“True Forgiveness” - Thought Adjuster.

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“True Forgiveness” - Thought Adjuster.

Post by Sandy » Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:49 pm

Alabama, US of A, November 27, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Forgiveness”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You can only truly forgive others when you have learned to love them as you love yourself. True forgiveness is possible, but only when you can ‘walk in their shoes’ to consider other people’s motivation and reasons. This is the kind of forgiveness that truly removes the damage a person considers to have received through his or her experience, by opening the heart to accept the love of the Father.

“When you say you forgive without really feeling it, the grudges remain with you. The idea that you were right and that your siblings were wrong will still persist with you. Only when you take the time to consider the intent of others you can understand that maybe there was a perfectly valid reason why the other person acted in such a way that made you feel bad.

“Even when you are certain that somebody hurt you on purpose you should still consider the reasons behind that attack. What is that person afraid of? How could you affect her in such a way that she had to defend herself that way? Most of the time you will discover that you are partly to blame for what happened and learn from this higher understanding in order to improve your relationships with others.

“In the case of those who simply hurt others without apparent reason or motive, just remember that everything in this life has a reason. You can’t judge your siblings without having lived their lives and felt their suffering. There are a lot of confused people languishing in the dark. It would be more beneficial for you and others to forget your grudges and become the light that shows them the way out of their labyrinth of selfishness and fear and bring them to the threshold of the Kingdom of God, and then let then decide if they want to enter or not.

“On those occasions when you face the mistakes of your past and remember those times in which you have been the one who has hurt others, do everything you can to mend those wounds. Any price you have to pay for this will be an investment that will transform into freedom and spiritual treasures for your eternal life. Forgive yourself without reservation because your Father has already forgiven you. Start living like a true child of God, aspiring to the highest righteousness and the true freedom that the perfected creatures of our Creator experience. Your reward in this life will be real and lasting peace, independent of your situation. Your reward in eternity will be a life discovering the secrets of the universes and participating in the enterprise of manifesting the divine will in Creation.

“When you sincerely forgive those you perceive as somebody who has hurt you, you are accepting that they have a soul as well, capable of making mistakes and being hurt just like yourself. It is then when you start to consider others with the same regard you consider yourself and this is one pre-requisite for real love. This is more meaningful because those who have hurt you are not included in your list of ‘people you love’ — friends, family, and others — but when you consider them at the same level you consider yourself, you are putting them back on your list and you stop being a respecter of persons — a prelude to unconditional love.

“Would it be possible for you to include all human beings in this world on your list of people you love, as those to whom you offer your trust, your friendship and your affection? In truth I tell you that if you have already done this with those whom you once considered estranged from you because of the lack of understanding of the past, then you would have rid yourself of a heavy load and you would have started to enjoy the true freedom of the children of God.” v

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