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Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:24 pm
by nasra1996
I had no wise words to say.... :D

Love you AJ.... :love


Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:33 am
by Light1
Greetings to all... :hithere

I have slowly read through this thread and I felt compelled to write...when I was first given my copy of The Urantia Book I thought...who wrote this ???...I still ponder at times...

The vastness of wisdom within the pages is much to comprehend yet alone internalise...I had great trouble digesting Thought Adjuster as opposed to my soul...Thought Adjuster as opposed to problems were in attempting to intellectualise seemed my vast library was becoming so called beliefs were being tested at the core of my being...confusion ruled for a long time...I had to walk away and give myself time to contemplate...I was afraid, it had taken me so long to form a system that worked for me...

George when you said the word FAITH, in the conext that you used it on this thread ,I had a light bulb moment :idea: The vastness of the cosmos and all who are involved in its maintenance is simply mind blowing... I have decided to simplify...simplify...simplify...why do my head in when I can think about my Thought Adjuster as my personal TA (tradesmans assistant)...I pray no-one takes offence to my quirky way of attempting to digest the Urantia Wisdom...its just me being me...quirky to a fault...

Monjoronson is to me a consciousness decending upon our world and into the hearts of those who are ready to recieve...I do not think I am alone here on 11:11 when I say many of us are purging beliefs that have polluted humanity and untill our cups are empty we cannot refill have these teachings mixed with old energies (belief systems) would contaminate and confuse. So I am now committed to emptying my vessel (cup)...washing it thoroughly...and then preparing to have it re-filled with the purity I anticipate will overflow and fill me with Truth...

In the deepest of respect...

Anne (light1)

Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:48 am
by George
Dear Anne,

At age 7 I asked a catholic priest if he would allow me to be an altar boy. :baby

He shouted "NO!" and slammed his door in my face. :evil:

I "threw out" the priest, his bishop, his pope, his primitive religion, and met up with my Guides soon after --
the same crowd that suggested the time was right for the UB to be dictated. :shock:

I was lucky about my black and white decision.

Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:13 am
by Light1
Thanks George...

I pretty much did the same thing at around the same age thanks to a cruel nun who nearly tore my ear off one day... :evil: I wandered in a spiritual wilderness for many years...experimenting with Guru's etc...etc...even living in a rainforest to get away from people, religions and so on...

I love this place and look forward to exploring since I have been away taking care of buisness..

Lots of love :loves


Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:51 pm
by Paul
Dear Anne,

You were in the wilderness of hatred and darkness. You thought that you were alone and that no one else could feel your pain. You felt like a woman set adrift, pining for a world you could only dream about. What you did not know was that, deep in your heart, the light of infinity was blazing. He held your heart in a safe place until you would see a little light, faintly at first. Then when you could stand it no longer a fire was lit in your heart and, instead of looking without, you looked within. When you did that you found that a piece of the Eternal One had kept a fire blazing, awaiting for that day when you would discover Him.

You see, my dear friend, the Eternal One has a purpose for us that is mind blowing. But to get to that place we need to be molded. When we look at this world and the hatred that inhabits it, we are cut to the heart. We love the people of this world so much that we cannot bear it. But those same qualities our Eternal Father is saving for a far distant time. He is preparing us to be administrators of the first outer universe. There are seven inhabited universes at the present. These seven superuniverses may be comprised of 7,000 galaxies or so. That is just a guess Anne, but the number of galaxies inhabited are miniscule compared to the whole. There may be as many as 100 billion galaxies, that is, major galaxies. There may be as many as six trillion minor galaxies. We are actually a part of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy that got swallowed up by the Milky Way.

It is the Father's eternal purpose that these untold myriads of galaxies be inhabited by untold trillions of trillions of beings. There are untold trillions of beings yet unborn that we will train one day. Our legacy will hold us in good stead. The crucible of hatred, anguish and uncertainty that we were bred upon has resulted in a gem of pure gold. We will be those beings that will exhibit deep and undying love, mercy, sympathy and understanding towards those persons, yet unborn. The wisdom of the Eternal One long buried has been uncovered and has seen the light of day. We may think that we are subject to a cruel and merciless taskmaster, but if we fly above the universe and dwell with the Eternal One, we see the big, we see the big picture.

You are a kindred spirit, my friend. Our Thought Adjusters communicate with each other and that communication benefits us. You were in a very dark place, but you saw an Eternal light blazing in your heart and you took notice. The Father takes your hand and says" " You are free, you are free."


Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:46 am
by Light1
Oh my God of love...

I sit before my computer...tears are streaming...something has been unlocked...I weep for humanity "I AM" but a speck of times I felt like could this speck...this grain of sand upon a beach, ever make any difference in the vastness on non-understanding...I hid myself away within myself...I lived in isolated forests because I could not let the antennas down...I merged with the forests and became at oneness for a very long I went on to educate myself so I could become a healer...still the pain persisted...yet somehow there has always been an instinct to survive for humanity...

Again I have thrown off another life...again I sit and I have had the ears to hear and the eyes to I understand...a great Light has beamed upon this mortal being today...I sit in utter humbleness...I am no longer a grain of sand...I am a child of Light and all is being revealed to me...

Bless all of you...I pray I can be worthy of this revelation...


Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:18 am
by George
Hear Yea!

Well said, Paul.


Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:08 pm
by mm1111

I don't really know what to say here. I was so very moved by the last few posts. I had to go straight into meditation and felt something very special. I have been on a roller coster ride since becoming an 11:11'er and have been having a hard time with meditation and feeling God. Something happened when reading Pauls post and I thank God and you for it.

Much love to all, Maggie.

Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:47 am
by pointman19
The main message, and the last few posts have really truly moved me to near tears...and im not a "cryer".

today, while at the thrift shop, i came across a book called "The reality of Angels" published in 1983 by lester sumrall. out of the vast amounts of hard covers and paper backs upon numerous shelves upon shelves...this thin, tiny paperback with an unreadable spine caught my attention. I took it home and started to read into it. I had just come out of a very dark time for me yet again, the past few weeks have been dreadful and i literally dwelled in darkness. After i came to my revelation and went back to the path of the straight and narrow, i felt the guidance yet again and i was guided to that book.

Its not your typical religeous book, it mostly speaks of only of god and his angels (whatever you may prefer to call them) mostly. What their jobs are, what ranks they have, how the angels are here to guide and love so so many things that i feel on these very boards. People genuinely helping one another, extending their hands and showing the lights in their hearts to people they have never seen the faces of, but show love and guidance to them nonetheless. Thats the kind of love and understanding ive always felt in my heart. For so long, i dwelt in misery and wanted to give up on the human race...always asking Why does god allow such evil and cruelty...why do i feel like a light in the darkest of tunnels but im opressed to even shine. WHY do i keep trying?? and why i do i keep getting crushed under the bootheel of life?

Those WERE the questions i used to ask, but no longer. When i was done reading a few chapters of the book, i came again to these boards. Always reading.....Always learning.

I came to this thread and felt compelled to enter, though i understood nothing before clicking. Knew nothing of Monjoronson and knew nothing of his coming, knew nothing of his messages.

i felt that i was told or guided to read something in here, that there was something of extreme value that i needed to know..and it was indeed, this thread. There was something science proved a while back, something i never understood, but i NEVER forgot. How they came to this conclusion, or how or what tests they ran to come to the result, i never forgot that science has aged the human race at 200,000 years. Scientists were baffled and those tests were run several times over, the result always being the same...200,000.

i have always tried to link science and faith so i can find a truth between the two. What is tangible and what is told to us...what can i believe?

I am sincerly in a state of awe at this message and the message that came from paul, and the lady that dwelt in the rainforests trying to find clarity in all the confusion...i was so very moved by all of it. I have gone thru the same darkness, the same struggles and i have come to the same revelations she has and those revelations came before i read all of this. It all hit so close to home, so near to my swelling heart...that the spark i had in me before i read any of this, has now ignited to a full passion of redemption for myself, the strength to plow forward in this mudball of life and find the beauty in all of it, to show the love to others, the sympathy, the compassion...

Thank you everyone that has helped me here so far. Even if you never knew you did. This message reminded me that no matter the setbacks, i have to keep going

I have to stay the course....and for once, i feel like im free!

Thank you

Re: Monjoronson speaks

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:25 am
by Sandy
Dear Jason,

I have tears in your eyes while reading your post... I too have had my doubts on the "saveability" of this ole world of ours...But I found hope just as you did years ago... and the more I investigate the more convinced I am that we are not so hopeless. We do have a tough road ahead but, shoot, that makes it all the more exciting.
And then afterwards, when the world is peaceful and we may well be into our millionth year in the mansion worlds or the next realm :D just think how we will feel knowing we were a part of it all!

No, I am not daunted. I love a good challenge and I feel this one is "a given" eventually. How can we fail... Love is the most powerful force in the universe and there are just too many loving people who are aware and striving for wisdom and say nothing of the number of celestials who are flocking to this place... No we are definitely gonna make it! :cheers:
This message reminded me that no matter the setbacks, i have to keep going

I have to stay the course....and for once, i feel like im free!
:bana: I'm celebrating with you, Jason! :bana: