Use this forum to ask or post about 11:11, 12:34, 2:22, 22:22 etc. The wake-up digital clock signals of our loving celestial friends. They also delight in flicking on or off street lights, traffic lights and ringing door bells.
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Post by CraigyD » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:57 pm

Hi for the past 6 months I have been seeing 11.11 a lot. It's become more than just coincidence.I have read lots of reasons online but still not sure what this means..if it means anything at all.I was hoping for some help or advice on this.? Thank you

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Re: 11.11

Post by George » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:43 pm

Hi CraigyD,

This information may be new to you. It’s worth checking out in detail.
If you have seen it before, it’s worthwhile re-acquainting yourself with the data.

The Meaning of the 11:11 Prompts.

Those that are prompting you are Planetary Helpers, Secondary Midwayers or “lower angels.” They are opportunists. They will vary the numbers to make you realize you are dealing with incredible intelligence, and they would like you to live a more spiritual life. They are all good guys and gals, and by some religions seen as “gods.” They are loyal, or fully rehabilitated to assist us mortals. There are no more devious ones.

At this point in time more than 75,000,000 people all over the world are getting the 11:11 pm and 11:11 am ‘wake-up’ and ‘reminder’ prompts, as well as other time-prompts like 1:11, 9:11, 2:22, 3;33, 4:44, 22:22, 12:34 and more. Some will see this as positive, some will fear, but this is the New Age – the Correcting Time -- and the communication circuits to higher spheres have largely been reconnected. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, because the Lucifer rebellion was at last adjudicated in the mid 1980’s, and he is no more.

Many believe the 11:11 prompt to have something to do with numerology, or even the Mayan calendar. Not so.

Getting the 11:11 pm wake-up calls, and the 11:11 am reminder calls,
tells you more about you than it does about the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers.

1. You are genetically capable of 2-way contact with the 1,111 and other Celestials if you care to meet them halfway.
2. You are prepared to be guided -- obtain information from those who measure their IQ’s in the thousands.
3. You are fair in your dealings with others, and useful to the 1,111.
4. You are ‘ascending’ in spiritual growth.
5. I’m often told the 1,111 will ask for your help at some (distant) future time, but I rarely get specific details for anyone other than for myself.
6. A member of your family, recently passed on, may have requested this contact, as the Lucifer rebellion has finally been adjudicated (1984).
7. And, most importantly, your Thought Adjuster (Spirit Self or God Fragment) wishes for you to get involved with the 1,111.

Your best approach to meeting them halfway would be stillness meditation, or the AC http://www.1111AkashicConstruct.com only if you happen to have difficulties stilling your mind. We make this CD available to you from Australia, and it is rather inexpensive. It’s a service of the 11:11 Progress Group.

The Akashic Construct (the AC) can also be downloaded by arrangement. Contact us on how to acquire it.

God bless….
George Barnard.
The 11:11 Progress Group.

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Re: 11.11

Post by Sandy » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:51 am

Hello Craig,
It's very nice to meet you. Welcome! The 1111's definitely mean something and are no coincidence just as you have figured.... and definitely they are a blessing especially when following your own inner guidance as to how best to intuit its' meaning in your life. George has given you a broad outline with plenty of room for free will and interpretation. I can tell you from my own experience nearly 12 years ago now that it can be exhilarating, and very rewarding from a soul perspective to be able to work along side a wonderful variety of our world's spirit guardians. Yet, with that said there is an infinite way to do this... In these forums you will read experiences of others who have visited here over the years... you may find some similarities with your own but more often then not the Angels and Midwayers work very uniquely on the personal level.

If you need any help finding any answers to your questions please let us know. :hithere
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