Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

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Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

Post by reluctantmesiah » Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:53 pm

My dear brothers and sisters,

How have you been? It has been very long since I have posted.

I am deeply troubled by the violence that we are hearing about in the world. It's in Gaza, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, North Korea and in African nations. It's the innocents unfortunately who are paying the price of the ambitions of the people in the leadership. Small children, women, weak old people are being traumatized, tortured and killed. When their time will come, these leaders will realize their mistakes but by that time they would have destroyed the lives of so many people.

I think we should all collectively pray to change the consciousness of the people who are behind this violence so that their mind becomes more focused on peace and they change their ambition. I am sure prayer has some power to change the way a person feels from inside.

Another thing I strongly feel about these days is about the food we eat. I think we should stop eating meat. Because when we kill an animal for meat, we are doing the same action that a murderer does to another person. An animal is killed without any mercy, feeling and remorse. It has its special place in the world as an individual and a part of a herd or a family. I have seen videos on youtube of how people cook live sea food - they drop a live octopus in hot oil and serve it while its still alive, being cut and eaten. Killing of animals so badly would create violent and negative energies that would be affecting people. An instinct to satisfy ones hunger from another living being - after being tortured. In the Holy Science by Sri yukteshwar, he mentions that the human teeth and stomach has been made to eat nuts, fruits and vegetables. We do not have very sharp teeth that carnivorous animals to tear meat apart.

I hope we all can do our part to bring peace the main goal of the people behind all this carnage by praying and spreading good energies and vibrations by protecting the animals and livestock around us...loving them like the way we love each other.

Love and light. :loves

In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

- Mother Teresa

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Re: Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

Post by Amigoo » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:06 pm


:roll: The world seems to be missing the lessons that aggression often causes more aggression (aka, retaliation). While "overwhelming force" is popular modern therapy, those lessons learned by the recipients are not forgotten - they usually return this hospitality (and more) whenever possible.

How to stop the cycle? :scratch:
Unbiased reporting from both sides of the conflict seems beneficial, for many peace-makers know how to proceed.

As for diet, I've been lacto-ovo (but limited) for over 20 years; meat, fish, and fowl rarely
but mostly for variety or to avoid "incidents" when dining with others. ;)


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Re: Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

Post by Sandy » Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:43 am

You have been missed Good to see you! :D You speak honestly of something so many of us feel as we observe reports of unspeakable horror happening around the world. Yes, there is much to be made right in this world and the task is overwhelming, sometimes seemingly hopeless as we see over and over again our once trusted governments turning blind eyes, and possibly even worse deeds, as secret agendas and selfish Partisan party politics seems the name of the political game these days. Yet, as you suggested, we do have a powerful tool that can be used frequently... prayer and the sharing of loving energies. This as well as taking a strong stand, taking back our power and realizing that people, the individual can still stand for something and be a force for change. Collectively we are more powerful than the financiers, the politicians and war mongers understand as they see us slumbering in apathy. So we only need to activate and motivate not only ourselves and sensibilities but install this civic responsibility in our children, our neighbours, this sense of caring and belonging.
And we must demand that the press be impartial as it once was in years long past. That once was considered a sacred duty but too few journalists these days at least on major papers and television news shows are beholden to the rich owners who control their employment and pay checks. With a switch of a button or refusal to buy their product, these inferior harbingers of false information are stymied. LOL I am beginning to sound like my George... but I am far from being without hope. It is just we need to open our eyes and first see what is happening. Look at how our officials are voting, hold them accountable and let then know as often as we can that we are watching carefully. Keeping in mind that the political machines can hide quite easily behind religion, let's step aside, so to reveal what is lurking behind what we hold dear. Clear out the darkness! This is the battle of our age... and it is fought now, on the pages of the internet as we get to know other people of other nationalities, other cultures and races as we see them first as friends and then as beloved brothers and sisters. (One reason the internet must be kept free of governments interference...very important!)
It is Love that will win hearts...But sadly how to reach those whose minds are hell-bent on satisfying their gluttonous need for wealth and violence? Can we really change their minds with prayer? It is a fine line as free will is guaranteed for each of us even more so in the spirit realms. So we must recognize within ourselves the call of Love. Our best defence then is a good and loving offense in every way imaginable. As we practice caring and kindness and in meditation allow Love's vibration, Love's light to settle around us, our family, our friends and neighbours, our town, cities, state, country and outwards little by little till the whole earth is engulfed.... as more and more people do this the climate may very well lighten in such a way that what was once hidden from those lost in darkness is seen, like a light bulb suddenly going off in their heads and hearts. But as always forever and a day we must first be the change we wish to see in others. Love...Love ...Love...
P.S. We, as humans, may always find ourselves a little or a lot short of the "love mark". Even so please do not use this as an excuse to belittle Love. Or to find fault with Love and those who promote it. Every single day I fail in this task but every single day is a new opportunity to excel perhaps only a little. It is a dance between every individual and God who forever understands exactly where we are coming from and loves us the same regardless of if we have created havoc or harmony. The dance will become more refined, smooth and efficient as in time we get to better know the Source of all Love. This is the dance of eternity.
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

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Re: Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

Post by jaybee » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:13 am

Thank you Raj !!
Beautiful post !!
I agree so so much with all you say !!
Thank you and God bless you! ♡
A new world is coming! !
Please see our website---
god sky
And i -
Kind regards!
Kind Regards, God Bless .
Rev John P Brennan.

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Re: Latest Events: Need a collective conscious shift

Post by lilly » Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:50 am

Hi Raj

Just speaking to a friend on the phone and we were discussing the same subject!! Your wonderful message sums it up so well....a very welcome reminder to be very mindful of what we tune into on all levels!!

Love Lilly :loves
~ If I hurt others in any way I am also hurting myself ~
~ In the welfare of others I will find my own prosperity ~ Yogananda

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