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Oh for the Love of God! — by Welles

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:09 am
by Welles
I've just finished a project that started with a graphic representation of the dispersal of Love. It began with an analogy. White light is refracted as it passes through a glass prism and dispersed into its component colors. In a very similar way the Love of the Creator passes through a spiritual prism made of the primordial persons of our universe, the Trinity. That first dispersion of Love reveals three primary values of Beauty, Truth and Goodness. Complementary aspects of those primaries reveal a larger palette of spiritual qualities, somewhat analogous to a color wheel.

After I finished the graphic portion of the project it took two months to finish the accompanying essay. It is too long to post so I'm linking downloads for the work that ended up with the title, Oh for the Love of God! There are two PDF versions. One is for reading on a computer screen and is just under 400 KB; the other is meant to print and the file is 1.3 MB. In either you will see that the graphic image is in portrait portrait mode but should be viewed in landscape.

If you are printing the file that is no problem. If you are using Adobe Reader to view the file you should rotate the image using View > Rotate View > Counterclockwise. The PDFs were assembled to provide the largest image possible.

Download the Print Version here:

Download the Screen Version here: Welles

Re: Oh for the Love of God! — by Welles

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:48 am
by Sandy
Dear Welles,

As I read your enlightened work, I am floored by the depth within the words... Truly there is so much to ponder and it is so easy to allow the thoughts to hit and miss the mark, which I don't wish to do. So I take my time and relish it again, slowly this time and perhaps another reading again..and yet again. It reminded me of one of my favorite section in th Urantia Book that discusses these attributes within the context of the nature of the Universal Father.... Worth a look-see for those who are unfamilar.... ... nature-god ( PAPER 2. THE NATURE OF GOD. ) The entire paper is good and worth a read from the heart, but I am especially fond of section 7. DIVINE TRUTH AND BEAUTY

So I thank you Welles, for on this warm Sunday morning in OZ, you have certainly helped to open my crotchety old heart a bit, embracing creation and creativity in conjunction with Love's aspects and those who bear love's "beauty mark."

Love ,