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We will post here messages received about the coming of Monjoronson.
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Post by Geoff » Tue Nov 18, 2003 1:38 am

Received 12 July 2003
Concerning the second issue, yes there are plans afoot for a Magisterial Avonal Son to visit the planet and be here in perpetuity, but we advise you not to sink into a messianic complex waiting for healing, and peace, and good times and the Aquarian Age. I assure you my friends, this will not occur. And should an Avonal Son walk through these doors at this moment your world would not change. You would still have terrorists, murderers, arsons, kidnappings, and such. And do you think you would be disappointed? Even the most stout hearted of you would be disappointed. And this Son will be here to cocreatively heal your planet with you. No, he will not heal the planet alone. It will simply be evidence that you are the last agondonters and your children and grandchildren will see this individual and know that he is from another realm, now made material. How long will it take even after this Son arrives to heal your planet? A year? Maybe a week? No, my friends, it will be centuries, centuries even after his arrival. There are pockets of resistance on your planet, of ego, yes, individuals who hold their esteem and their image above all others. Will they submit? Will they relent? Many will not. Many will live out their days until their demise in that state.

This may not be the message you wanted to hear, but I wanted you to face this new reality which will come into your world. The presence of this Son is hope, visual hope, that the Father is active, that there is a plan for healing your world, that there is peace on the horizon, even if it is long after your deaths. You may think this will be a time of jubilation. It will be a time of great disappointment. It will be a time of personal responsibility, living with both your feet in both worlds. You Teaching Mission activists, you will have one foot on one side and live in this material plane at the same time. Personal responsibility for the course of your life will be even more heavy upon your shoulders and it will be upon your mind constantly.

This is not a warning. It’s simply an advisement. I do not want you to despair when this occurs. I do not want you to be disappointed and go back to old ways. You may say, "How could that be?" But my friend when you are disappointed and you see your friends disappointed and dismayed that havoc still reigns in some parts of your world, you will despair. Yet, there is visible evidence, living hope that the realm you have not seen is now in your world. Then you must live moment to moment, responsible for your decisions, knowing that this is not an ethereal ideation, a machination of your mind, a hope that is useless, but truly evidence that God exists in your world. Your faith will not be disappointed. Your vision of clarity, the feeling of Nebadonia with you, of the companionship of Michael, is not false, but real, made more real and evident by the arrival of this special individual. We are the Messiah, so to speak, of a new age, future age, a new era on this planet, but perhaps not today.
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