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Notification of New Book Release— an 11:11 Document, by Anyas Spencer

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:07 pm
by Sandy
Notification of New Book Release— an 11:11 Document, by Anyas Spencer
Edited by George Barnard

"The Inner Sherpa—Daily Manna from Above – Volume 2" is a 383-page compilation of the daily messages received by Anyas from her Indwelling Spirit over the course of one year during her Stillness practice. After an already colorful and challenging spiritual journey, she came to the point where she wished to hear from her Still Small Voice and to become a receiver of celestial messages. As she thought she was not making much progress, she started rereading the journal entries made during her morning meditations. This is when she realized that Spirit had been talking to her all along.

Anyas is sharing her spiritual treasure chest, as well as the tools she collected in her spiritual toolbox, with the heartfelt intention of encouraging others to initiate their own treasure hunt by cultivating their relationship with their Indwelling Spirit and their Guides. "Manna from Above" is a daily spiritual practice— a diverse spiritual menu from which you can pick and choose what most appeals to your spiritual taste buds.

This title is available for ordering nationally and internationally both in Paperback and Kindle format at:

Paperback: ... 179138773X

Kindle: ... B07MFZZTYM

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