Monjoronson on Healing

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Monjoronson on Healing

Post by peacockplume » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:24 pm

I'm not sure if I put this in the right thread, however it being from Monjoronson, I though I put it in here...

Harp of God Bulletin 8/13/07
expanded awareness

From: "rickgiles" <>

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group Topics: Transformation of Energy and
Unknown Parameters, Focused Attention and Enlarged Awareness. Teachers:
Monjoronson, Elyon

July 29, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings. I am Monjoronson, once again to
join your lively discussion, to add my contribution to your rather
extensive thought streams. In witnessing your conversations it is obvious
that you have, each one, encountered the very realities that have been part
of our lesson plans for some time. After having encountered some measure
of personal experience with these principles, they then become yours to own
and to use as you navigate your way through these arenas of spirit.

Truly I witness to you that the nature of your discussions carries morontia
tones, and that you are each one digging deeper and deeper into your wells
of spiritual awareness and possessing more and more of the truths contained
therein. So many good threads for discussion were offered, but I would
inject more energy into the thought pattern that was offered around the
idea of the use of this transformation of energy that you focused on as
healing and the component aspect of that is required in the process of the
state of receptivity of the receiver in the process. As you have well
stated, it is not that spirit is not there, it is merely that you may be
unaware of its presence. It's not that healing is not possible, it simply
may be that you are as of yet are unable to access it. And in this process
of discovery of the flow of this healing energy all the way to and through
this recipient, it is necessary to embrace the role that the receiver has
in completing this circuitry.

It is often discovered among the mortal psyche that there are unknown
parameters or conditions established -- I say unknown because they are as a
result of your cultural influences, your media representations, your family
and friends, your jobs and all of these things attempt to portray to you
what is real and what is your condition. So, a life lived among all these
influences is conditioned by numerous projections upon you of how things
are or at least how things are understood. It takes great faith and trust
to lay down, to set aside, this set of preconditions and pre-notions about
what is real or genuine to allow there to be room to accept what is as yet
unknown but nonetheless real. Each one of you is quite familiar with the
things in life that you don't know, and you fully grant that they are as
real as the things you don't know. Brain surgery exists; you conceive that
it is real although you have no direct personal experience with this
skill. Likewise there are things that you do not know yet that you do not
know, that you have not allowed a place to exist because you have yet to be
introduced even to the concept. You are, however, wading into these pools
as you discussed in your experiences surrounding healing, and you are
discovering through your personal experience that there are parameters that
exist. You may not understand how or why, but you are accepting now that
they do exist, and this is the first step, to simply accept the reality of
such. So it is with this healing circuit. If you do not at first allow
there to be room for something that you have yet to contact in your own
personal experience, then there is no space to make allowance for such. And
as well if you insist on approaching the whole arena with complete
understanding you will fall short in your experience. But if you can
remain open to potentials that exist, and you can remain open to receiving
in the absence of understanding, then you can take the necessary steps, and
as a result the understanding comes.

It is very similar to your extensions of faith that have brought you to
this hour. It is the faith that extends you into the new arena wherein the
understanding is attained. It is the faith in healing that brings you to
the arena of the transformation of energy you call healing, and it must be
the faith that you rely on in this process of receiving as well. And
having demonstrated your faith and as a result of your faith, then receive
your confirmation, your rewards for having extended yourself. It is a
universal principle that the faith must always come first, and then the
acts of faith are apparent, which then bolsters the faith for next time,
which is why you have all arrived at this step along the way. You have
repeatedly demonstrated the extension of your faith, and it has proved
sound, sound enough to take the next step on this staircase. And so it is
that we travel together step by step, as in this hour building upon the
foundations of understanding and wisdom but extending onto the next step
where we will gain more understanding and wisdom before the next step.
Thank you for your attention and your devotion to the lessons and this
greater mission before us. I welcome your participation. I allow for others.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon charging out of the dugout onto
the ballfield. I greet you all with a high five. I am going to speak
about focused attention and enlarged awareness, and I am going to use your
sports as an illustration of my point.

When a batter steps up to the plate and positions himself in the box and
readies his body for the pitch, he is one-pointed and focused in his
attention. As he has had a few pitches tossed his way, the next one to be
received he is singularly focused upon. To be good he mustn't distract
himself with the results of the past pitch. In order to make the
connection he ignores all the players in the field and focuses intently
upon the approaching ball.

Likewise the pitcher does the same. Regardless that the prior pitch was
outside the zone, he winds up anew and throws again, intent upon the
catcher's mitt, intent upon passing that ball through the vulnerable zone
where it can be hit to his detriment in order to succeed in passing it
by. So the catcher is one-pointed in his focus, not distracted by people
in the stands but attentive to the pitcher. He is, all three are, in a
primary focus.

The other players are in secondary, reactive, focus as well, awaiting an
action. Upon a connection of bat to ball, suddenly there is a shift in
awareness and all give attention to everything occurring on the
field. This is more greatly illustrated when more batters are on base, as
there are more actions occurring once the ball is in play. This is an
expanded awareness. It is true with your football, with volleyball; even
your racecar drivers are focused upon their car, their movement forward and
keenly aware of all others around them.

Some of your emergency situations are likewise the same. You may be
focused upon a specific undertaking of your own when a crisis breaks out in
the larger arena, and your mind expands to embrace the interactions of many.

Stillness is stepping into the batter's box. It is placing that one-pointed
focus toward God, and you focus exclusively that you may make the
connection. But when the embrace is had, when the blend of the divine and
the human occurs, you then expand in your awareness to embrace all your
fellows. This is the love for God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

We have come here as teachers; we play that role and our purpose is
twofold: One, to increase your individual spiritual awareness,
orientation, to stimulate your growth drive, but also to enlarge your sense
of placement within the world, even your planetary system, that you may
more fully be enriched as you live your singular life in this orchestrated
harmony with the many about you, with the enlarged awareness of the
progress of even the entire local universe. This is a big picture, and
often you will find yourself required to focus intently upon the pitched
ball and not be distracted by the stands, the stadium filled with
people. But it is our hope that you do see yourself integrated into this
enlarged arena of players. Single, one-pointed focus and all encompassing
expanded awareness may be called two sides of the same coin.

I will bring a close to my comment and again remind you to undertake
batting practice, to sit in silence, to have your quiet time in stillness
with God. Thank you.

© The Teaching Mission

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Re: Monjoronson on Healing

Post by Jaided » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:42 am

I do not know how other people. But for me it looks so good.

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Re: Monjoronson on Healing

Post by Seeker13 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:22 am

Sorry, I missed this until now. I too think it looks good! I love it whenever Monjoronson has something to share with us.

Welcome to the boards!

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