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Tashi and the Monk — an inspiring video by High Altitude Films

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 6:20 pm
by Welles
This is an absolutely inspiring film. Here is a synopsis in the comments from one of the viewers, KZ ...
An abandoned boy grows up to help many children in need. As an adult, he (Lobsang Phuntsok) makes a place for children coming from unstable homes. He doesn't waste his life being angry of how he was raised (unwanted) but rather wants to help as many abandoned (or financially unwanted) children as he can. Lobsang also listens to what the teachers who also live there, say to him. In the film, he wants to take in a 4 year old boy (whose father died from an accident, whose mother must work & while she works he gets bullied by older kids in the village). But the teachers tell him that the school is at capacity (85 kids) and that already their classroom, ethical & moral goals aren't always reached because the staff is overworked. He listens. Ultimately, he realizes that as much as he wants to help the 4 year old boy, the teachers/staff are correct. The film conveys his struggle with this truth. It also conveys how a 5 year old girl ( 'trouble=maker Tashi' is helped by other students . In particular, she is helped by an older boy whom Tashi assigned to help her). The children at this school, compared to US kids, don't have any material goods to speak of--and yet, they are being raised in love and taught about compassion and caring. So, they are among the richest of children in the world.
Tashi and the Monk — an inspiring video by High Altitude Films