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Morontia Mota

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:09 am
by overmind
It has been a continuous thought exercise of mine to think about how I would best describe morontia if I were to experience it. The UB states that comparing this form of reality with ours is extremely difficult because of how limited this language is along with the human mind, but I think there may be some contributing factors. Mota is described as a philosophy far greater than what we have here (and more).

"Mota is more than a superior philosophy; it is to philosophy as two eyes are to one; it has a stereoscopic effect on meanings and values. Material man sees the universe, as it were, with but one eye — flat. Mansion world students achieve cosmic perspective — depth — by superimposing the perceptions of the morontia life upon the perceptions of the physical life. And they are enabled to bring these material and morontial viewpoints into true focus largely through the untiring ministry of their seraphic counselors, who so patiently teach the mansion world students and the morontia progressors. Many of the teaching counselors of the supreme order of seraphim began their careers as advisers of the newly liberated souls of the mortals of time."

"The lower planes of morontia mota join directly with the higher levels of human philosophy. On the first mansion world it is the practice to teach the less advanced students by the parallel technique; that is, in one column are presented the more simple concepts of mota meanings, and in the opposite column citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy."

"Not long since, while executing an assignment on the first mansion world of Satania, I had occasion to observe this method of teaching; and though I may not undertake to present the mota content of the lesson, I am permitted to record the twenty-eight statements of human philosophy which this morontia instructor was utilizing as illustrative material designed to assist these new mansion world sojourners in their early efforts to grasp the significance and meaning of mota..."

"Evolutionary religion provides only the assurance of faith and the confirmation of conscience; revelatory religion provides the assurance of faith plus the truth of a living experience in the realities of revelation. The third step in religion, or the third phase of the experience of religion, has to do with the morontia state, the firmer grasp of mota. Increasingly in the morontia progression the truths of revealed religion are expanded; more and more you will know the truth of supreme values, divine goodnesses, universal relationships, eternal realities, and ultimate destinies."

Mota is a form of higher insight which we will learn on the mansion worlds. It is the "superphilosophic sensitivity for truth discernment and unity perception". Mota is impossible to deeply understand without the morontia experience, for "mota is the technique of the morontia level". The morontia experience may also be hard to fully comprehend without the understanding which mota provides. "Mota is a supermaterial reality sensitivity which is beginning to compensate incomplete growth, having for its substance knowledge-reason and for its essence faith-insight. Mota is a superphilosophical reconciliation of divergent reality perception which is nonattainable by material personalities; it is predicated, in part, on the experience of having survived the material life of the flesh."

Remember that Plato believed that objects had some form of objective value. The objects did not wholly represent this value as they were imperfect, but the ultimate form of such objects did exist elsewhere (if memory serves correctly). I am thinking that things in the morontia plane reflect mota values, and without understanding these values, it is hard to better intellectually understand or imagine what these worlds are like. Mota even has the capability of making purely material things reflect higher values. "Without the insight of mota, mortal man cannot discern goodness, love, and truth in the phenomena of the material world." When dealing with the physical, mota seems to act as a pair of 3D glasses during a movie. As meanings are better understood in the physical reality, depth is created. This is supported in the following passage:

"On the morontia level all of these finite dimensions of the material level are greatly enhanced, and certain new dimensional values are realizable. All these enlarged dimensional experiences of the morontia level are marvelously articulated with the supreme or personality dimension through the influence of mota and also because of the contribution of morontia mathematics."

I do not think the morontia reality can only be experienced with mota, an improved body with greater sensing capabilities is needed. However, descriptions of these worlds make it seem as if the environment holds its own values or truth or is a reflection of such higher truths. Perfection itself is a level of value, at least when dealing with physical things, so a perfect form of a kind of plant would hold the values of other more general truths (such as sacred geometry, perfected mathematics or an ultimate form of genetics). Obviously, comparing the value between inanimate objects and living things is difficult, but the whole environment is designed for learning, enjoyment and efficiency. A philosophy or set of values may have gone into making a simple pathway so that certain materials were used and molded into a specific shape.

Anyway, the point of the post was to look at the possibility that it is hard to translate morontia vision into human language because that vision partly depends on values and insight we do not possess. It is similar to how we need experience to gain wisdom, which is a kind of sight in itself.

Re: Morontia Mota

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:39 am
by Sandy
Hi Overmind,
This is a very interesting look at something that has always caused a little confusion in my mind...I remember first time I read the Urantia book and I read this section... ... ontia-life I felt a little flat because philosophy and thinking outside of the box was not something I cultivated... So I thought Oh boy! I am really going to have to study to figure all this out “up there!” It is comforting to know that we will also possess a morontia mind to go along with those future studies that will be enormously more capable of understanding and taking in the experiences, beings and concepts that at this moment seem to confound me/us. But I am not sure that we have to wait until death to entirely to reap some benefits from an enlarged morontia mind. Aspects of this mind can even now in lowly mortal form be bestowed on us by Mother Spirit. It more often then not arrives unexpectedly and without fanfare... well, not without fanfare, as it can turn you upside down and inside out for a few days as you see this mortal world with a teeny tiny new addition, an aspect of the morontia mind. You hear some people describe it as an enlightening experience and it seems to serve all mortals regardless of belief. For instance, I can remember reading in Paramahansa Yogananda's book, 'The Autobiography of a Yogi" where he described one of these instances and it was nearly identical to one George described... In ‘The Rosebush’ ... This is exciting, though not something we necessarily can shoot for, but exciting to know that as we remain progressively well balanced while reaching out to better and better understand the Source of all Love in our mortal forms, God reaches right back towards us and provides tools and experience when the time is right when we are deemed ready for the next little "step" in our eternal understanding.

I know the Urantia Book effectively seems to say that we cannot enjoy Morontia Mota while in mortal form...
Page 1136 Paper 103 "The Reality of Religious Experience."
“Mota is a superphilosophical reconciliation of divergent reality perception which is nonattainable by material personalities; it is predicated, in part, on the experience of having survived the material life of the flesh.”

...but it seems in reality we can be gifted with fleeting moments and glimpses of what this could feel like...
and there are many people throughout history who have experienced something similar, as well as friends/people we know who have experienced this for a short period of time.

I’ll post George’s experience below... Thanks for helping me to stretch my mind today, Overmind.
Hugs, Sandy

I’ll go ahead and post the entire chapter from George's book, “By the Grace of 11:11”

Chapter Nine

The Rapture and Torment

of the Golden Flame

“The Great Master’s Golden Flame had an enduring influence on my psyche. It heralded a major improvement to my intuitive ability and my spiritual outlook,” Barnard suggested. “But something happened to my body, as well. For a period of some four or five years, I wasn’t aging. Some people even commented on my looking younger than I did before. But the strangest thing of all... I started growing taller again. Fully one and five eighth of an inch. What’s that add up to? Say forty millimeters, near enough. And that’s quite a lot, because practically overnight I needed an entirely new wardrobe. And the energy! Boundless energy.”

Selene Freeman looked thoughtful for a time. Then she said, “The new energy I have felt ever since is probably the most profound aspect of the experience. I’m beginning to believe it was a truly positive thing.”

“Count on it,” he told her.

The therapist was sipping the last of his coffee. Deep in thought, he was reliving the experience of the Great Master’s Golden Flame. The event had been a reward for his caring for so many, he felt sure. But it had also been a rescue mission, ordered from above, and for a disillusioned wretch of a man who had been ruthlessly targeted by those for whom he cared.

Barnard was born with a serious character flaw, he felt. He trusted too many, implicitly, and as a matter of cause.

* * * * *

“This world is not the garbage can of the local universe, Selene. There is nothing imperfect about the evolving world we live in. Nothing is functioning outside of perfect synchronization. All of the things we do not like are simply meant to be. Everything that is happening to you and those around you resonates to the precise tune of the mathematical workings of the greater cosmos. There is purpose and genius in all there is. And all this intent and intellect serves the progress and evolution of ourselves and other Spirit Entities.”

Selene gave this some thought. “Am I then out of tune or hearing only part of the sound of the mathematics of the universe?”

‘We are all out of tune, Selene, for most of the time. We are hearing only part of the sound. And rarely are we completely in tune with the universe, for such is the ecstasy of the Great Master’s Golden Flame.”

“George, I got that. But I want you to know that I am only just capable of grasping it. Only just.”

“You are doing just fine,” he told her. “Stay with me, Selene Freeman, honorable recipient of the Great Master’s Golden Glow. Some of this is hard to explain, let alone understand. I walked out of the convention center with the awareness that my mind had influenced the behaviors of the eight people who were waiting for the conference room to be opened up. The arrival of this curious new ability went unquestioned in my mind. I had decided the others were to be aware of my departure but that they were not to think of questioning me. No sooner did this idea arise in my mind, than I also knew they would not question me at all. Curiously, this did not seem odd. This strange ability or gift, if you prefer to call it such, is still with me today, although extremely unreliable now.”

“As I walked out into the street on that day, I entered into a brand-new world. The sunshine had a depth I had never experienced before. Alive and vibrating! The pavement had acquired a life of its own and seemed to have found an additional dimension in which to exist, so full of life it was. Its dull gray color a delight to my eyes. The bitumen road had these qualities as well. Even a discarded soft drink container lying by the side of the road produced this vibrant feeling of life and purpose. And so this drab and uninteresting part of town provided me with a spectacle of the infinite beauty of the universe.”

“A tall, slim man with his hands in the pockets of his gray gabardine three-quarter length coat, a box clamped under his right arm, walked towards me. His spirit was crushed by his unhappiness and he hardly accepted the many favors his life had brought. How should I know this? All of this man’s life? All of his slow progress? Just before he passed me he briefly looked into my eyes and there was not a sign of recognition on his face when I knew him so well. As he passed me, for a moment, all that weighed heavily on his mind also weighed heavily on mine, for me to know how greatly his mind was troubled. I could not stop him to tell him all that mattered really didn’t matter, and all that seemed not to matter was all that did, for there were no words that I could speak that he would understand.”

“After thirty seconds or a little more, I looked back at this man, now waiting at the bus stop. Yes, it was time for him to go and work his metal-lathe again all day. He would have his white tea and biscuits and sandwiches for lunch and the red apple from the plastic box he carried under his arm. To work his lathe again all afternoon. Yes, it would then be time for him to go home to his wife and his two little girls. It was not yet time for him to know what I knew, not in this life, but he would also know. And so I walked on and I thought I would never need to eat again as everything I needed was around me in the air. I walked on further and I knew I would heal all manner of people from their ills by touching them on the forehead.”

“And so, I walked on further and noticed in the front yard of one of the houses an ovoid leafed, variegated bush. It was proud of itself to have grown just a little taller than its friend, the rusty fence. Inside the space of this bush another dimension co-existed. Outside the space of this bush yet another dimension of it co-existed also. The bush within was dull and only gray and brown. The bush itself was as on a bright sunny day, and the outer bush was the vibrant spirit of it, bright and filled with energy, pleased with my presence as it took of my energy as I touched it and returned of its own. The rust on this old cast iron fence that had worked so hard to well up from under this white paint had a life and vibrancy of its own, a shimmering spirit of its own and it felt good to the touch.”

“I looked at the house behind this fence. A large thick paint flake had in part peeled off the painted wall to the left and above the door. I looked at this paint flake of many coats of paint, and which had done its very best to spring loose from the cement rendered wall. I felt good about its being there and it felt good about my being there and about itself for it also had a shimmering, vibrant spirit of its own.”

“I walked for many kilometers and gazed at this vibrant new world I had been given and I stopped at the water’s edge. The grass where I sat and the water, each had a spirit of its own. I asked myself if I were a Spirit or a man and from my mind I learned that I am both. I asked myself what the future held for me and my mind gave me no answer. No answer at all. I asked myself what the future held for my Spirit and from my mind I learned that I should leave my business and family and alone go out and heal others and teach them what I know. Then, when I asked myself what should become of the man, I learned from my mind that I should have faith in the visions of my youth and be a manufacturer, a husband and a father.”

“And therein lies the agony... the agony of the Great Master’s Golden Flame. For I can neither go out and touch and heal the people for all of the time, nor be a producer of goods, a husband and father for all of the time. I am Spirit and man and therefore bound to this earth, its ethics, its customs, its rules. I cannot be in two places at the same time, and cannot do all of two tasks for all of the time. For many years, the force that compelled me to leave and the force that compelled me to stay tore away at my soul. Whatever I could do, it was never enough. So, I did my best at serving both masters, realizing that progress lies in the achievements of imperfect man in an evolutionary world.”

“You cannot be all you might be in one lifetime. Neither learn all that you might learn, nor do all that you might do. So you do what you can, yet the doubt remains. Then I thought, perhaps I had been drugged, but I know of no drug that does not wear off. Then I thought, perhaps I had become insane. This thought stayed with me for many years and caused me even greater anguish. There was nothing I could learn about my experience. No one in my industry, or in our associated industries, in whom I risked confiding, could understand the meaning of the Golden Flame. I think one of my psychology teachers knew but he would tell me nothing. He took great pains to insult me in the lecture theatre. Perhaps he was jealous. Some people spoke of the Light but none of them comprehended their soul being embraced by a Seraph and being shipped off to another sphere. None of these people had Spirit Guardians as their best friends -- Guys they regularly spoke with. Guardians with codes instead of names.”

“Many months after the experience of the Flame, I healed a woman who was in a dreadful state, and as I healed her I told her of her past and of her future. I was asked by a young lady who witnessed this what it was called, the thing I had done. I smiled nervously, and said I didn’t know. I hadn’t thought of a name for it then. Still haven’t. ‘Some sort of healing.’ I pointed at the ceiling. ‘I’m not doing anything. They are doing it up there,’ I said. ‘Seraphim and Spirit Guardians. It just happens. That’s all.’ I decided I needed to study all manner of things, including more psychology. Later I was instructed by the Spirit Guides to study clinical hypnosis. I found that hypnosis worked well with the healing but psychology made me aware of the behavior of the catatonic schizophrenic who, in his stuporous state, can be motionless for hours on end. There were similarities, although this type of psychotic could hardly be described as experiencing the ultimate in ecstasy whilst imitating a sculpture. Neither can he control nor read the minds of others, nor draw logical conclusions. And even if he could, he could not touch a sick person on the forehead and heal this person or tell them of their past and future.”

“I knew my experience in the Golden Flame was very different but the painful doubts remained. These doubts were continuously reinforced by others around me. In their minds, I had to be crazy if I could make decisions that involved the expenditure of lots of money when all I had was intuitive knowledge of the future. Do you follow all that, Selene?”

She nodded. She understood. “You’re not crazy, George. You may even be a genius.”

“No. A genius I’m not. A dreamer is what I am, and not a specialist. I came to learn many things, very fast. The initiate of the Great Master’s Golden Flame represents a quantum leap in human evolution and individual progress. He has suddenly drawn his highly experienced Spirit Self into the thinking process, and in a very major way. It is much too early for him from a spiritual attainment viewpoint, yet it is well overdue to the liking of his Friends, the Spirit Guardians, with whom he shares the occasional task.” The therapist paused. There would have to be some way of explaining all this a little better, he thought.

“Selene, there are those I call the truly Enlightened Ones. From the viewpoint of spiritual advancement their achievements outstrip mine by far, but their mind/spirit contact tends to be restricted to their own Spirit Self. The Graduate of the Golden Flame is perhaps not as advanced as the Enlightened One. He or she simply has a freakish genetic quality that, together with a gift of a new mind endowment, allows a degree of perceptual penetration of what one might call Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious. And it is overflowing with Spirits and Guardians.”

“This Graduate perceives, and communicates with, those who can be seen as much more experiential than existential -- the lower ranks who are much more like us than they are like Spirits. Some of the Graduates are hardly spiritually prepared for an event such as the Golden Flame which can be seen as a major adjustment to the functioning of their minds. The effect of this sudden adjustment, this change of function, is of cataclysmic proportions in the way it impacts on emotions. At least that is my view. Should I have entered a world in which everyone was like me, I would have suffered no such pain. As it was, it was sheer agony.”

Barnard paused. Aware of the possibility that his explanations might not have been clear, he returned to the topic with a light-hearted approach.

“See it now in your mind’s eye, Selene,” the therapist said, smiling. “Whoever sponsored me for the Great Master’s Golden Flame must have first needed to fill out a form. Where they crossed out ‘moral values,’ they penned in ‘fair to deal with, but stubborn.’ Where they blocked out ‘intelligence,’ they printed ‘imaginative and enterprising,’ and where ‘spirituality’ was erased, ‘forward thinking, but foolhardy’ was substituted. That was hardly good enough but with a note attached from the Spirit Guardians, saying; ‘This irreverent mammal is already useful,’ no one was prepared to disappoint them. Despite my being nowhere near ready, the Golden Flame was eventuated and I almost became unhinged in the process.” He smiled at the thought. “In a two-hours-plus session the Spirit Guardians became my Colleagues, the Great Master of this universe became my Employer. At the very same time, the Eagle -- that’s what I call my go-shopping-when-you-please, and come-home-when-you- feel-like-it Spirit Self -- received his universe PHD.”

“Teaching yoga is what you have selected to do for others. If you are contacted by Spirit Guardians, help them to be more effective. There is no greater reward than to be loved by them. If you come across others who have come unglued by their spiritual experiences, put their minds at ease. Just like yours must now be.”

“It is,” she agreed. “You’ve taken all my fears away.”

“Tell them they cannot walk off into the sunset to teach and heal people as their Spirit Self would prefer. Or stop eating altogether. They’ll feel like it, and it’s deadly. They also cannot disregard their gifts, powers, wisdom of the Golden Flame and be just men, husbands and fathers, women, wives and mothers. Not in these centuries or millennia perhaps. They are only the vanguard of many others to come and must not tear apart the fabric of our society. They are human, also, and must therefore compromise. Be made to understand, spared the agony, and compromise.”

“I was only going to teach yoga,” she answered.

“You made up your mind to serve others.” He shrugged. “So? Why not fix what comes your way? You might save some poor slob from going around the twist.”

“God help me,” she sighed.

“Now... He’s always around,” Barnard laughed, “spying on everybody in his backyard. Just to see where He can help.”

“George, could I have put myself in the gun for that kind of job?”

“No,” Barnard answered with a laugh. “Your Spirit Self volunteered for putting up with you, was utterly delighted with the opportunity to spend some time on this wretched, soul-forsaken planet, and accepted the challenge... a thousand millennia ago. Who knows? But you are a free-will human, still, and you are not obliged to take on any task. Your choice. Your free will is still paramount. I no longer have those prerogatives. I already belong to everybody else. Learn to compromise, Selene.”

* * * * *

“I've made waffles for supper, with jam and fresh cream,” Jodi Barnard told her husband. “Can I entice you to partake of them?”

“Wow! That sounds like good news. Let’s get into it!”

“George, the children have sorted it all out. They have divided up all their bedroom furniture, desks, you name it. And they both have exactly what they want, and what they need for their new rooms.”

“How many bruises are those two sporting?” he asked.

“They’re fine,” she answered.

“How many broken bones do I have to set?” Barnard inquired.

“I told you, they’re fine!” she insisted.

“So? When will the ambulance bring them back to us, Jodi?”

“They’re fine!” She laughed. “I stayed right out of it. It took them long enough, but they sorted it out without a fight.”

“No harsh words? Jodi?”


“No split lips, or broken teeth even?”

“No. They compromised.”

“Huh,” Barnard snickered. “Good... Compromise...”


“Yes, Jodi, let’s not argue. Let’s compromise.”

“Sometimes, George Mathieu Barnard, I wonder if you are with me, or up there in the clouds.”

“In both places, Jodi. Both places,” he told her. But he wondered why he had told Selene Freeman that he already belonged to everybody else.

Those words had seemingly come from nowhere.

Re: Morontia Mota

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 4:45 am
by rogerkrupa
The experience George had with the golden flame reminded me of a book by Alan Watts entitled "The Joyous Cosmology." I have also experienced altered states of consiousness, sometimes induced. I value these experiences, but I would rather have them naturally, without chemical inducement. :sunflower:

Re: Morontia Mota

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 6:05 am
by Sandy
Have you ever read the book, 'Cosmic Consciousness' by Richard Maurice Burke? It was written back in 1901 and speaks of these cosmic (enlightenment) experiences that have occurred within known figures through out history. Pretty cool!