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We will post here messages received about the coming of Monjoronson.
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Post by Geoff » Tue Nov 18, 2003 1:44 am

Hello! My name is Margul, Trinity Teacher Son assigned to this planet along with others of my order. We are here to engage as many as will listen to the instruction o f Paradise even as one of our brothers, your Magisterial Son, readies to take his place walking upon your soil, in your very form of flesh.

As I have instructed previously, we will not be visible in the course of this incarnation. Our brother Monjoronson you know, having met him in spirit; he will work with his staff to effect greater cooperation among the varied peoples of your world bringing to them the recognition of who they are and the truth of the culture you have spawned here upon Urantia. There will be those who resist, those who are indifferent, and those who readily join this cause. All of his efforts and the efforts of those who join him as incarnating Sons will be in part to remedy this that you have lacked for so long, seemingly upon your world of conscious history.

You have thought that you were alone. The compensation of this representation of our Paradise Father in the flesh upon your world will be disruptive to many, but your culture is in a state of disequilibrium and without this necessary correction you would enter into an irreversible course of destruction. There will be many of course who are overawed by this personality and the personalities of your Local Universe siblings, the team of Melchizedeks who accompany him. As many as can be have been prepared to take their place as a mortal complement to this outreach. You have met them, many of them, and when you greet your Magisterial Son and his staff, there will be this propensity to give adulation to what you can see, to celebrate the reality of our presence among you confirmed by your own experience in the flesh, and yet even still, it will require great faith.

Your days of being a race of Agondonters is over, but the opportunities to exercise faith in what you cannot see, to embrace the mystery that remains unknown, the Father who is infinite, is even more among you.
It will be our task to awaken you while alongside, whether in close proximity or at a distance from your newly discovered cosmic siblings, these visitors from on high; to awaken you to the realities to which they point. My order of Teacher Sons will join as one the Teacher Corps you have come to know. We will work as one because in truth we are one; we are all one in our Father.

There will be those who are drawn to one more than the other; there are those whose hearts have already been pledged by their Father Fragments to the assistance of Machiventa taking his place upon your world, to Monjoronson taking his place, to the varied Melchizedeks assigned to their various regions of planetary influence, and to this order of Teacher Sons who will remain unseen. We are all working as one; there is not one child walking in any part o f this home that is the cosmic creation that does not work as one. Their consciousness of such may vary, may differ, for lack of awakening, a lack of experience, and where there is such a lack as exists here upon Urantia, there is abundant opportunity.

You would think perhaps that we who come from the realms of Paradise would think of such a place as this as backward; this is a perspective that reflects one of time. There is no backward place; there is only a place moving forward from a different position in our family; a different place of unfoldment which yields of course a perspective of mind that is more or less informed of the truth of who we are.

Each of us are joined; each of us is treasured. We who come as elder siblings greet you with deep affection, with high regard, for we behold our Father laboring in the midst of the trials of time. We behold the dignity of character covered by the dust that has been stirred upon this realm waiting to be shaken loose to show forth the shimmer of spirit with which you are embedded whereby our Father gives himself so freely to you.

And so, let us begin by being confident that where you are is in a perfect home that is governed and guided by a perfect love whose discovery is conditioned by your relative exposures in time. The development of this image of who you are is a progressive plan as you know, during the course of ascension, but as I have said previously, you living upon this realm at this time have such a great opportunity to have gathered in your experience a representation of such a great range of exposure over such a relatively short period of time that you will carry forward in some way an encapsulation, a vivid portrait of what all can expect through their journey of this grand universe.

You wonder how? Reflect upon your own terrestrial origins; reflect upon the degree of darkness which shrouded this planet as you came forth, a mortal child born to mortal parents prior to this encircuitment or revival of connections, prior to the release of information concerning the truth of your history. You have journeyed through some of the darkest perils this planet has faced, and you have greeted the light of Paradise being poured upon you, and you have progressively responded in such a manner as to encourage us all to witness the immeasurable value of our Father living in and through you during this time of change, of reclamation, and reunion.

You have journeyed so far, so fast. You and your fellows have brought this world by your own willingness to live, affirming that which is deepest within you, heeding the call of our Father, to come forth to greet him as he prepares to come walking among you. This is a transition of great magnitude; this is the traversal of phases of adjustment which are profound. Many of you will witness this light walking upon your world, you will witness this light coming forth from your lives, from your hearts and minds as this gravity of grace draws that which is most real to the surface of your being, lighting your faces for all to see the truth that God is among you.

This gravity is immeasurable, this circuit of our Father’s personality none can compute; it is this gravity of his love reaching to you that you represent to your fellows that is irresistible. You will be surprised at the manner in which your lives will begin to show forth his glory, the wonders of his healing power will be known to flow from you. Yes, even you who have counted yourselves as the least among the host of heaven, in many places and times, you will become the first. You are the first fruits of reunion, and how happy we are to gather this harvest, to gather it home in this place from whence we will feed the world together, together with the instruction of many, your elder siblings, but empowering you, our mortal friends, our faith children to reveal the light of Paradise through your lives.

Be ready to listen! There are many gathered for this purpose to teach and to learn with you the ways of our Father working in the midst of time. Let us rest for a moment and renew ourselves in his presence which gathers us as one. How happy I am to be joined with you, working with you; as many as will come.
Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.
~ said Jesus through Glenda Green in "Love without End" ~

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