Twenty Cases suggestive of reincarnation

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Twenty Cases suggestive of reincarnation

Post by DJKENZ » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:01 pm

Dear Geoff,
I meant to post this in the UB forum but can't remember how to get to it.
You can move it there if you wish.

If Past-Life regression merely yields memories held by the TA, as indicated by the UB
and Chief Bzutu says he's never witnessed a reincarnated soul in his 30,000+ years on Urantia,
then how do we access memories of where our soul has lived previously...(as in other worlds)?

And are our human souls on Urantia taking their first sojourn as living organisms
after departing from God (in which case, there wouldn't be prior lifetime memories) ?
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Re: Twenty Cases suggestive of reincarnation

Post by Geoff » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:43 am

Dear Kenz

Well it is fairly obvious that the TA is NOT the only source of past life information. If you read this book, in particular case study number 2, the "past life" was alive at the time of the birth of the person doing the remembering, and is quite clearly a case of obsession or spirit attachment by the astral entity. What is more curious is a spirit sadhu apparently told this astral being to "take refuge" in a very sick human body, as a means to achieving reincarnation. Seems some of those sadhu's must be truly confused. A common thread amongst these cases in this book is that the "past life" died young. That means to me, but obviously not to the researcher, that the dead person was an astral entity, because you go to the astral plane if you die with a young body. It takes time for the astral body to "wear out" before you can then move on to the Mansion Worlds proper. (It's quite possible that our normal physical lifespan here is dictated by the health of our astral body, not something I ever gave a lot of thought to, before.) The Astral Plane also seems to offer a closer way of life to here, than the Mansion Worlds do, and thus better offer some continuity for those deprived of a full earth life.

Another reason why these memories in this book are not TA sourced, is that the children who have the recall are very young, often 2 to 4 years of age.

In my understanding we all incarnate here for the first and only time. However our TAs are in many cases advanced, and have led another mortal on another planet. But our minds are external of the body, and can interact with other spirit, and I also think we can even tap into what are called the Akashic records. So we can get memories from another spirit entity, and probably also from the plain record of that existence.

In my opinion, if any one of us was to be hypnotised (enter a mediumistic state) and "demand" a past life, we will "find" one. But it would almost certainly just be bunkum. A real life, yes, but not ours. But curiously, and probably caused by the Law of Attraction, there might be things in that life that seem to echo our own.

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