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What do you think?

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:38 pm
by Theo
Hey there!

First off, I'd like to point out my English is not the best, therefore I'd like to apologize in advance for any terrible misspelling or things that make little to no sense that I might say in the future, but also there's no need to hold back when replying, usually , my comprehension is much better than my writing. Oh, and also, beware, this post will be long, my apologies.

So I'm just your regular agnostic high school student. I have been introduced to all these spiritual matters very recently by someone who frequently posts on Quora, I think I shouldn't mention them without their permission, just in case. Anyways, this person answered a question I posted anonymously on that website, and after checking their profile I decided to keep reading their posts because I found them interesting and intriguing. It's not like I believed most of what they claimed, mostly because I don't believe anything without irrefutable proof for some reason, and honestly I still don't truly believe them...

I never had a truly hard life I believe, or at least not to the degree you hear in those terrible abuse stories on the internet, I think I'm just over dramatizing my whole situation, but after all I saw on Quora I decided to ask for a bit of help, even if I was unsure if I even deserved it in the first place or believed in anything I saw on that webpage, and after a relatively short period of time I started seeing strange sequences of numbers on my phone every once in a while. Probably the ones I saw the most are 23:23 ; 21:21 and 17:17. Of course I also saw other numbers like 11:11 ; 08:08 ; 07:07, etc...

Now at first I thought I was just checking the hour on purpose. You know, placebo effect. I also used a webpage to try to see the meaning of those numbers, and mostly saw generic stuff, but I must say two times the numbers were too well timed. The first time, when I was a bit depressed, I saw a number which had the meaning of "don't worry", and the second time, when something pretty good happened I saw a number which basically meant "your desires have been manifested". I started to become a bit more superstitious, and decided to send an email to the person I talked about earlier, to see what exactly might be going on. The night before I had a strange dream in which I was trying to get rid of two extremely long hairs on my tongue, and after looking up the meaning of the dream, I found out that the dream meant something like "you will say 2 things you will regret". I didn't care too much about the dream, and sent an email to the Quora member, pretty much telling them what I'm telling you now.

They replied me and said I should take things easy, and post what I sent him here, but then I realized that maybe the two things that I wasn't supposed to say where the email I sent them and the post I wanted to make here, so I decided not to post anything here in the first place. The numbers stopped appearing though, and the person pointed out that it might be because I interpreted the dream wrong, although I personally think the entities responsible of the numbers maybe left because of my ignorant thoughts, which I'm too ashamed to post here, though I had "bad" thoughts before and the numbers didn't cease.

So here I am, posting. For now, I'm trying to find out why the numbers disappeared, maybe posting this will make them appear again? I honestly kinda miss them.

You seem to have a lot of information about the midwayers and diverse topics already here, so there's no reason to ask questions that might have been asked before, honestly I think this post is unnecessary in the first place, but I'll just put it here anyways, to see what happens.

So what do you think? Why did the numbers ceased to appear? What should I do?

I have not included tons of details because I'd like to keep this post as short as possible and avoid making it too tedious, but have in mind I have omitted lots of things, so let me know if you'd like to know anything in particular.

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:28 pm
by happyrain
Hey Theo,

Welcome to the forum. Your post wasn't long at all. =P I think there's plenty of magic for you to discover and as you've stated you're just starting explore these spiritual matters, at least consciously. Relax, enjoy life and I bet you'll be noticing some pretty interesting synchronicities again in no time!

Your post was a good thing! Cheers Brother!


Re: What do you think?

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:04 am
by Sandy
Hello Theo,
Welcome to our site. No worries, our dear friend, Geoff, let me know of your arrival. He is away from home right now and will be for awhile so I hope you don't mind warming your toes on our friendly site for awhile. I, like Eric (Happyrain) did not think your post was long at all. I am one who likes information and details and you shared just the right amount.

We also do no push our own beliefs on anyone...Well we try not to. But I must confess, the Midwayers to me are sort of like my next door neighbor, Kelly. While I don't see them as George can, I feel them and their presence as we work so strongly that there could be no denying their existence. They don't expect us to believe any sort of way, nor do they wish us to make up a bunch of rules and regulations involving them. But they are interested in furthering our relationship with... trying to find the right word ... the Creator...the energy underneath the cosmos... Okay... I didn't do such a good job there... But I just want to say up front, that I am much like you when I came to this site 11 or so years ago. I did not want someone telling me what it is...what they believe or how I should feel about things. I wanted to discover this for myself. And I did but in the process, I discovered that this thing I desired is different for each and every human on this planet. What I am talking about is what is inside of us... this "thing" this awesome presence that sometimes comes out in knowings and tweaks of understanding...some might refer to as intuition. And these little bits manifest ever more progressively and ever more decisively when we allow ourselves a little quiet time, a little time to let go of all the things we need to do, and say and think about. This is a gentle" thing" for lack of a better word. It is not a "must do this" or "must do that" Sometimes all the "don'ts" we read about becoming quiet within us, become stuck in our brains niggling at us at the most inappropriate times. :roll:

I would like to share with you how I began my quest for understanding of these esoteric happenings. And please do remember that this is just me, my experience, my path to the divine and so for you you may find something entirely different opens your heart your inner eyes and causes you to say, "There you are!"... my own personal proof.

About 13 -14 years ago, I noticed all these questions arising in my mind...questions that my birth religion did not address appropriately. Well frankly they couldn't address it at all... So I prayed from the heart, in they way I had been taught, for guidance and protection as I explored and looked for answers...And Oh my! without a doubt I found direction through such things as books.... (I loved to read ) Titles of books would show up over and over again until I borrowed or bought the book read it and from there more questions would arise...and another book title would become evident.
So I read and I read and I sat out by the creek in my garden and I noticed that I could sit there for what seemed hours thinking about nothing and yet feeling like I had a blessed experience. I felt peaceful, recharged, more patient and compassionate then ever before. Something was definitely happening. So what I am trying to say in my usual long winded way, is I took some sort of initiative. I stated what I desired and asked for help in one way or another in discovering what I needed to know, what I needed to experience that would satisfy my soul so to speak... Then I let it go and "allowed" it to happen unfettered. What I discovered was that to find my own personal answers... I needed simply to get quiet within. So there you have it, my long winded story about a long ago beginnings. I too have more.... how the midwayers first made contact with me in dramatic style but I have spoken enough for one post, eh? ;) :)

What I really want to get across to you that if you wish to truly explore the numbers and what lies within and beyond them, to find proof for yourself. You and You alone must find what works best for you to quiet your mind, to allow the divine energies that are as real as you or I, make themselves known to you. There is no proof I can offer you, as it is only you who can open yourself to feel what is and is always around us.

And there is no hurry as Eric states. Take your time and relax and it will come to you without a doubt. What you strongly desire will come to you, the numbers will appear again when the time is right for you, as you relax, feel your worth and allow yourself the freedom to explore unhindered by beliefs or other's dogma.

Well I am sorry for talking so much and I hope that you will share as much as you wish to here. We are a kind bunch of people and try to keep this a safe place on the interenet for sensitive people.
Once again, welcome to our board, Theo
Your English is perfect! Better then mine and English is my first language (well, sadly, it is my only language too, ;) :lol: )

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:42 pm
by Theo
Thank you happysmiles and Sandy for your replies!

I think I didn't express my thoughts very well, I do like long posts full of details hehehe, but considering how busy some people are I usually avoid making such posts. Please tell me about the dramatic way in which the midwayers made their first contact with you if possible!

Anyways, just a little update, since I posted this I have seen some numbers but not just as many as before, I saw 06:06, 07:07 and 444, I suspect that the amount of numbers I see might be drastically affected by my own condition, probably because I'm thinking about them too much and not letting the entities implant thoughts, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

However though, about half an hour ago I grabbed my deck of French cards (poker ones) and kindly asked 'them' to manipulate the outcome of some of the cards after I'm done mixing them to let me know of their presence. I obviously wasn't sure if they can even influence these kind of outcomes. It turns out the first 6 cards on top of the deck after I was done mixing it were:

Red K (13)
Black K (13)
Red 8
Black 8
Red 5
Black 5

*Not in that order but that doesn't make it less impressive

Now, there are 52 cards in a French deck and the probability to get an outcome like this is incredibly low. I have made some math, and although it's just an approximation and I'm unsure how accurate it is (I'll do more research tomorrow) the probability to get those 6 cards on top of the deck after mixing it is of about 0.000000000005% which is about 10,000 times less likely than winning the lottery.

LOL :bana:

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:11 am
by Sandy
Hi Theo,
Truly I am not too surprised by the Midwayer's manipulation of your cards. They truly are amazing beings. :)

I remember there once was a thread under the 11:11 forum called traveling with 11:11. I think it has long ago disappeared as the site self prunes. It was started by a man named Nick whose job took him all over the country. and nearly ever place he went he received and amazing 1111 prompt which he recorded in photos.. These came in the most unusual ways almost as if they were trying to top the previous one. For instance, one I remember occurred with 4 toy race cars all with the number 1 on their roof at a store in a mall. The store had them racing around the track when suddenly they all stopped at the same spot, sporting the 1111.

Anyway I think their card manipulation with you is worthy of a special note.

You asked me to describe my dramatic first contact with the midwayers... Well, here it is along with a little more detail of what led up to it...

As I mentioned earlier, I began looking for something many years ago, now. . I was disenchanted and unhappy with the religion of my youth and the things I had been taught about God and it was during this period that I happened to see a book on the shelf at the home where I worked. It was called 'Ask Your Angels'. Every week my eyes were drawn to it and finally, I asked to borrow the book. In the pages of this book I read the author's beliefs on angels and the fact that humans could indeed talk to them. I was astounded...but something about it rang true with me and I decided to try and record and practice the guided grounding meditations ...This was my first introduction to meditation and it felt wonderful. At first I did not see a thing when I closed my eyes as I followed the guided meditation but I did feel enormously relaxed and peaceful afterwards. Within several weeks I began noticing a gradual change. I began to see faint, wispy fluttering objects and the background became purple....These faint being began to become clearer, more like brighter lights that changed and undulated disappeared and reappeared and I began to be able to feel their energy....It was about this time I found the Urantia Book (A huge 2000 page book that really resonated with me. I felt like I had found something beautiful that would change my life and it has...Well not so much the book itself as the desire to take one step after another in looking for understanding and what the universe was all about...where God fit into all of this. There is a chapter in the Urantia Book that speaks of the Midwayers (One type of Being just a little ahead of humans and just under the angels in the celestial hierarchy.) I was completely fascinated and wanted to know more so I googled but not with a number prompt, but rather with the name Midwayer. So I came across this site. ( I am one of the few people who have come here in the beginning not because they were seeing the prompts but looking for Midwayer information.) I must admit I was a little irked that I wasn't seeing prompts and began to wonder what was wrong with me. :lol: As it happened, it was several weeks before I began to see a prompt. And it was still not the 11:11 but rather 7:11.(My birth date) All at once, In one day alone I saw it everywhere I turned, even on the movie I watched that night. As I half-dozed on the couch a little later that night, I suddenly heard a very loud, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in my ear! I jumped up but there was nobody in the room with me and I realized as I had so hoped that the Midwayers were reaching out to me. (finally LOL) There is just a little more to this amazing day of prompts which takes a bit of explanation. I had a large fish aquarium with two large yellow Parrot fish, a male and a female. For about 3 or 4 months the female had this horrible condition that caused her egg laying apparatus to become clogged swollen red and ugly. I felt so bad for her and tried every fish medicine that I could. I worked at a pet shop that specializing in tropical fish. So I had access to every possible medication, but nothing helped and at best just kept the horrible infection from getting worse. That same night before heading for bed I turned out the light and once again lamented that I couldn't seem to help this once beautiful fish. But to my amazement, the next morning when I turned on the aquarium light she was completely healed! Not one sign was left of the condition she had endured for 4 months. I was so grateful...and determined to do what I could to draw closer to God and these wonderful beings who even cared about the welfare of my fish.
I began using the Akashic Construct cd, created my Akashic Library and in no time (and to my complete surprise) people were appearing there to be healed... and I soon met my Celestial Teacher and things have progressed slowly since those days at the pace I need and am ready for.

Anyway, there you have it, my first Midwayer experience.
I am off to check the sheets hanging outside.It looks like after a month with no rain we may finally have a storm brewing. :bana:
Have a great week end, Theo

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:23 pm
by Theo
Hey Sandy,

Thanks a lot for your reply,

I really liked your story, it's quite impressive they can even produce noises, like that one time when they said "happy birthday!", although I must admit I would freak out if they were to do something like that to me, I don't know where this irrational fear comes from. I know it makes no sense and I have no reason to be afraid, but I don't seem to be able to get rid of it.

Looks like we have something in common, I was also unhappy with the religion I had been taught since very young. I was raised thinking I should fear God and do "the right things" otherwise I would be punished, and for a long period of time I actually believed that. Obviously, my belief wasn't based on common sense, kindness or love as it should have been, it was based on fear of punishment. Anyways, when I got a little older, I was told to read the Bible, and I think that's when I started doubting Christianity. God was portrayed like a wrathful deity, pretty much like Zeus, and lots of things in the Bible made no sense at all, consanguinity, giant arks, and stuff like that, made me question my religion, and even though I didn't gave up on it right away, I did eventually stop believing in any spiritual matters thanks to the influence of certain books and individuals. Now until very recently I considered myself an "atheist", but when I joined this website I decided to meditate on the past, and realized I was never truly an atheist, I just thought to be one because that's where the cool guys were. I actually never ceased to believe in God, although of course not the Christian God. I imagined him/her as some sort of "universal consciousness" which created everything for a purpose. For some reason, I think it's very depressing to think we're just a product of randomness and probability, without importance or purpose. I'm not sure if I was right about not giving up the belief in god entirely, maybe we are just products of randomness, but I wanted to be honest and therefore I said I'm an agnostic and not atheistic.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. I apologize for bombarding you with questions, but I'm ignorant regarding spirituality (and almost everything else honestly) and I could really use some advice.

First off, in your reply, you said "anyway I think their card manipulation with you is worthy of a special note". I don't really understand the expression, as I mentioned before my English is not the best, would you mind elaborating a little more? (What an embarrassing first question! :oops: )

When I first posted on this board, I received 2 or 3 number prompts, but that was it. I originally assumed that the numbers stopped appearing because the Midwayers left, but considering the card manipulation I think that might not be the case. Any idea why they would not send numbers if they are present? Maybe they are trying to tell something by not sending prompts, or maybe they are unable to send them, because of me, somehow? I'm not sure.

How could I communicate with them? Maybe they stopped sending prompts because that's the most effective way to encourage me to talk to them? You were talking about "stillness meditation", and apparently that worked for you, but I'm not sure what it is. I have tried meditating before, because of a book, but I wasn't very successful honestly...

Is it possible for a "newbie" like me to see Midwayers? Maybe I'm just paranoic but every once in a while, usually in darkness, I see some sort of yellowish lights that disappear almost in the instant I notice them. As I said, it's probably just my imagination, but I guess I should ask, just in case...

Can they read thoughts, or should I talk to them aloud?

I think that's it, I hope you did get a nice storm when you wrote your last reply. Ain't nothing like rainy days, especially when you love rain like me.

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:50 am
by fmspirit39
Hi Theo!

First of all, your English is pretty spectacular! I don't post much, but I wanted to comment on your new-found journey. This adventure that you have allowed to happen with your openness is about more than Midwayers and more than time prompts. It is about the beautiful gift you were given to connect with God, which can happen in any number of ways that would amount to endless probabilities. You have exceptional spiritual guides who have led you to this message board. This is a safe, supportive and important place to embark on a journey that will change your life and its trajectory. I know because I went through the same thing. I was an atheist most of my life. On my own, and with the assistance of countless teachers, guides, and loving beings that I have never seen, I developed spiritual awareness. The only thing that stops the magic from happening for us is pessimism, and the peculiar need for others to show us "proof". In reality, the conventional proofs of physical manifestation happen all of the time, but you have to be aware and courageous enough to realize that it is only something being proven to YOU that matters. Since your relationship with Spirtworld is very personal, your thoughts/questions will be answered for you only, and in the way that speaks to you only. That is the critical part: because the relationship is between your thoughts and God, nobody else has the proof! P.S. If you want to know how it all works in mathematical terms, ask for Spirit to teach you through physics. And yes, all of your thoughts are heard, but they are not judged! You would never be punished by God or Spirit for your thoughts or anything else. We are like children learning how to use this immensely powerful thing called the mind. We are learning how to co-create with God: mistakes will be made! I would suggest to you, as Spirit has suggested to me, to clean your mind and learn to silence the ego chatter so that you can begin to hear the quiet voice guide you. Since God and Spirit do not judge you, it is only fair that you do not judge yourself or the process. In that way the magic and wonder can unfold. Eventually you will see nothing but proof because you will recognize that God is in you, but more importantly, you are in God!
Respectfully, Fran

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:42 pm
by Theo
Small update,
I was about to go to sleep and I decided to just do the same deck thing I did before, the first 3 tries were unsuccessful, but during the 4th and last try I decided to put my mind in blank and somehow allow them to do their stuff.

In this order:

Red Q (12)
Black Q (12)
Red 2
Black 2
Red 5
Black 5

Oh, by the way, thanks Fran for your lovely reply!

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:35 am
by Sandy
I was thinking about you not long ago wondering how you were doing...and then here, you reply in the most loving way that touched me and probably anybody who reads it. :happy

...and hello once again Theo :hithere Yes we do have something in common. You sound very much like me except that you began your search for understanding so much younger then I did. In all honesty, I never exactly gave up on "the church." I raised my own kids from that Christian perspective and taught little 4 and 5 year old children during Sunday school for nearly fifteen years. But it was one question from one of my students that re awakened all those old questions I had when I was a child that I had buried. Why would God make Jesus die for our sins, something we have done? It sort of struck me as a parent because I love both my children equally and if I can do that as most human parents can, then why couldn't God come up with a better plan that would, "save us from our sins"... one that did not create so much suffering and heart ache in one (Jesus) so innocent and beloved. Surely a God could come up with something that didn't involve purposeful suffering.

I am beginning to realize now, though that the Source reaches out to us in the way that nurtures us.... so this often comes out in a vehicle of beliefs of some sort... I call this a vehicle because these in some way create an opening for the universe spirit to connect with us. If we can draw closer to Him/Her through and organized religion then it will be used to try to connect with us. It is our desire and intentions, that allow this little crack of Spirit to grow within us... and it is this growth that is so important and rewarding in so many ways... not the rules and regulations the theology of religions. Although I guarantee my parents would disagree with me. :) But there you go... I just spouted off my beliefs LOL See how easy it is to proselytize.

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though for instance, my parents have different beliefs about God, their beliefs, if they nurture this relationship with Divine, will do them well. But so will my own little belief path to the divine..and so will yours, and so will Fran's. Because once you find that relationship with Spirit. that "quiet voice guide within you" that Fran spoke of. You find you are "home" in a sense. Even though there is an eternity of experiences ahead of us, this "peace that passes all understanding" will always be ours and we will always be a part of this incredible spectacular Being.

Anyway I have rambled on enough for one post but I will try to quickly answer your questions first...
You wrote:
First off, in your reply, you said "anyway I think their card manipulation with you is worthy of a special note". I don't really understand the expression, as I mentioned before my English is not the best, would you mind elaborating a little more? (What an embarrassing first question! :oops: )
I'm sorry. That was my fault. I used sort of a slang English expression...What I meant was that the way the Midwayers manipulated the cards to show their presence was very unique and would have been worthy of posting on Nicks traveling with the 1111 thread where they showed their prowess at making their presence known in so many fascinating ways.

You wrote:
When I first posted on this board, I received 2 or 3 number prompts, but that was it. I originally assumed that the numbers stopped appearing because the Midwayers left, but considering the card manipulation I think that might not be the case. Any idea why they would not send numbers if they are present? Maybe they are trying to tell something by not sending prompts, or maybe they are unable to send them, because of me, somehow? I'm not sure.
The Midwayers reach out to us in many ways... for instance in what you read of my early spirit beginnings. I was searching for a couple years before I ever saw a number prompt. The number prompt was nice and a reminder of greater things then what I can see smell and touch, yet these prompts are designed to lead us to the relationship with spirit that Fran speaks of. So please know that whether you have consistent prompts or any acknowledgement of the Midwayer presence, you are noticed by spirit and most likely an amazing assortment of celestial beings who love you beyond measure and are willing to help guide you along this mortal and someday immortal path. Once you experience this for yourself and in your own unique way it truly does sort of feel like "coming home" (hard to sorry)
How could I communicate with them? Maybe they stopped sending prompts because that's the most effective way to encourage me to talk to them? You were talking about "stillness meditation", and apparently that worked for you, but I'm not sure what it is. I have tried meditating before, because of a book, but I wasn't very successful honestly...
There are as many ways to practice stillness as there are people on this earth. :) I will think about this a bit and answer in a little while, okay?
Is it possible for a "newbie" like me to see Midwayers? Maybe I'm just paranoic but every once in a while, usually in darkness, I see some sort of yellowish lights that disappear almost in the instant I notice them. As I said, it's probably just my imagination, but I guess I should ask, just in case...
Anything is possible since we are all unique. George was born into a family where his Grandfather and Mother were sensitive to spirit working in the physical. His grandfather could dose for water and lost items. His mother spoke to the "saints." and she knew the outcome of happenings around her. George could see celestial beings as a child even from his crib and grew up thinking that this was normal and all people could do this. When he spoke about his astral traveling on the school ground he assumed that all the kids could do this and was shocked to his core when they told him this was not possible. And it wasn't possible for him for a while until he shook off their inexperienced criticism. So who knows, you could very well have this ability. But it is important not to try anything if you are fearful of it. The Midwayers do not wish to scare us although sometimes quite by accident that may happen. So really there is no rush to meditate or do stillness until you are 100 per cent comfortable with what you are doing.
And ask yourself, what do you really wish to happen from meditating, from developing a relationship with celestial beings? These are questions for your own ears, of course.
Can they read thoughts, or should I talk to them aloud?
They can read our thoughts, but usually do not do this without some sort of permission, from you, or the God particle that dwells within you. (You may have heard some people describe this as your Higher Self. ) I think if you reached out to them with your mind they would assume that was giving them permission.
I think that's it, I hope you did get a nice storm when you wrote your last reply. Ain't nothing like rainy days, especially when you love rain like me.
No the storm did not materialize but I woke up to a very wet earth yesterday so we got a fair amount of rain overnight. And today looks promising as well. I love rain too! There aren't many people who say that, though. :bana:

Have a great week and Fran, once again, reading your post and seeing you again is a real blessing! I am always thankful when you share your Spirit wisdom.

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:56 pm
by Theo
Hey Sandy, thanks a lot for your answers, I know my questions are tedious, but with all the information I was given on the 1111 board, Geoff's webpage and also his answers, I think I can now confidently claim that I believe in spirituality.

For the past days I've been trying to use my deck of French cards to receive messages from the entities surrounding me, but I was unsuccessful, until about 10 minutes ago.

This was the third time I end up with a ridiculously unlikely combination of cards. This time it was an 8 card message, which is even less likely than the two previous ones I have posted before. They not only use these combinations to confirm their presence, since I'm using a single web page to find the meaning of the numbers I see, they also have the opportunity to send me different messages, since French cards have a huge amount of possible combinations. For example, this last combination was in the following order:

Red A (1) of Hearts
Black K (13) of Spades
Red 3 of Hearts
Red 10 of Hearts
Red A of Diamonds
Black K of Clovers
Red 3 Diamonds
Red 10 of Diamonds

It probably sounds confusing here but it's easier to see the pattern when you have an actual card deck. They use different colors and suits to separate one message from another. In this one the numbers were 1310 and 1313. Red 1310 twice, and Black 1313.

I think the odds to get such a combination are extremely low, probably something multiplied by 10 to the power of negative 50.

Now, I also discovered why most of my attempts failed. I successfully learnt how to keep my mind "in blank" and allow them to implant thoughts, and when I am supposed to stop mixing the cards I feel a strange sensation in the area of my heart, and also say aloud almost unconsciously "done" (or "not yet" if I'm supposed to keep mixing). Now there was a missing piece to make it work. I needed to show them in which position the cards are before I start mixing, otherwise there's now way for them to know how to manipulate the cards to end up with a message, they are benevolent entities, not magicians! I am still ashamed I didn't realize this earlier, they probably tried through all means to give me a combination each time I tried to use the "French numbers" (yeah I gave this method of communication a name LOL), but it was impossible for them to do that. I still don't know how they managed to send the first combination I posted here though.

I also think I found out why I am not seeing too many number prompts, and it is, they don't want me to see random numbers even if they look cute, because I will totally look them up on my source webpage and try to find meaning, so they only choose certain numbers that have coherence for me, like they did with the cards.

I'm not sure if the "French Numbers" work for me for a particular reason, or they are just easy to send to "undeveloped" souls like me, but I think it might be worth doing some investigation on your side, it might be an effective way to communicate with entities for newbies and not only me, unless you know a better alternative of course.

Thanks again for answering to my tedious questions, but at least I can say your effort is not in vain, we are doing some progress at least, and by we I also include the entities, after all, I'm probably very bad at getting their messages LOL, it took me so much time to realize they actually need to see the cards beforehand, I don't know why I assumed they were like some sort of wizards who automatically know the positions of the cards. :oops:

See you around :hithere

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:43 am
by Sandy
Good day Mate, (an Aussie greeting :D )

Your post was the first one I read today and I am very excited and happy for you. There are so many wonders ahead as you continue to allow your spiritual path to unfold before you. These wonders sometimes defy any rational explanation but when they occur for you there is no denying the crazy reality of what you have experienced. Believe me, though, some people will try to rationalize what you experience to try to dissuade you from your spiritual path. But truly, what lies within you no one can touch unless you allow it.

It is a good to surround yourself with guidance and protection as you continue to explore your spiritual roots. This is done very simply by asking out loud or via your heart/mind to be surrounded by Divine Light, brilliant beautiful love light, and that only those beings who have your best interest at heart be allowed close and then to imagine/visualize/believe that this is so. You may not sense anything at first but imagining/ believing is the beginning of spirit vision. And as you progress over the weeks, months, years and sometimes even right away, you will discover that things occur spontaneously and rather joyfully I must say. But please do make this simple exercise your own, follow and do what feels natural and good for you, where you are guided and led... after all, this is your journey. :)

I also want you to know that your questions are NOT tedious. It is why we are here. :love And I am always happy to read of your discoveries and experiences. Your enthusiasm is quite catching and I find a new little skip in my step. And no need to feel guilty or ashamed for your idea of the make up of these awesome being friends of ours... I'll let you in on a little story coming from George's decades of working with these guys...
The first time one of our dear Midwayer friends, Chief Bzutu, visualized unexpectedly in front of George, he told him he was dead, thinking he was a lost spirit, and then something to the effect, to go back to his grave! And so, over the years, George has given Bzutu (ABC-22) many reasons to roll his Midwayer eyes. But they do have a wonderful relationship, despite George's thick headed stubbornness. :lol:
Okay, with that, I am off...

Enjoy your day! :hithere

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:19 am
by fmspirit39
Your bright light on this earth is such a blessing to us all: I love you!

"We recognize but one religion here, that is Love; and all its disciples have but one denomination—lovers of mankind. No one of all the man-made religions holds a monopoly of this attribute. But earnest and conscientious followers of it may be found in all. Its worship is service to humanity; its litany, noble deeds; its prayers, tears of sympathy; its sermons, simple lives, known and read of all men; its songs are lullabies to soothe the broken-hearted; its faith, the immolation of self; and its hope- Heaven. This is the only religion which can write the passports of Heaven for the pilgrims of earth."
From: Through the Mists -Recorded by RJ Lees

Re: What do you think?

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:27 pm
by Theo
Hey there!

Been a while. I'm at 8% battery so I'll keep it short.

Thanks for the tip Sandy, I tried to imagine and ask for that light shield you were talking about, not sure if it did anything though. Funny enough, I did something similar in the past because of a book. The author told many interesting stories, I suspect he was followed and aided by spirits for his whole life but he never realized it.

Many things happened: numbers are back, cards are energy-wise ineffective so I barely use them, yesterday I was in that "half asleep half awake state" when tired (poorly explained. I know, but y'all get it) and in between those strange dreams you get when you're in that state, 23:23 digital clock image popped out, I woke up, was 23:23. I just looked at the hour while writing this, 22:22 hehehe.

Sorry this was so fast paced, my phone is dying but I felt the need to write in here for some reason, I try to listen to my intuition more often now, just in case it's not just mere intuition.

The "back into your grave" part was very funny by the way :lol: