Dr. Mendoza -- Orion -- One Person at a Time

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Dr. Mendoza -- Orion -- One Person at a Time

Post by Redshift » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:15 am

Illawarra District, Australia, November 2, 2009.
Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO8).
Life Carrier, Orion.

Subject: “One Person At A Time.”

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza: “My dear colleague in many healing endeavors, I greet you. This is Dr. Mendoza, delighted to find you in the mood, and in the appropriate mindal state. In all projects one can only go forward one step at a time. It is by your communications far and wide that others, in turn, can progress. This is how knowledge can be disseminated, and this is how many can benefit from a single lecture. Our Michael wills that all allowable improvements be applied to this world, and it is about this we wish to converse with you. Over to another.”

Orion: “My dear human friend, it is by the good doctor’s invitation, and by your willingness to be involved in these liaisons, that I come to speak with you about creation and evolution. Each of these are noted on time-space worlds. However, a combination of these two are more markedly common on decimal worlds. On every globe in ten, we do indeed help instigate basic life, but then we tarry for millions of years to fine-adjust, to suitably modify, to adapt to climatic conditions, and to transform in some positive way to please the Creator Father.

“It is the Life Carriers’ duty to populate the ‘made-ready’ worlds of time and space, and wherever possible to improve the quality of the God-knowing races of men and women. The old ‘hands-off’ rule at the time of emergence of the first God-knowing human on any planet no longer applies here. If requested to do so by human parents-to-be, we may respond to Michael’s mandates of enhancing the unborn to such a degree as to improve on what might otherwise be grave chances of some one or other genetic disorder becoming the child’s life-long handicap.

“The Mother Spirit’s mind endowments you’ve been allocated are uniform. However, to what degree they impact on the brain depends on the latter’s development, and in that respect, on this world, there is no equality whatever, with the numerous genetics-based ‘misdevelopments’ passed on from generation to generation. Here now you have a great influx of Life Carriers, Midwayers and Mentori from outlying worlds in this sector and beyond to energize into greater development the fetal brains for improvement of your species, one step, one person at a time.

“I am Orion, a servant to what lives and breathes in time-space. Au revoir.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Little has changed since we first broached this subject, my friend. However, it is now that a veritable army of healers is at ready wherever and whenever the Thought Adjusters permit such functions. Goodbye from me.”

Receiver’s note: I’ll try to find that earlier transmit and repost it later.

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