“About Compassion.” -- Thought Adjuster.

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“About Compassion.” -- Thought Adjuster.

Post by Sandy » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:54 am

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Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Compassion.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “To be ‘compassionate’ means ‘to suffer with’. It is an emotional expression of sympathy but it is not a mere feeling, as it is combined with a desire to help. Because we have compassion, we want to take action and help the person who is suffering.

“Notice the last word of the above definition: with. We partake of another’s suffering. We suffer together. This is how we differentiate between compassion and empathy.

“Compassion is the third attribute of Christ’ Consciousness after Love and Gratitude. Each human being has the ability to grow into Christ Consciousness by increasingly embodying these ‘heart-titudes’ — the attitudes of Christ’s Heart.

“You can have an intellectual understanding of the concepts of Love, Gratitude, and Compassion. Yet, they will remain mental concepts as long as they do not drop into your heart to be felt — heartfelt. Indeed, you experientially get to know the vast gamut of human emotions, including those which naturally rise to the top — the cream of the creams: Love, Compassion, and Gratitude. As you get in touch with these selfless feelings, you rewrite your emotional codes, so to speak.

“It is often said that you cannot fully understand someone’s experience unless you walk in their very shoes and undergo a similar experience. Indeed, personal experiences are events of full emotional disclosure, as feelings are associated with events. You can use your imagination to get a faint idea of what someone is going through but, if you have gone through similar experiences, your heart does not need any translation. This is why ‘com-passion’ means to suffer with. It is one of the many facets of Love, associated with sympathy and empathy.

“Many of you have numbed their hearts in order to cope with a very painful reality, encompassing the suffering of many. A numb heart fails to respond with Love, as it does no longer register some emotional impulses and has been ‘de-humanized’in some way.

“Jesus was compassionate toward his fellow men. He lived His physical life with the intention of more fully understanding humanity. How can you treat others as you want to be treated with your heart devoid of compassion? This is an impossibility that needs to be remedied. Compassion will unlock the last seal that prevents your heart from being fully activated. Compassion tells you that you are one of them, that you are sharing the same boat as is humanity, navigating stormy waters in search of the Harbor of Peace that is to be found in the deepest recesses of your beating heart.”

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