Who are Midwayers?

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Who are Midwayers?

Post by Amigoo » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:22 am

Who are Midwayers?

"The midway creatures of the worlds are your nearest of kin" (48:3.4)

Re: http://aitnaru.org/images/About_Midwayers.pdf

A collection of references to "Midwayer" in the Urantia Papers,
showing portion of Paper/Section/Paragraph where located.

All of Paper 77, "The Midway Creatures", is included.
(see also: http://www.theub.org/part-iii.html#P077_0 )

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Re: Who are Midwayers?

Post by Sandy » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:32 am

That is fabulous reference, Rod! I have book marked it for future use. Thanks so much! :sunflower:
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Re: Who are Midwayers?

Post by atsguy » Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:25 am

Would this be a great example of midwayers:

https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR ... TLnU-mi7sk
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Re: Who are Midwayers?

Post by Amigoo » Wed Feb 19, 2020 5:23 pm

:study: About midwayers (from the UB's A-Z Index) ...

nature and attributes
.. aware of humans’ thoughts (161:3.3, 172:5, 174:5.6, 179:1.8)
.. do not sleep or reproduce (45:6.5, 77:8.3)
.. evolutionary creatures, but brought into existence fully developed (77:9.7)
.. midway messengers bear names (77:8.6)
.. mortals’ nearest of kin (48:3.4)
.. not properly of angelic orders (26:1.14)
.. partake of many human traits; enjoy our humor (77:8.3)
.. permanent citizens of evolutionary worlds (37:9.11, 77:9)
.. similar to cherubic fourth creatures (38:7.7)
.. sometimes reveal themselves to mortals (77:7.4)
.. top speed is 372,560 miles per second (23:3.2)
.. use energies controlled by Master Physical Controllers (29:4.14, 49:2.24-25)

planetary departure feasible, but m. do not leave (77:9.4)
service of primary and secondary types
.. assembled 50,000 facts proving evolution nonaccidental (58:2.3)
.. can intervene to safeguard persons of destiny (123:4.7)
.. custodians of planets (37:9.11)
.. elevate mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion (55:1.6)
.. essential order of planetary ministry (38:9.5, 77:0.1, 77:9.11)
.. execute mandates of resident governor general (114:0.2)
.. function midway between mortals and angels (77:0.1)

.. in connection with Jesus’ bestowal
... announced Jesus’ birth to Chaldean priests (119:7.6)
... helped in dissolution of Jesus’ mortal body (189:2.3-4)
... enabled humans to see resurrected Jesus (189:4.11)
... exercised limited guardianship over Jesus (123:2.2)
... helped turn water into wine (137:4.12)
... Jesus’ accidental fall not chargeable to (123:4.6)
... participated in healing at sundown (145:3.8)
... rolled away stones from Jesus’ tomb (189:2.4)

.. indispensable to guardian seraphim (77:8.4)
.. interpreters for finaliters and guardian seraphim in light and life (55:4.8,10)
.. investigated marooned decision sustaining Van (67:6.9)
.. not connected with so-called mediumship (77:8.13)
.. organized for service with seraphim in 4 groups (77:8.5-9)
.. rarely, permit humans to witness their activities (77:8.13)
.. sense approaching fusion; inform destiny guardians (55:2.3)
.. system director serves on Jerusem executive council (45:3.9)
.. transported Adam and Eve to Father’s temple (74:4.4)

:idea: Interestingly, 55:2.3 stands out today:
"Farther along in the era of light and life the midway creatures or their associates sense the approaching status
of probable soul-Adjuster union and signify this to the destiny guardians" :o

I would have assumed that one's destiny guardians (guardian angels) knew this before midwayers ... and this seems to emphasize midwayers' "mortals nearest of kin" relationship. But guardian angels would be personal "spirit guides" more than midwayers.

The UB seems to identify "spirit guides" differently than beings suggested by your linked video. Nevertheless, however identified, many advanced beings are available for personal comfort and guidance ... apparently. And all abide by the universe mandate to respect free will and encourage independent spiritual growth. ;)

Rod :)

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Re: Who are Midwayers?

Post by Seeker13 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:13 pm

Thanks for assembling such a comprehensive list of Midwayer attributes.

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