Financial assistance.

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Financial assistance.

Post by George » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:45 am

Alabama, January 2, 2016.
Teacher: Christ Michael.
Subject: “How Dare you Charge for God’s Word?”

Message received by Oscar.

During the last 15 years or so I have been subjected to much criticism by many individuals for giving members the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the 11:11 Progress venture. Here is Michael’s idea of what we are worth to Progress.

Michael: “Don’t we already have a communications system in place? Or were you thinking that the heavens would open up and you would hear my voice like thunder? Yes, I realize that it is difficult for you to handle the subtle way in which these messages are transmitted and you are concerned about the high degree of freedom you get in interpreting the ideas that are placed in your mind, but with just a bit of faith and a little trust – with the help of spiritual discernment – is everything you need to receive. And yes, you are receiving, and the confirmation messages you have received from those who read our words should be enough to provide the confidence to continue listening and transmitting. I am Michael.

“Are you deceiving yourself? It is possible. It all depends on the sincerity that you strive to include in your words and the effort you make to be as transparent as possible, reflecting the best of your ideals and aspirations. Those who have a hidden agenda will show it in their writings. Those who try to be sincere and truly help others will do a better job. As always, our game in free will and even when we give you enough freedom to ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ we are also giving you the power to use your will to express our Father’s will. Looking back at your efforts for the cause of progress nobody will be able to say that you were just a puppet that only parroted blindly the words said by others. Instead you will be the channel by which the words of your Teachers will find the means of interpretation and expression. The composer of a melody created the foundation that the interpreter makes his or her own. The work of both is necessary, and the interpreter, even when he or she was not the creator of the song, deserves a good deal of credit.

“You have chosen to be an interpreter of spiritual messages. You receive the original compositions of the Teachers and use your voice and your talent to express them to the world. The composers are pleased when they hear their melodies in your writings, because you can do right here where you are that which is not possible for them. It is a complex work of cooperation that provides opportunities for many to serve and to play a role in our Father’s enterprise. It is proper to feel pride and satisfaction for the part you play since many above you also derive great satisfaction from your efforts.

“I know of your concerns and your conflicts. However, I ask you to reconsider for a moment the issue of money and finances. You have learned that the economy is nothing but a human creation, a fantasy designed to artificially distribute resources and to assign goods to mortals. Those who have more and those who have less are simply classifying themselves by an arbitrary criterion that in the end has nothing to do with reality – not with the physical reality in your world and much less with the spiritual reality. Today if you decided to get rid of all finances your world would continue as if nothing had happened, even when many among you today who don’t want to lose their advantages (due to greed or fear) may try to convince you that this would cause the collapse of civilization. You are bound to realize this truth sooner than later when you face the consequences of the unsustainable way of life that will display the falsehood of your economic system during the crisis that will surely come.

“In your mind you have created a difference between what is considered as commercial (your work and those things that produce material benefits) and that which should be given freely. This difference does not exist, since all the resources in this world should be freely available for all. But would you consider fair if a worker does not receive any compensation for his or her work? Consider a human being that works for 12, 14 or 18 hours a day. Would it be fair for this person to not have enough to eat? Consider now that this person is working exclusively in that which he considers his most important contribution to humanity. Consider also that this work will have implications for the future of your world and for the progress of your civilization. But this work is valued only by very few, because the majority in your world does not have the spiritual vision required to assess its value. The great majority is distracted by the things of this world and the thousand and one ways in which you can entertain or concern yourselves in these times.

“If we were talking about and entrepreneur or an inventor and if his work was considered by many as something of paramount importance for all, nobody would have any issues with providing a fair remuneration to this person. Even if this person becomes a millionaire nobody would judge or question him. Such is the work that George and the 11:11 Progress Group is doing in this world. You and your partners are involved in one of the most important enterprises for the future of your world, and you have understood this. Would you let this effort that started well before you and your associates – even George – were involved to fail just because of lack of resources?

“You heard once that society will be at its best when those who provide the greatest gifts were the ones who receive the greatest compensations. The gifts that the 11:11 Progress Group is offering to the world will have a great influence in the recovery, advancement and elevation of this world. Do not let the apparent simplicity and humility of your efforts, as a group, deceive you. Even when I was in your world I was just another prophet to many, another preacher among many, and certainly I was not the only one who claimed to be the messiah, but my simple and humble message still reverberates in the hearts of sincere men and women in this world. Remember also that we had our periods of ‘fundraising’ in which we went back to fishing or to collect donations from those who supported us.

“The world has not changed a lot since then. Mortals still need to eat in order to live and the spiritual souls of this world still have to serve two masters. This, admittedly, is a complicated balancing act, but it is one of the lessons you have to master – to live in this world without being from this world. You can find a balance between the satisfaction of your needs and unruly ambition. You can find a balance between giving the best of yourself to your siblings and getting what you need in order to live. There can be harmony between service to your neighbor and the struggle for survival. At the end, the main requirement for any human being who wants to serve his or her siblings is to be alive.

“Yes, I worked to make a living and I refused to be a priest whose salary derived from his position in the institutional hierarchy instead of the service provided or the work performed. I never asked anybody for anything in exchange for my words, my advice, or my healing, but often I asked for food and even invited Myself to dinner in the homes of those willing to receive Me. And yes, there were those who called me freeloader, drinker or glutton. Even one of my apostles accused me of extravagance on one occasion. But I never disregarded the physical needs of my apostles or myself, and when the resources diminished we did what was needed to replenish them in order to continue with our mission.

“You have had various ideas that you have not attempted because you are afraid to be seen by your peers as someone who pursues only his own benefit, as you have seen many so called teachers of self-help gurus do before. What if you are the one who is meant to break with this way of doing things and manage to make a living while helping others? Sounds impossible? If you find a reason that motivates you, a reason that goes beyond money and material success, other will feel inspired to help because whatever benefit obtained will be a benefit for all. People can easily see who is only trying to gain a selfish benefit and who is truly trying to help others. Give the best of you with your sincerest intent and many will benefit from your efforts.

“Maybe it is time for your civilization to discover that the work to elevate the human being and to create a better future for this world is a valuable enterprise that deserves the resources, the time, the dedication and the best talent to make it possible. Many in these times are thinking the same and are finding the means to express that creative impulse that arises in their hearts and minds. In fact, I tell you that many among you have come to this world at this time not by mere chance. You are here for a reason and to fill a role in this Correcting Time. Do everything in your power to express your ideas and use the best of your intellect to obtain the necessary resources and the associates to make your dreams a reality. Know that you have the support of an entire universe that is focused on the task of bringing its backward worlds to their corresponding place in the eternal plan or our Father.”