The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products.

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The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products.

Post by Sandy » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:49 am

The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products.
From the Desk of George Barnard.

Frequently, although hardly at regular intervals, Docs magically leave their archives and turn up on the monitor. So did this one. It’s right here looking at me and it was, years ago, addressed to a 11:11 Progress List member and others. Here it goes again.

I think you have that just about right, Sammy.

The borderlands do not contain any souls, or Thought Adjusters, or egos, or even anything that has the awareness of the passing of time.

The borderlands contain thought forms, ghosts, what the Midwayers call packets of misinformation, grudges and unresolved human mindal debris.

Once resolved, through the passing of time, or negotiations (progress) by former humans on Mansonia, this (now settled) information then belongs to the evolutionary deities, but they are still evolving, they are vulnerable, and they do not need our dirty washing until such time as it has been laundered… resolved.

Much as you need to keep kids away from power sockets, you need to keep grown-ups away from mature salt-water crocodiles, blue-ringed octopuses, Ouija boards and the borderlands.

Those who get themselves involved run the risk of acquiring some unwanted packets, attachments, or some ghoolies disrupting the home, and there is no guarantee that once the attachment has been gotten rid of, that person’s utterly disrupted mind is going to be any better for it.

I don’t get my meals from a trash bin, and I see no reason why I should get my spiritual nourishment from the borderlands.

Cheers yall . . . George.

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