Has he incarnated yet?

We will post here messages received about the coming of Monjoronson.
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Re: Has he incarnated yet?

Post by Amigoo » Sat May 15, 2021 7:00 pm

:hithere How such missions unfold in their own time ...

Re: "2. Planning for the Garden (of Eden)" (UB, 73:2-3)

"But it was a cause for great disappointment when Van, not knowing how soon the expected Son and Daughter might come, suggested that the younger generation also be trained in the work of carrying on the enterprise in case their arrival should be delayed." (73:4.5)

:idea: Van had such belief and faith - even knowledge - about what would eventually happen
that it was unimportant when this would occur (and might not occur in his lifetime). ;)

See also: http://www.theub.org/part-iii.html#P073_2

"For almost one hundred years prior to Tabamantia’s inspection, Van and his associates, from their highland headquarters
of world ethics and culture, had been preaching the advent of a promised Son of God, a racial uplifter, a teacher of truth" (73:2.1)

Rod :)

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