Addictions And Self Mastery.

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Addictions And Self Mastery.

Post by George » Thu Oct 14, 2004 2:03 pm

Urantia, September 11, 2004.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “Addictions And Self Mastery.”

Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: “This is going to be a little treatise on addictions. Mind you, it is a little spiel on addictions, but not just on chemicals, food, or sex. No, the habits we are delving into here are those that are not normally thought of as such by mainstream humanity. These are the ingrained habits of your thinking. They are the well-worn, in-grooved patterns in the brain—the very channels through which your mindal activity flows, whilst hardly ever an idea will surface as to why a particular thought appeared in the first place.

“Even when you perceive visible signs, these can act as a trigger for thought patterns that will soon become a habit to begin looking for that particular sign, seen as an omen. Take the 11:11 numbers for instance: Many people seeing these numbers will wonder if there is any significance attached to them, and, so, a new addiction has arrived, although this is a rather profitable new habit to acquire, especially if one owns an electronic modem to access the internet, and one starts typing these numbers into a search engine.

“Numbers have always fascinated people. Most games are made up with numbers and letters, although, when giving overmuch time to these games, much precious time is wasted, not even to mention money, which could be better put to more practical pursuits and actions.

“So you see that addictions can start very innocently, but may soon have their ‘hooks’ into you, so your mind starts following a certain track that may not be altogether healthy. Even your thoughts are your responsibility, and, at times, it becomes essential to trace a thought back to its original trigger, especially when the new addiction leads to fear, or panic, or any kind of negativity.

“One needs to remain open to the possibility that thoughts can still be changed in mid stream. One needs to become aware of how, and where, thoughts become negative and addictive behavior patterns, especially those having to do with un-forgiveness, anger, real or imagined hurt, resentment, suspicion, intolerance and such. All negative and positive thought patterns have an effect on the body’s cellular level, so thoughts can make one sick by thinking toxic, addictive thoughts. However, thoughts do also have the power to heal if one can free the blockages that are held in the mind. Even physical symptoms, or mental symptoms, such as depression, can often disappear overnight.

“Mankind has truly not yet begun this important training in self-mastery over its thinking. Only a few have done this throughout your history, and they have taken the time to trace their habit patterns and addictive ways of thinking. Right now, mankind has become more addicted then ever, and tends to look outside self for anything that is ailing. Be it mental or physical, people simply have no idea of the power they give away to then enslave themselves into more addictions.

“This indolent, lazy behavior needs to be looked upon as addictive. It is habit forming in the sense that they hand over their precious free will of choice, by forgetting, or even not knowing, that all the cells in their bodies have an innate intelligence and capability to replicate and reproduce after their selves.

“Nothing happens at random, but your entire being is effected by positive or negative thoughts that set off a whole chain of chemical reactions that flow on to the cells. Therefore, start tracing your thoughts and behaviors, for it is another branch of self-discipline and self-education. And, yes, do check out the meaning of the 11:11 number symbols.

“You might find some interesting answers there, too.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group
Toujours au Service de Michael
Intent is ALL that counts

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Post by Patto » Thu Oct 14, 2004 5:49 pm

um George?
Were you looking at me while typing that?

This is weird... I went from a swing to a complete high and having the utmost hope for the future, with a tangible plan. To then being negative, paranoid and delusional.

I was nearly home, after a hugly long day, starting with picking my sister (haven't seen her for 6 weeks) up from the airport at 5:30am. Following a catch up with her till about 9. After that I went to sleep till about 2 in the afternoon, and played with my nephews for an hour (they just came over) and left for uni. I got the day off work so I could go to my last class for the semester.

So I get to school, 10 mins late and sit down, 5 mins later... toilet emergency :( . I know you girls will sympathise with me. So cue 40 mins later. I have recovered and was observing the place where I would cool off my anguish caused by working 60+ hour weeks (40 hours full time + 10 hours travel a week + 10+ uni). And I played for an hour or so (on and off) realising how unfit, and reliant I am on nicotine for a fix.

Cue then walking into my lecture. About 90 mins of pure fun, because my lecturer was telling us exactly how to prepare for the exam(a first for me). I then went to speak to him, and had a nice convo. Then cue forward 10 mins, 2 other people and I, are now going to be working together after exams are over, with my lecturer who has heaps of connections. This project will be a huge plus for me, cause it is direct high level experience in the field I am interested in.

Ok now time to go home.

Go to tram stop. No trams in sight. Find tram fare evasion police guy, and had some small talk, followed by him opening himself to me :? ok thats fine. Mention that I know about computers, and bam, he has a problem for me to fix. So I then proceed to write down complete, linear easy to follow instructions for this guy, and he was smiling from ear to ear. Ok fair enough, cue 20 mins later and I met an old friend I have not seen for around 6 months. 20 minutes later, we have arrangements to go out on saturday night, when I already have a work party to go to. Momentarily lapse of judgement, but he has known me since I was 8... therefore he is my prioroty.

It is now 9:30

I have now formulated a plan to get a new job and get ready to study for exams, with my sister. (I can't seem to fit study in my life at the moment) Very tangible, and has many fallback options. :lol:

Now my best friend rings me up and we have a vent fest. Cue 20 mins later and I'm on my way to his house, the only thing in my stomach is some juice and 2 slices of home made pizza. Had some nice green tea, and shared my plans, dreams and vice-versa. On the way home, I felt a great warm hug. Said thanks, and heard a drive carefully. So I was pretty careful :roll:

Anyway, I get to my street, and the guy in front is crawling at about 20 miles an hour so I back off, and he slows down even more at the same time, to about 15, then to 10 then to 5. I sort of wondered what he was doing. Then he proceeded to pull over. So I then went around him. Not too fast, about 15 miles an hour max, I just wanted to get settled.

So I get out of the car, and hear a loud "someone was in a hurry" and I just walked off. I then walked inside my property and had a bad feeling. So I stood out of sight but close by. Felt a huge bout of negativity toward me. 5 mins later, the guy came accross the street and wrote down my number plate. What he was going to do with it I do not know. But I made myself visible and he ran... yes ran (50+ years of age) off.

What follows, was a huge uncharicteristic bout of paranoia from me. I was so deluded that I moved the car around the corner and checked it twice. I then came to my senses, and just let my mind rest. I then began to contemplate about how addictions and behaviours make and break people. I then come here.

I am a bit :shock:

Just edit it to say thanks George if this is out of place. Sorry about the rant. But it hurt to see how little I have grasped about all the lessons I should have learnt previously.




Post by Budgie » Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:53 pm

Wow, this message had me in a spin today! :shock:

I've been creating wonderful health for myself all my life by positive thinking. Ask me how i am? "I'm great, I'm always great! Never get sick!"

Giving my commands to the 'universe' that in my reality - I don't get sick, ever - got it?!

So I never get sick. Cool. 8) Except at one point I made myself believe that I am intolerant to sugar... and then it got promoted to an addiction. So guess what? Symptoms of addiction appear - bad ones!

But was it just my belief system creating the addiction? :?:

How does this work with, say... cigarettes?


For Patto - I hear you on not learning our lessons the first time. And the knock on the head gets more painful every time! Oh boy, us humans - quick to criticize (ourselves) but slow to change! :wink: :cry: :cry:

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Post by Helen W » Fri Oct 15, 2004 3:52 pm

with cigarettes, yes definately.

I'm still addicted to them because I choose to be, and I know that. The days when I choose not to be its not even relevant. The days I'm stubborn and decide I'm having one anyway, they make me feel sick.

Armesh sent one a while back with a bit of practical advice on how to stop additcion...think its in this forum somewhere, just by looking at the situation in the Now.

This is very much like the thing about 'thinking' yourself into addiction.

If in this 'Now' I need a cigarette...why? in the last Now I didnt. I dont require a cigarette in every Now, so why do I need one in any Now???

I may choose to have a cigarette in this Now, but I dont NEED anything in specific at all. I choose to act on my thoughts or not. In time it is possible to catch yourself thinking negatively, and start to change your very thought patterns by choosing to think differently.

And when you can start to do that then alsorts of miracles may appear.

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Post by Helen W » Fri Oct 15, 2004 3:58 pm

Just after writing that last comment I recieved this in my inbox. Far too synchronous to ignore.

Here's some good advice on how to train your thought processes
Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A reader asks:

Could Quado talk a bit about how to live more in the now, this moment,
and how to focus on the little things instead of worrying about the
expectations we put on ourselves for the big things?

Quado responds:

You cannot expect the habits of a lifetime to disappear in a day, a
week or even a year. If you have spent a lifetime with certain habits
of thinking, your mind will continue down these pathways until they
are gradually rebuilt.

What you can do is consciously begin to alter these old patterns, by
watching your mind and inserting a choice between the stimulus and the
response. And after a time with this new retraining, you will perhaps
be able to build a new pathway in which you have a new response from
the same stimuli.

Yes, this takes time. But it is possible and you can do it.

One of the primary reasons that you need to meditate every day, at
least a few minutes of quiet contemplation and putting your mind at
ease, is to help you get control over your mind. If you do not have
any control here, then your mind will just trigger off old events and
old emotions and take you into the old negative ways of thinking and
responding. But the practice of meditation will help you to calm your
mind, to quiet it down a bit and then give you the option to insert a
bit of choice into how you wish to respond.

Continue in this habit of policing your mind and it will eventually
transform your life. Not overnight, no. But eventually, and little
by little, yes.

You may also use affirmations, of course, as part of your retraining.
This is simply the process of countering a negative thought with a
positive one. This is particularly effective if you have several
habitual negative thoughts, limiting thoughts, that need to be
corrected. Just pay attention to what they are, write them down and
then craft a counter affirmation. If your mind continually says: "I
can't do this. I'm terrible at math." Then every time this thought
pops up in your mind, just stop, take a deep breath and say silently
to yourself, "I am very good at math. I am strong and capable and can
handle whatever occurs."

But then, you probably know all of this. And yet you are still
struggling. Yes, yes. A certain amount of this mental buzz you will
just have to accept. And you will also have to accept that it will
take time and consistent application of meditation, mind policing and
affirming to change the way your mind works. So just relax and let it
be. Relax and do not work hard, just do it, gently.

It is important not to try and strive and work hard at this. If you
do, you are creating anxiety and pressure, which is the opposite of
what you desire. Make all of these exercises gentle and easy. Never
respond to your buzzing mind with anger and frustration, just causing
another negative response. Respond always gently. Perhaps just
saying "next" to the negative thought which pops up and then moving on.

You will also do well to establish a regular routine of spiritual
practice. Some of the elements might be: Lingering in bed for a
moment before you get up and consciously pulling in the energy from
your spirit guide, power animal and angels and letting them fill you
with their special gifts; a daily journal of three
steam-of-consciousness pages to release negative energies; sitting
quietly in the same place each morning for your meditations;
contemplating an object of beauty or nature for a few minutes, just
focusing in on it and brining yourself down into the moment, deeply
into now; stepping outside, lifting your face and your arms to the
sky, breathing in the energy of the universe deeply and then scooping
it all in toward your heart, bringing in the wonder and glory of the
universe and letting it pour into you; while you shower or bathe, just
mentally reaching up from the crown of your head and feeling the
golden shaft of energy which connects you to your soul self, and
keeping that energy flow open until it makes you smile from the joy
you feel; while you walk across the parking lot to work, pausing to
say hello to a tree you especially like, gazing up at the sky through
its leaves and breathing in the fresh oxygen it is giving you.

There are many such sacred moments you can incorporate into your day.
And each one will help over time.

Establish disciplines in the morning like these. Choose the sequence,
the place. If you cannot do them all, alternate on different days.
Experiment with what works for you.

And then through the day, when stress and worry want to come in and
disturb you, you will have an entire arsenal of sensory material to
call on. You will have companions you can reach. Just take yourself
back to one of the moments, possibly with a conscious physical gesture
or just a deep breath and visualization. Do things like contemplating
a flower in the morning while you are at peace and then putting in on
your desk during the day. Then every time you are stressed, glance at
your flower and take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the
peaceful moment.

You will be amazed at how you can train your body to responds to these
cues, if you will but set up the disciplines and practice them regularly.

Then you have a new stimulus response. Situation: Your boss yells at
you. Old response: Your stomach clutches up and your shoulders
tighten. New response: You immediately go to your desk, gaze at the
flower, take a deep breath and release the tension and anxiety. And
over time, you will be able to go directly to the flower in your mind
and learn to bypass at least some of the first old response.

Relax. Be easy on yourself. Say wonderful things to yourself. Let
sweet loving chemicals go pouring through your body, telling each and
every cell how deeply it is loved. You can train yourself to do this.
Just be patient and calm and disciplined and it will happen.
Gradually, yes. But it will happen.


Meditate Every Day!

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Post by Gai » Fri Oct 15, 2004 6:35 pm

Dear Helen, I really like this as its one of the kind of messages or advice that doesn't push the whole pressure thing which one is bombarded with already, daily, and only puts one in a position of anxiety, like Quado says. I got the dang smokin' problem, too. I already know the time and the place and the how... and Quado's advice helps me to want to try actually start implementing these tools. Its easier when spelled out in this way. I like it. I think its time to begin slowly,.. but surely, for me on the smoking thing. Yeah, it finally feels like the time! Aaaaaaahhh.... no pressure...

thanks, gai



Post by Budgie » Fri Oct 22, 2004 12:21 am

Baie dankie Helen! (Thank you muchly, Helen!) and Teacher 'Beloved One'.

:D :D :D

Already trying this and seeing results... sugar addiction? WHAT sugar addiction :?:

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