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Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 3:15 am
by Sandy
Hey...Sarah, I bet you're right...abundance and piggy banks. 8) I am just hoping it has nothing to do with fertility! :shock: :lol:

Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 4:01 pm
by 11light11
That's awesome Sarah! I can see Sandy and me feel the same way, like "Oh, yeah!" :lol: :lol: :lol: Good one! Yeah, we call them piggy banks too.

Maybe you'll be fertile in matters of the mind and spirit, Sandy!!! :lol: I know what you mean though, I hear fertility and I think "Uh oh!" :lol:

Love you guys! Michele :kiss:

Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 3:37 am
by Sandy
Maybe you'll be fertile in matters of the mind and spirit, Sandy!!! :lol:
Now that, at the ripe old age of 53, I could handle! ;) :lol:

How do you break away from unwanted habbits?

Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 3:21 pm
by happyrain
11light11 wrote:That's a cool idea about the water, Sarah -- there was a breakfast place that I used to go to, run by Hari Krishnas, and they won "Best Breakfast Place in Chicago" every single year -- though they didn't serve meat! :shock: Chicago's kinda bacon-friendly if you know what I mean. I found out that they chant "LOVE" Into all the food before they serve it, though - I wonder if that's their secret?! Even steak-and-potato men love that place.
Michele, what is the name of this amazingly delicious breakfast place ? I'm about to move to Chicago and thought it'd be a great idea to venture out there with Jessica !
In my last post here we briefly discussed neuropathways and the strength given to positive or negative patterns of behavior. We know that healing is possible and it is possible to change unwanted habbits by forming new and even stronger pathways with practice & repitition. I guess I'm posting here as means of inquiry, aside from practicing positive affirmation or chanting uplifting mantras what are some other methods you- that is, anyone reading, have found successful in breaking away from negative behavior ? I'm going to try and do some research today as well-
Thanks !

Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:34 pm
by 11light11
Hey Eric !

I am so excited for you and Jessica. I love Chicago -- I lived there for 13 years. It's such a fun city, and there's so much to see and do. And surprisingly, there's nature as well if you know where to look for it!! I recommend checking out the little sanctuaries over by the Lincoln Park zoo (which is on Fullerton near the lake -- so you head east until you almost dead-end at the lake). There is a little Japanese-style garden there, with a pond and Frank-Lloyd-Wright-style wood structures, and lily pads and frogs and trees and flowers - it's gorgeous. Then just beyond that there is a really stunning greenhouse, with many different rooms filled with plants. One room is prehistoric Illinois, back when Illinois had chicken-sized dinosaurs (like the ones who ate Newman in Jurassic Park! :lol: ), and the room is very humid and filled with ferns. Another room is just orchids. It's a really cool place to visit! That whole section, the zoo and these two places, it's free to enter.

Anyway, the breakfast place is called Victory's Banner. It's in Roscoe Village, between Damen and Western Avenue, on Roscoe. So this is just about 1 1/2 miles west of Wrigley Field in Lakeview. Once you get there these streets and neighborhoods will have some meaning to you. ;) Just know that Victory's Banner is only open till 3 pm! And you nearly always have a long wait, when you go to eat there. They have mostly breakfast food but some sandwich type lunch stuff too, and soup. People love their french toast the most. I'm an omelette person myself LOL!

As far as how to break away from negative behavior? All I am doing myself is just keeping up with the mantras, the positive affirmations, and asking the angels and midwayers to contain my doubts, fears, and anxieties for me. Or negative thinking. So I'll ask them to just put those feelings into a pocket and "not let them get into the law," meaning I only want to add manifestation powers to the positive stuff, the stuff I wish to change and move toward, you know what I mean? I picture HIV. The way HIV drugs work, is they take the HIV virus, and they put the virus into a little pocket. The pocket protects the body; it makes the virus stay in that pocket and not infect the body. So I kind of picture that, that my negative thoughts or doubts, go into this pocket and they can't go into the law and create my reality for me. The more I ask them to just contain my fears, they do it, and I am feeling more positive all the time. And it's 11:33!

Let us know how it works for you, and good luck in Chicago and have a blast ! ! ! :roll What neighborhood are you moving to? I've lived all over the city so don't hesitate if you'd like tips! Love Michele :love

Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:28 pm
by happyrain
11light11 wrote:p.s. yesterday one of my friends told me "I am so fat, I am such a gross, fat, disgusting pig." :oops: So I wondered "Is it safe to share about this stuff?" And I thought "Yes of course it is" and I told him what I've shared with you guys here.

So he said "But I am a gross fat pig." And I said "first of all that is not true -- I don't see you that way at all. So there are other possible viewpoints to that. That's the first thing. But say there is such a thing as a gross fat pig -- which I don't believe there is, I love pigs :lol: -- suppose there is! Do you think you become fatter or thinner the more you put yourself down?"

That gave him a moment's pause and finally said, "OK, I'll try your suggestion. I'll tell myself I'm losing the fat."

I said "What if that gives the fat power?" I said "Why not just tell yourself 'I feel great. I am straight and tall. I am thin and healthy. I feel wonderful. I'm a good person'."

So he said "OK when I catch myself putting myself down from now on I'll give that a try."

And I told him what Eric shared about the neuropathways and that really appealed to him. And then he said "Maybe I can even tell myself that when I'm not putting myself down, like just at different times throughout the day! Like if I'm driving to work or taking a shower." And I said "Yes, you get it!"

So :finger: let's hope it works! I know that if he sticks to it it will work . . .it's just so hard to turn the switch and start being nice to yourself!

But maybe we can remember him, because doesn't it break your heart to think of a nice sweetheart who says "I am a gross fat pig"?! It sure broke mine . . .

And if it's not fair for him to be so mean to himself, maybe it's not fair when we do it to ourselves, either! :bana:

Love to you guys! MIchele :loves :sunflower: :kiss:
******** Lovely Story Michele. Thank you. = )

Re: Healing is possible!!! :)

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:50 am
by 11light11
:kiss: :roll :sunflower: :bana: Thank you Eric!!! :loves :love :sunflower: :bana: :kiss: