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The Ripple Effect

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:39 pm
by Violet Flowers
The Ripple Effect

“People of earth- There is a time coming soon where you all be a part of helping to raise the vibration or pull it backwards. You can choose to be a part of the waking up and bringing of higher vibrations and love and knowledge down if you choose it. More and more of you are waking up now.

There is a responsibility for you all please to keep lifting and helping others who may be stuck in the density. Please be the light to shine on those who forget who they are. Please be the future that brings in light and love to a much greater degree.

At times you take care of yourselves and think that all will be OK. As we see your planet right now- There is work to be done and love to be shared. There is much darkness in corners of your world, which can if you allow it to drive up your light. Often the darkness that makes you angry and upset brings to the fore more love and compassion for all but could you try to create this heaven on earth without the need for crisis please. Could you all become warriors for the love and light everywhere you go. Smile at people for you know not how their day has gone. Be kind, be generous with your love and your time.

We are pained to see how many of you are so far away from feeling your brilliance. We are pained that you are so dimmed by the lack of love for yourselves that you choose to take yourself out of this experience and you in the wake of this can create and leave behind you much sadness and misunderstandings. We feel pained that human beings feel so often to look for what they dislike instead of what is marvelous in another.

You are all born with magnificent abilities and dreams and yet you get lost and often times need a hand from those around you to show you that light again. We know that when you come to earth forgetting it all, it is very difficult at times to remember all you are capable of- That is why we ask you all today to please look out for one another.

Please if you see a lost soul, take the time to give them back their light. It is so important that you all get to remember who you are and to experience it as much as you can while you are here to fulfill what you are here to do.

We see so many souls asking for help from their light beings or praying to God and we love to guide and be there for you too but for many it is difficult for them to feel us at this time, so this is why we urge you to please look out always for souls that you can light up. Souls you can help back onto their path. Sometimes a hug or a few words is all it needs. A reminder of how it feels to be on the right path. So many souls we can see gaining wisdom but perhaps just for their own gain or banks of knowledge. The time has come now to share. Please share with those that have forgotten.

One person not feeling loved is a tragedy for us- One person feeling alone is also a tragedy for us. Please don’t let your people sit out in the cold. Please don’t let them feel any less than who you all truly are. You are all bright shining stars capable of loving and creating much joy on earth. You all deserve this love that some of you feel.

It is time to remove those masks through which you view one another. The race, the location and the faces. You all need love, you all need to know that it is OK to feel loved.

We need more and more of you now to turn on your hearts. Your world is filled with pain enough already. Now it is time for those of you who can to love one another. Don’t underestimate what you can do when you believe in one another- they can believe in themselves. When you take a few moments to help someone feel loved and understood you are truly saving lives, you are saving their souls and they will wake up and be able to do the same for others.

Please dear humans, it is now time to evolve your love. Reach out now beyond your doors, beyond your borders. It is time to share who you all are with each other. We know that it may sound simple to say care for others, but if you could see what we see and the ripple it creates for that person’s life you would be out there caring and loving everyone in sight.

You know the love you feel for your children and the pain you feel when they suffer or forget who they really are when life knocks them around. You want to love them better. This is how your light friends feel for you. We so desperately want you to feel loved and beautiful and to see how we see you, but sadly many of you sabotage yourselves and others along the way.

We feel pained when we see you disrespect your brothers and sisters- as brother and sisters is what you truly are. We ask you please to wake up now- Please remember how important it is. It is critical to help this world shift into a space of love for one another, yourselves and the planet.

Most of you are suffering from a lack of love for yourselves or others. Please - we urge you today for this is vitally important. Love one another regardless of color. Love one another even when it feels impossible. Lower the guards on your hearts and love just because you can. Praise because you can and know that this is so very important for your planet right now. This is what could raise the vibration of your planet.

Stand in love please dear ones and stand and share abundantly. No holding back now please. The world needs love as do you all.

We love you very much- The Circle of Seven”

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:18 pm
by I-man78
Thank you for the reminder Violet. We should be helping others. Why is it when we help some people, they just take advantage of it & give nothing in return. Now, that I think about it we shouldn't expect anything in return. We shouldn't be used either. We can't keep helping someone & get manipulated by them because they know how to. Sometimes you have walk away. I get so confused with this.

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:08 pm
by Welles
Dear Violet,

Keep them cards and letters coming! :sunflower:


Thanks Welles and Hello I-man78

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:57 pm
by Violet Flowers
Thanks for your replies! Thanks Welles! I know they are all quite of a similar nature - but perhaps that is the style they are choosing for me. ha ha

I-man78. As my non channeling self writing now I think I feel for what you asked that if we are firstly standing in the light for ourselves and keeping the balance with that and rather than trying to fix someone we are reminding them of who their real essence is- Some people will get it and others I guess will not at that time and what I then do would be to perhaps send a prayer instead or use Ho'ponopono (Hawaiin healing prayer) I have some tricky people in my life that I would love to help up close but it is not always a possibility and then in that instance I send love from a distance. (without attachment of what we feel should happen)

Some people don't want to be loved the way we want to love them as well so then for me I just try and stand in a place of love and - 'you are at your essence perfect and complete and you are experiencing moments of 'not this' right now'.. That might be part of their soul growth as well so I will send you love and give you space to experience what you may need to go through. I think for me trust is a big thing too and as you said sometimes stepping back to make sure we are loving ourselves and when we feel whole and complete we can shine this out to others.. Just my take on this. Thanks for writing - Big hugs for your day :)

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:02 am
by Sandy
Hello Violet!
A warm hug for you today on this chilly Autumn day. And with that hug go my thanks for sharing this love that is you. You are a shining light and I suspect this light is not at all limited in the wise words you channel.... ;) :D
So once again...thanks to you and the Circle of Seven for your love and inspiration! It is so appreciated!
P.S. When you have the time would you please consider starting a thread about the Hawaiian Healing prayer, Hoponopono? Nearly 10 years ago I remember someone posting about this on the board and time has dimmed my memory of it. I would love to be reminded again of what I now faintly recall was an awesome healing technique. xx

Hi Sandy and Ho'oponopono

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:29 pm
by Violet Flowers
Awww.. Thanks Sandy- A big hug back to you!
You guys are so lovely- Thanks for all the encouragement. I have for years been asking for ways to help so many this is a way. Yay! And Yes- I feel very grateful for what I am being given from the Circle of Seven too. I can feel their love when I write and it is really overpowering. It is very normal to be in tears every day with the amazing things-- although soo simple in many ways-- so powerful and true I find. Thanks for enjoying it. Yay!.

Sure I can start a thread on Ho'oponopono - Where would I do that? In this miscellaneous section as well? - It works miracles..

Just to start it off - This is a little information about how it works: ... ujoevitale

And this is a youtube clip you can run in the background with the word prompts.

I can write more when I make sure I am in the correct place-- yay! Big hugs for you all- Lots of love :)

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:35 am
by Sandy
Hi Violet,
Oh good! I was hoping you would be agreeable! :D I was thinking at first that the healing forum might be the place for it, but it would disappear rather quickly there with the site's automatic pruning (something that helps keep us from getting too big for our site "britches." :) ) So I am thinking the misc. forum may be a good place as there is much more space allowed there before threads get pruned.

Thanks for the URLs I will take a gander at them in just a little bit. :sunflower:

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:36 am
by Geoff
Sandy wrote: So I am thinking the misc. forum may be a good place as there is much more space allowed there before threads get pruned.
In Miscellaneous all threads that have not had a new post in 350 days are pruned. In Prayer requests that is set to 250 days. Its not really based on space at all.


Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:52 pm
by Sandy
Hi Geoff,
I guess I was looking at the number of pages that are allowed for the different forums...sort of stated it wrong. For instance, the healing issues forum consists of one page of threads. Whereas the misc. forum allows for 9 pages of threads. Granted there isn't much traffic in the healing issues whereas Misc. is much busier.
What do you think? Where do you think it should go? I suppose in reality a thread about a healing technique, probably should go in healing as it would be a better fit for someone who may be looking specifically for something on that subject.

Hi Sansdy and Welles

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:55 am
by Violet Flowers
You guys make me laugh.. hee hee.. Did you decide the healing section then? :)

Re: The Ripple Effect

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:35 am
by Sandy
:lol: Let's just go with the healing issue forum, Violet. That would be appropriate with the subject matter I think.

I was lying in bed last night and out of the blue and for some reason, it suddenly hit me what Geoff was trying to get through my thick head. LOL It doesn't matter where a thread is on its forum...if it hasn't had a post in 350 days or 250 days, depending of course on the limits of the forum, it may very well get pruned. No matter where it sits on the specific forum pages. (although it would most likely be towards the back) ... At least I think that is what he is saying. :scratch:


OK Cool Sandy

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:33 am
by Violet Flowers
Thanks for that- Ok I will start a thread in the Healing section. You guys just made me laugh as I had no idea what was going on but glad you do. hee hee... Cool- See you there soon- Another message coming through now though.. :) Big hugs :)