Can someone explain this to me?

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Can someone explain this to me?

Post by Rowenlecuyer » Wed May 27, 2020 4:47 pm

This happened to me last night while I was sleeping and I wanted to share my experience. If people could give me feedback or have experienced anything similar, I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to read this:

Last night it happened again; I woke up to those hands gripping my side, three of them, two big ones and a small baby one. The hands were projecting something into my body, a weird sensation that traveled into my side and though out my entire being like electrical waves but without the painful shocks. I moved slightly, trying to shrug them off and go back to sleep, but only to awake to the same thing. I can’t remember the last time I experienced this, but I do know that this exact thing has happened before a while back. When I awoke the second time last night to these hands, I wasn’t afraid like I was when I first experiences this “paranormal” activity. I reached to where I could feel the grip and to my surprise I could feel a hand and I released it’s grip while it didn’t fight me but went slightly limp to the feel of my hand, as if it weakened to my touch. I moved my arm over my body to the other side still holding onto this baby hand. It was creepy; I could feel it as if it were someone’s hand. But they were only hands and part of their forearms, for I trailed my other hand up to see as far as I could go with feeling this entity and the rest of “it” (if there were bodies belonging to these hands) just weren’t there. I let go of that hand and it fell to my side beneath my blanket and that was when I realized it scurried back to my other side to continue its grip and weird sensation it was giving me. This is when I decided to pray, for I remember the last time I didn’t this weird beep-beep didn’t stop through out the night. But once I prayed and went back to sleep, it stopped.
I have read up on lucid dreaming and the like, and some people would say that this is what I experienced. And considering I could somewhat control my movements for when I reached for one of the hands. But I think it is more than just that, also considering I’ve had this exact same thing occur before. I could feel the grips and pressure on my left so well and the hands felt so real, not to mention I could’ve sworn I was literally awake during this. Any regular person who does not normally experience this would freak out like I initially did the very first time I started having these. I guess I’m used to these “attacks” now.

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Re: Can someone explain this to me?

Post by happyrain » Thu May 28, 2020 4:34 pm

hello and welcome to the forum
i've gone through similar and i understood it to be an in between state. you said you felt awake and you described the electrical feelings that often come with it. the hands, how i read it, to me is your minds interpretation(in real time trying to rationalize your experience) because in this state we can see and create things that become very real. so when its time to sleep our body enters into a standby mode much like a computer, usually the mind goes with it but in this instance it seems like your body went to rest while your mind remained alert. make no mistake, i'm not telling you what is real or isn't or belittling your experience. scientific words for this experience have been called hypnagogia or sleep paralysis.
praying has always helped me. here's a trick that might help you. if you ever feel you're back in this in-between state you can tell yourself that you are fine, that these hands don't have power over you. remind yourself that your body is asleep and your mind is awake. then direct your awareness to your big toe. tell yourself, "i'm going to wiggle my toe now." and then wiggle your toe. once you bring your body back online it tends to free you from any paralysis or in-between experience.
eventually this phenomenon became interesting enough to explore further. if you can keep calm in this state try to see where it might take you. i've heard conversations and have had an out of body experience or two as a result. some people are professionals, me on the other hand, i stumble around this realm but as a result have had many beautiful experiences and birthed a lifelong interest in the realm of spiritual inquiry. one might call your experience an initiation.

god bless and god speed.

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Re: Can someone explain this to me?

Post by Sandy » Fri May 29, 2020 12:57 am

Hello Rowanlecuyer,

It was very late last night when I approved your first post but I was hoping that Eric (Happyrain) would comment because he has had much experience with sleep paralysis and its' sometimes terrifying occurrences. I have never had such experiences and I marvel at the calm with which you exhibited in your shared experience. I am in awe and am fairly certain that I would not have fared as well.

It is good to meet you. Welcome to the message board.
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Re: Can someone explain this to me?

Post by Seeker13 » Sat May 30, 2020 3:31 am

Welcome to the boards Rowanlecuyer,
Sleep paralysis could be your answer,.... or there could be another explanation... Hope this doesn't step on any toes, but here goes.

I know several people on this board worked really hard at working on eliminating packets from our plain, but some still exist here. I understand packets to be residual energy left behind when a person passes on. They have many different names, ghosts, spirits, what ever you want to call them. I'm not a person who goes around spreading stories or looking for ghosts, but I do believe other's should be armed in case they have an encounter. Because of spiritual gifts in our family and among friends,... we've had many experiences with these entities, and a few in facing down some of the more negative ones.

My latest personal experience was a few months ago while on vacation. We stayed in a really awesome Air B&B. There were two houses. I was the only one to stay in my side. I felt the presence right away. My first thought was, "Hhh, of course." The first night it started right when I went to bed, There was a little old Hispanic woman and a young girl. I politely introduced myself, was grateful to be here, loved their space and said we were going to stay a few days then be on our way. The young girl seemed very timid, the old woman was going to have none of it. There were all kinds of noises, and scary images filled my mind right after that. I'd spent the whole day traveling and was a little cranky myself. Told her to knock it off, turned up my white noise machine, asked my guides for protection, and went to sleep. The next night it began again, I explained they had passed and really didn't belong here. There was a much better place waiting for them and asked for spirit to show them the light. I believed the young girl left then and all was quiet. I went to sleep and about an hour later the old woman appeared in my dream. I was in the bathroom. She attacked me and was choking me with a pressure of air. I could feel her hatred and anger. At first I was surprised and a little scared, seemed she had done this many times before, and that made me mad! I imagined her feeding off the fear she caused in innocent people. I've often had lucid dreams. I took control of the dream, standing up, looking her closely in the eye, I shouted forcefully out loud, "NO!!!" She couldn't believe it, let go, shrunk down and avoided eye contact. My shouting woke me up, immediately I called in several celestials asking them to please cleanse this house, explain things to the woman and take her to where she needed to go. I asked my guides for protection, and went back to sleep. There were no more occurrences for the rest of the time we were there.

You may indeed have experienced sleep paralysis, especially if this has happened before. Your account makes me wonder about a few things though. Does this always happen in the same location? If there was a violent or unexpected passing near where you were? Do spiritual gifts run in your family? I know a person who was very negative and self-destructive, who attracted negative entities to himself.

If what you had was a 'paranormal encounter', I am not an expert, but in my experience the only power these beings have is from the fear they cause. Once they are confronted and your fear abates, they have no more power over you. Prayer is your best defense in asking for protection, but also ask for them to be taken away... permanently. Our guides and guardians cannot do anything without your permission. If you determine you are not experiencing sleep paralysis, and it continues, it might be time to call in help to cleanse the area.

Hope this was not too much information.

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