that he has with this Correcting Time is actually a prelude to his coming. You are all going through a Correcting Time and you can actually begin to see it now. It is not just some abstract idea put in your minds – it is now real on your planet. There are many correcting aspects that are going on all over this planet, including your country in particular. Many of you are also correcting yourselves with your own ideas in your own minds. You are becoming less belligerent and more accommodating. But all this is to usher in this new era that is about to come. When that era is I cannot tell you, for I do not know. But I do see the signs and I do see the activity that is going on. My particular business is with all of you here in teaching you about God and about yourselves. But I am aware of other activities on your planet. I am not in any way or measure involved in these activities, yet I am privy to many of the activities. However, that being said, it shouldn't concern you as much to know whether or not these things are happening. Be concerned with yourself and discovering what is inside of you and knowing how to fully appreciate it and to master your inner life. That is the best way that you can help this world."

(edited by Geoff. Marty - we do not any longer support tml directly)


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