Stone By Stone — Alanda Greene

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Stone By Stone — Alanda Greene

Post by Welles » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:13 pm

"It’s digging time. The spring has been cold and wet, the soil is heavy and sodden. Still, it has to be turned. It’s slow work and just one narrow row of pushing and lifting the garden fork, dropping and loosening the hard lumps with strategic whacks, has me puffing and sweating.

“Only one small row and I’m in this state?” I ask myself. “How will I ever get this whole garden dug?”

I know the answer. One forkful at a time.

If I were to use a mechanized tiller it would be faster and easier, and well-meaning friends often offer this advice every year. However, I’ve noticed that turning the soil forkful by forkful gives dirt that is laced with earthworms, while soil worked with a tiller doesn’t seem so packed with these amazing wiggly garden helpers. I changed from using a shovel to a fork, because it is kinder to the worm population."

This attitude is perfectly applicable to our spiritual progress.

Stone By Stone — Alanda Greene


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