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The Death Process

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:42 am
by Paul
Monjoronson just explained in more detail the death process. This is the most detailed explanations that I have seen from him concerning this issue. Here is the web page: ... 66&search=


Re: The Death Process

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:40 am
by Geoff
No surprise to me, and about time it was shared with Ubook type folks. This stuff is out there, but not in the ubook. Even my own summary has this stuff.


Re: The Death Process

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:49 am
by Petra Wilson
Cheers for posting that Paul, just finished reading it.

I only hope that come my time I'll be able to let go of the fear
and dread of dying and death. My father told me his Guide told
him he was going to pass over quite soon and he instructed him
on a few things to finish before that day. When he told me this I
was so scared and he told me that I mustn't be, that it was all so
natural and most importantly I had to let him go.
Months later he had his fatal accident, but he clung on to life for two
months (though he was all but a cabbage) before he died...alone.
All the adults told us he would be all right. I would have liked to have
said goodbye, but my mother and brother thought it was just too
traumatic for us girls!

Love, Pet

Re: The Death Process

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:05 pm
by Paul
Hi Petra,

I once asked a "live" question to Monjoronson concerning the death process. It was one of those live teleconferences where there are several persons on the same phone line. Here is the question that I asked and the response that I received.

Question #2: I would like to ask a question of Monjoronson and I just want to say I really appreciate the opportunity that we all have to talk with him personally. This question concerns death. You know every day about 150,000 people die. Husbands lose their wives, wives their husbands, parents lose their child or the child lose their parent. Really, the grief that mankind experiences because of death is really incalculable. So I would like to know, why did our Creator Son and why did our Heavenly Father choose death as the way we would get to the other side? Isn't there a more humane and compassionate way than the death of each and every one as a way to get to the mansion worlds? Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Thank you for your question. This is another question which is on the minds of many, many sojourning mortals on this world. From where you stand, your individual perspective, it may in fact appear as though there is some cruel mechanism at work when you personally are confronted with the loss of a loved one which is a rather routine part of the experience if you are blessed to live long enough on this world, but understand that it is more a matter of awareness and perception that causes mankind to be in such distress over the passing of a loved one.

If you avail yourself of the Urantia Book and its expanded view of what happens to individuals upon the passing we refer to as death, you are granted an enlarged perspective on what happens as a result of death and what happens after death and this information if embraced, brings the reader a new sense of understanding of the process. With this new sense of understanding comes peace of mind about the process, how it works, what's involved and why this event we refer to as death happens.

In fact, there has to be some means whereby we transition from a world of material aspects and environment to a world more spiritually based and enlarged. This process of the material beings clock running out is entirely consistent with life lived in a strictly material plane. But you are discovering that you are more than this strictly material being. You are morphing, even in this life, as the tadpole morphs into the frog, into a being which is capable of living in the realm of materialism but also has the ability to poke their head out of that realm and take in the spiritual realm above the water. Once you embrace your spiritual side, the aspect of you which is not bound by material restrictions of time and space, then you can look at your other side with an entirely different perspective and realize that yes, your material component, that smaller aspect of yourself must one day give way so that the larger aspect of yourself, your spiritual being that you are growing, that is eternal, and that will enjoy a magnificent journey, may change your seat of perspective and you may begin to look at your material life as just what it is, a short, turbulent life that is bound to wind down when your material vehicle runs out.

All this is as the tadpole morphing into the frog, a slow gradual transformation and one day you will realize that as a frog you have far more freedom, you are able to go into different realms, go back and forth into the material, into the spiritual and you will choose to reside more and more in the spiritual as there is more freedom granted there. On more evolved worlds, death is not as much a part of the paradigm. You have read about worlds in Light and Life where fusion is more common than death, the conscious act of combining with your Internal Fragment and choosing to transform from the material plane into the spiritual plane as an act of will, of choice. This potential is there for you as well, even in this life; there are no preconditions that such is not possible.

So I invite you to take the grander perspective on this event of transformation. Truly, from our side, when one undergoes this event of death there is gladness and joy for we realize that they have now been loosened from the fetters of materialism and they have been granted the access of spirit and truly I can guarantee you that everyone that passes through this event feels similarly when they awake. There is a renewed enthusiasm for life and yet life was just given up. There is a joy and a peace and a spiritual life which cannot be described to the one who is still the tadpole.

I hope these words bring you some comfort in trying to justify what may seem a brutal means to transformation but I assure you, everyone who passes through would disagree with you from the other side. Thank you.

Later on when I read the transcript Petra, I was impressed. I could never understand why we had to translate to the next world via the death process. It did indeed seem cruel and callous. But what Monjoronson said makes sense. Even now while we are in the flesh we can poke our head into the spiritual realm. We are now preparing for that time when we will make the transition. Imagine how Wingzie must have felt when she gave up the material pains of this existence and experienced the great new life free of pain and anxiety. There is pain that we have lost a loved one, but there is growing faith that we will join them one day. The separation will be brief.

Also, we have had a very long and painful rebellion that has clouded our view of the other side. If we had followed a more normal evolution we may already have had morontial temples on the earth. As a planet enters into the stages of light and life more and more persons fuse with their Father fragment while in the flesh. Imagine being about five-hundred years old and assembling in a morontia temple to transition to the other side. There is a fusion flash and the mortal is now gone from our view. That is when death will be viewed in a different light. We will know that our loved one has flashed to the other side via fusion and that we too may join them in that way. According to Monjoronson, it is not impossible, even though he also said in another transmission that only about 3 persons fuse per century. He even said to me that it is not impossible for me. I try not to look at that in a negative way because we all can attain to that spiritual level if we put forth the effort. We may not fuse here, but we may be well on the way if we make it our desire to do Father's will.


Re: The Death Process

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:25 am
by Petra Wilson
Hi Paul, sorry I didn't read this sooner. I think I'll read it again though to get a
better grasp. The Urantia book has often made my mind go all over the place, so I
stopped reading it for now; it's right near me though. The one spiritual book of mine
that didn't get lost/sold during our move.

The thing is, my dad was not religious. Didn't speak of God/Jesus spirit or anything
like that till after a few dreams and experiences before he died. He was quite selfish
towards my mum, a philanderer too. Gave her years of grief. He was an alcoholic, smoked
like 100 cigs a day, (stopped right after the Angel experience.) But he was always good to me.
So I often wonder, when there are so many clean-living wonderful people out there yearning
to meet their Guides, how come they can't and he could?

You don't have to answer that Paul, :kiss: Just a thinking-out-loud moment!

Love, pet

Re: The Death Process

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:37 pm
by Seeker13
Dear Pet,
Funny I should land here after so many days absent. A part of me wondered when my Mom had visits before her death, if maybe it was not only for her sake but equally for our sake that she received such blessed visions of death. Because of her experiences and the sharing of them, it eased our own fears and prompted much of my own spiritual growth and exploration into the unknown realm of spirit.

Sending more love than you can imagine! :bana:


Re: The Death Process

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:19 pm
by Petra Wilson
Aww Kim; sorry I missed this...but I always feel it when you're around or thinking of me
as i bet you do too, eh?
Yes, I would probably have lived in doubt and fear, despite several audible warnings from
my Midwayer friends that actually saved my life when I were a slip of a lass!

Funny, you know what? my daughter says she cannot understand God like when she was
small, yet she see's, hears and believes in her Midwayer's...they're tall and often hooded
like a scary-looking monk. Sometimes white, sometimes in grey. And she trusts and loves

Love, Petra xx :loves