Personality, Spirit, Soul — by Donna D’Ingillo

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Personality, Spirit, Soul — by Donna D’Ingillo

Post by Welles » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:57 am

Donna (like George) is one of the lights of the world at present. She has learned to transmit celestial messages and in her healing work has developed a great understanding of the energy structures of our consciousness. In this essay she shares a some great knowledge accumulated over many decades of her celestial contact work and healing practice. To thoroughly appreciate it requires a bit of knowledge of the cosmology set forth in the Urantia Book.

From my perspective this is a rare glimpse at the complexity of the problems we face here on earth as we work toward reintegration of our beleagured planet back into the Divine plan. Her description of the energy complexities left over from the Lucifer Rebellion gave me a greater understanding just how insidious that episode was. I read it three times and gained a great deal of value by doing so.

Donna gave all the people to whom she sent the essay permission to pass it on where it might be appreciated.

Personality, Spirit, Soul - and the Transformation of Human Consciousness — by Donna D’Ingillo

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