Open Communication is the way of the future

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Open Communication is the way of the future

Post by Violet Flowers » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:00 pm

Open Communication is the way of the future

“Beautiful people of planet earth, today we wish to talk to you about open communication. We see so many of you holding back on things you would love to say but you are worried that people may take offence or get an inflated sense of themselves.

In our world, our thoughts and minds are transparent- Therefore, what we think can be seen by others around. We can feel and see then thoughts of those all around therefore we know the intentions of those that surround us.

On earth, many of you hold secrets and plans and ideas behind and away from your closest people and they can (people especially becoming more sensitive) feel when the words don’t match with the feeling they get emanating from you. They really can feel when your vibrations do not match the words you are speaking.

As your energies get more and more refined you will become speakers of the truth- of YOUR TRUTH. TRUTH SPOKEN WITH LOVE. Truth of how you really feel- shared with another to explain what you are really experiencing.

Remember that people can as they become more in tune, feel your untruths. They will feel your energies as not solid or strong as you do not speak words of the truth and your own truth therefore your energetic field becomes weaker. You can become entranced and entrapped in a world of falsities when you have been distanced from your truth in a while.

It may take some practice to become more truthful in your life- more transparent and real to who you you really are, but it is definitely worth the efforts in the long run. As you feel more and more who you really are and as you do this more and more you bring more power and conviction to your speaking. You will be felt as true and strong in your energies.

We know that many of you have a fear of being truthful in you communications as you feel you may hurt others in your doing so. We recommend that you think like this: If each and everyone of you is connecting more and more to your universal truth- That you are a brilliant and radiant offspring of the divine consciousness- Then as each of you begins to remember this, the easier it will be to be the true version of yourself around others and you will be allowing them to also speak their truth about their own brilliance and what it is necessary for them along their pathway.

When you are allowing yourselves and others to be truly who you all are and can speak clear, honest and loving truth then the world would work so much more fluidly. You could save the energy it takes to hold up the walls of protection against untruths or misguided interpretations of the goings on with your planet.

For communities to function with ease and grace- open and truthful communication is essential. For any of you to evolve your vibrations upwards with the intentions to evolve yourselves higher and higher one must learn to be clear and open in ones speech and communications- no hiding- no covering up.

Remember that in the worlds other than on earth - all can be seen a felt which therefore makes it impossible to hide your intentions and attentions. Try your best while you are still here on this training ground to become more and more transparent with your thoughts, words and intentions.

Try to stand in your universal truths of who you are in the grander senses of that world and then try again to speak your truths from an individual level – Remembering that your vibrations often show more than you are saying and those in tune with these things will be picking up the discrepancies.

Use this time on earth as your training ground to be more of the truth- to speak directly and with love your truths. Speaking what you feel needs to be said to others with intentions always to grow all of your souls. Intend to communicate your love- That which you are in all your glory.

We mean this not to shock those of you that are not ready to hear direct and open communications but please try your best to remember your training time here.

Becoming proud to be thinkers of your thoughts- proud of your words with intentions to heal and convey truths- universal truths to others.

Your world becomes more simple when you know that is nothing in your mind that can remain hidden from others. Train your minds to need less places of untruth or distrust. Train your minds to become pure slates with thoughts that could be shared with the world for this is what your future holds.

Open communication
Open hearts
Open to the truth about yourselves and who you all truly are

We love you very much- The Circle of Seven”

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Re: Open Communication is the way of the future

Post by Sandy » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:15 am

Hi Violet,
I'm sitting here thinking about this transmit and envisaging a world where we all speak our truth in loving purpose, clearly desiring within and without love, peace and beauty for everyone we encounter. :sunflower:
Well, we don't have it yet...but doesn't mean we can't make a beginning eh and that starts with ourselves...So I'm taking a long look at what goes on in this cluttered little mind of mine and what I send out that remains unsaid... ("and the why, wheres and what fors." ;) )

Blessings to you on this cool Autumn day! (Southern hemisphere of course)
Thank you!!! :D
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

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