Feel the truth and the roles that we play

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Feel the truth and the roles that we play

Post by Violet Flowers » Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:57 am

Feel the truth and the roles that we play

“Dear Humans. We know that many of you are wondering about the future of the planet and this is a very real question to be asking. You as you can see all around you varied emotions of hate and love and confusion in many different places. Please always know that the higher energies or frequencies that are surrounding the planet will assist you all and speak to those that are listening to the beings of light.

It is important that you listen to those messages that are most filled with love and light. It is important that you find a way to discern the things that you are being told by how it touches your heart. Does it feel like the truth to you? Does it feel like something you knew long ago and you are simply being reminded of it again?
Please now begin to listen to the messages and directions that come from the places of light – that come from places of love. Please really be discerning as many now wish to have THEIR own truths heard but for yourself please learnt to trust your own truth.

Your own feeling of what the real truth for you is. Please do not keep blindly believing in what you are being told. Take a moment to tune in and feel it. FEEL what the truth is. Feel what the truth is in your heart. Feel if it is bringing you more of a positive and bright future. Feel if it is taking you more and more towards the light and the love. Is it helping humanity through your doing, saying or thinking of this?Is it bringing up love, or adding to hate?

Please begin to tune more and more into those gospels or words that only lead you towards the light. Those only that you FEEL to be true in your heart. Not just be convinced but what do you feel to be true in your heart?

Soo.. We digress to the worry of the way the world is going. Firstly please do not put fear energy into this concern as this is not helpful. Please try to find ways, people and beliefs that remind you of true and correct ways to help you evolve. It can as you see through your history books it can become very easy to get swept up with propaganda and what you are being told. We now suggest to you instead to please feel the truth. Become clearer about what feels true. Become what is the most radiant version of the truth for you.

Those moments when your heart sings- when your heart feels free. Those moments when you shed a tear at the beauty and the thought of how beautiful it could be if life were this way. It can be lived this way. You can live in harmony. You can live in peace but you need to begin got listen and to place ahead of other words those words that bring you peace. Those words that lift your heart. These are the thoughts and words that need to become your new verses and chapters. Words free of corruption and distrust. Words free of hate and judgement. Your new beliefs in order to keep you all moving into directions that save and grow the light on your planet.
Please be less of a group that only seeks to follow one way. Be people that seek to follow true light and love. True uplifting values to encourage and grow the love and unity of your planet.

You have heard the saying ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’ – This my dear friends couldn't be more real- TOGETHER you stand tall- you stand closer to the light. You stand closer to your divine selves and mot beautifully you support one another when you stand together. When you divide apart you lack structural integrity and the pillars of your groups or beings do not hold strong together, therefore making it difficult to work or grow together- making it harder to stand closer to the light together.

We know from your history books it looks as through some groups have felt superior or know more than others. Please remember that as beings of birth and re-birth you have all been and have lived in all bodies in all races and all places and all religions. You have fought your best friend in battle and you have joined together with who you might consider an enemy in this life. You have been all things to so many people therefore please if you could remember this it would be easier to love them. – It would be easier to remember their very essence.

Try to when you look at somebody in this incarnation that feels very different from you – and imagine them as your closest friend in lives gone by. Each of you are truly connected in this way and when your spirit returns back free of the body you will once again become aware of your interconnectedness. You will once again become aware of your love and gratitude for those that perhaps you feel are against you now. They are you are just doing their earthly jobs. Try and remember this now.

Keep trying to remember the ‘play acting’ and the role of learning will soon be over and the curtains will close and you can see who each person in your life truly is. If you can try and see them before you leave your body, even better- Just begin to embrace this analogy into your being and it will help you to understand what is happening through your time on earth. It will help you to bring more peace and understanding to your time here.

Each person is there from your choosing. Each person leads you where you need to go. Each person is not who you think they may be. Each person is more beloved than you can even imagine.

Try when life feels like a washing machine whirling you around and around like you have no choice. Try to see each person as a beloved friend of yours- like an actor in a play just doing their role until the curtain comes down again. Be patient and understanding in each instance. Try to expand your mind and see beyond what is on the surface reality. Try to go deeper in your understanding of why you are all really here.

If you can all begin to embrace this paradigm, then your world and its future are not in danger. The future of your planet is bright and filled with love.

Bring your love to each situation

Bring a new vision or understanding to each interaction and all will be well. Listen to those words of people that bring love and understanding to your heart and a deeper understanding like something that could have made sense all along. You are all capable of stepping into your own wisdom while still on earth. Please do your best to ascertain universal truths for yourself.

Be led not by words that lead you away from love

Do this and your world is moving in a beautiful direction. We love you very much- The Circle of Seven”

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Re: Feel the truth and the roles that we play

Post by Sandy » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:23 am

Hello Violet, from a very rainy New South Wales! I hope your day is as love and light filled as the one I am experiencing...even more so! Thank you once again for your uplifting message and give my love to the Circle of Seven. :kiss:

...I am hearing words from an older song ..."united we stand divided we fall..." Not sure of the title now...
I was looking for it on google and came across this song that is so uplifting...(Kim will love this one. ;) )

It makes my two "left feet" want to stand up and dance! :bana:
Love to you dear lady on this spectacular day! :sunny:
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

Violet Flowers
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Thank you - Thank you Sandy

Post by Violet Flowers » Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:39 am

Hi Sandy

That is a fun video with really lovely words! Thanks for sharing- I hope that you did get up and dance :) hee heee

Yes- The Circle of Seven are having a fun time with their message sending aren't they.. ha ha.. Much to pass along to us all.

I am going well and luckily if I have a down moment they shake my hand and send me a message. It seems these days I am not allowed to be down for very long.. ha ha.

I am glad you are liking their messages- Me too.. When I read them back I can hardly believe that it came through my hand. I'm feeling so grateful to be able to share with people so thank you for always reading.

Big hugs and lots of love for you :)

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