11:11 and Twinflame Connection

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11:11 and Twinflame Connection

Post by sweethart644 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:05 pm

Hi all,

I have a question about 11:11 and a soulmate/Twinflame connection. There is someone whom I work with that I felt an instant connection to. We were magnically drawn to each other from the start and have all the hallmarks of a Twinflame connection.. Very intense connection/extremely powerful chemistry, look at each other in the eyes more so than others, recognition of self within each other, a sense of "knowing" or completeness, intuitive communication, running into each other often (synchronicities), similar life paths and experiences, very similar interests and passions, strengths complement each other... etc.

I've read online that 11:11 is also a common theme among Twinflame connections. Ever since I became aware that this person was probably a Twinflame (I had never heard of this before, but I knew this relationship was profound and started doing research). However, ever since I became aware of this person's significance, I've seen 11:11 all the time.

Right now we are separated, and he lives in another country and is also married (no kids)... which is also a hallmark of the Twinflame connection - separation and reunion. There are many obstacles if we want to be together, and he has hinted to me that he may be willing to take the steps needed in order for that to happen... but we haven't formally discussed it. In any case, I'm just wondering about the significance of 11:11 in this sense. I don't believe there are any 11:11 commonalities between us (such as life path numbers etc.) just that when we were together, I saw 11:11 ALL the time (to the point where it freaked me out) and now that we're apart, I see it less often, however at least once or twice a week.

Has anyone else experienced this - and does anyone think that this is an indication of a Twinflame relationship?

Thanks! :)

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Re: 11:11 and Twinflame Connection

Post by Sandy » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:05 am

Welcome to the message board, Sweetheart. :hithere

I must admit I know very little about Twin flames...it isn’t something I have pursued so I won’t be of much help to you but I can say that truly we have had very few people come to the board who have associated 11:11 with their Twin flame. Although sometimes one or both parties have experienced it and seemingly in relation to each other, but is very hard to guess from the outside what is happening with others. Perhaps what is more important is how does it make you feel? Connected in some way, perhaps?... more connected with your twin flame or in fact more connected to universe energies?

Some may think I am stretching here... but I see the celestial stamp... the tale-tale mark of angels, Midwayers and all manner of celestial beings in so many aspects of my own life and those of others, even the mundane. So I cannot say that they (beings behind the prompt) are not involved in some way, prompting potential Twin flames. But with that said, this probably isn't their primary reason for the number prompt, just a wonderful potential "side shoot" as they use this prompt effectively in so many ways... Bottom line, if you are seeing the prompt you can benefit this world and work in some way with angels and Midwayers. I feel the 11:11 message serves as a wake up call, alerting us to our value in the great cosmos... thus making it all encompassing as there are so many ways to be of service to the Divine.

Anyway, I hope you find the answers you are looking for and I hope you will stay awhile and share with us some of your experiences and thoughts. I hope you didn't have to wait too long to have your post approved as I wasn't on board yesterday (Long boring story :roll: :) )
Its nice to meet you, sweetheart!

P.S here is a URL you may or may not find helpful :lol: as you peruse the board.
11:11 Background and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Re: 11:11 and Twinflame Connection

Post by Geoff » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:37 am

Dear sweetheart,


You would not like to hear my answer I fear, but I have met and had a multi-year relationship with my soulmate. I know this because my Thought Adjuster told me she is. However we did not manage to sustain that, in spite of the love between us. We remain deep friends however. I think that any relationship with promise is worth pursuing, but only if it is not going to hurt another. Furthermore it is my very strong view, that no discarnate being will tell you who your soulmate is, if either is in a serious relationship with another. Sorry to be the bearer of cold water. You may like to read this page linked below, which is all about soulmates. I do not use the term twin flames, although perhaps its an alternate word, but the soulmate is your real other half, not merely someone you are attracted to. And that person remains your soulmate even if you are not in the slightest attracted to them on this earth plane. This can come about because of many physical barriers such as race, physical looks, religion, even gender etc.


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