Cool Prompt!

Use this forum to ask or post about 11:11, 12:34, 2:22, 22:22 etc. The wake-up digital clock signals of our loving celestial friends. They also delight in flicking on or off street lights, traffic lights and ringing door bells.
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Cool Prompt!

Post by mariachristina » Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:33 pm

Hi guys!

Today it was absolutely beautiful weather in Queensland, Australia- and also all through the Gold Coast and QLD/NSW border. So, my friends and I decided to go on a road trip to a beautiful little beachside town called Byron Bay in NSW. It was honestly the most beautiful and fun filled day. I got some much needed relaxation!

Once we arrived at Byron Bay, we stopped at a little service station to go to the toilet and I remember vividly thinking, upon getting out of the car, "Hmm, it's weird that I still haven't received some sort of time prompt.."
When we went inside, my friend Demi saw a Watermelon and wanted to buy it so she asked the cashier how much it was. And the lady replied with, "It's $1.11 a kilo, love!" And I just thought, "AHHH, there it is!!!!" :lol: ;) :roll

Hahahaha, anyway, I thought I'd just share that with you guys because I thought it was a funny little experience. I had a good little laugh to myself. :lol:

I hope you all had a lovely day!


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Re: Cool Prompt!

Post by Geoff » Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:19 pm

Hi Maria,

Yeah that was a good one. It was a simply stunning day here too in Sydney, both Sunday and Monday, but today is a silver day. Byron is a nice spot, although if you remember it back 20 or 30 years ago, it was I think a lot nicer as a laid back place with hippies. I had to reset my clock in the car yesterday, and by the time I finally figured out how to it was 14:14 and as I returned back to park my car after lunch it was 15:15. So I did smile. Thats a double prompt as it was 1:01 later.

By the way there is an option in the UCP to set Summer time on.

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Re: Cool Prompt!

Post by Sandy » Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:00 am

A beautiful day, prompts and doesn't get any better then that! :D (Well a little chocolate thrown into the mix would have done it for me. ;) :lol: ) Hope today is just as fabulous for you, Maria.
We're having another beaut down here again...after some rain and storms overnight. It's one of those days that just beckons you to sit in the sun (with sun screen of course)
The silver is well past us this morning, Geoff. I thought earlier it was heading your direction. Behind it is something to smile about, though.
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
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