Voices in the Dark by Leslie Flint

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Voices in the Dark by Leslie Flint

Post by Geoff » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:40 am

Leslie Flint was a material medium. He had the ability to cause spirit voices to be heard by normal audible means. He also had the ability to cause spirit to materialise. He did need to do this in the dark, because a lot of light would cause the ectoplasm needed to create and sustain a voice box or a materialisation to return suddenly to the medium, and could in theory kill the medium. He did have two accidents that caused him a lot of physical pain.

Now he did this evidential mediumship to thousands of people. Because you cant have 1,000 people in the dark, he sat in a very small cabinet, and the materialisation happened outside, but still within his aura.

The thing that amazes me, is in all the research i have done, I never came across this guy, nor any other direct voice medium. The organisations that are left (charities) to promote their legacies really don't do a very good job, IMHO.

But its a really great work, and I am amazed there are still people claiming there is no real evidence of life after death. He was even tested in laboratories, and was never ever proved a fraud.

Buy it off their web site : http://leslieflint.com

Here is an extract from his book:
The most impressive spirit communication is that in which information is given by a discarnate person which is not only unknown to anyone present but is even rejected as untrue, yet which subsequent inquiry proves to be correct.
Such a communication rules out the overworked theory of telepathy and can be regarded not merely as evidence of survival but as cast iron proof.
Such a communication was given at a group for seventy-five persons which I held at the W. T. Stead Centre and the American recipient of it was Mr Robert F. Bolton, then living at 40 East 49th Street, New York City.
After various spirits had spoken to their friends, Mickey announced the presence of one who was known on earth as Carl Schneider. No one in the room responded, no one apparently knew him. Mickey persisted, declaring someone in the room knew Carl Schneider and that person must speak up to help him communicate. ‘I know a man of that name,’ said Mr Bolton, at last, ‘but to the best of my knowledge he is alive and well.’ Nothing daunted, Mickey asserted Carl Schneider was on the other side and he was about to speak. Carl's voice was then heard and he and Mr Bolton conversed. ‘
When did you pass away?’ inquired Mr Bolton.
‘About twelve months ago, maybe a little over a year,’ the spirit replied.
'It was Carl's voice! I recognised its unmistakable husky quality,’ declared Mr Bolton after the seance.
Mr Bolton found the return of his friend Carl Schneider so totally unexpected he was in a state of agitation until he could confirm whether his friend was alive or dead.
On the morning after the seance the first thing he did was to call a telephone number Carl had once given him. When the phone was answered he asked to speak to Carl Schneider and the answer came : ‘I am sorry, but Carl passed away.’ Because he still could not believe it, Mr Bolton then asked: ‘Are you sure?’ The voice at the other end of the line replied: ‘I ought to be. I am the one who found him. He committed suicide about a year ago.’
Robert Bolton returned to sit in another group of mine and on this occasion Mickey singled him out to tell him Carl was glad he had ‘checked up’ because now he would know the truth of survival.
I have taken my account of Mr Bolton's experience from a letter which Mr Bolton wrote, completely unsolicited, to Psychic News in London describing what happened at my group seance. In his letter, Mr Bolton, in assessing the value of his experience, comments: ‘I am not so naïve as to believe this account will cause belief in the spirit world to come as a revelation to a scoffing sceptic. This report however may inspire some honest sceptic to expose himself to the possibility of such an experience. It is the only scientific approach to truth...’
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Re: Voices in the Dark by Leslie Flint

Post by Sandy » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:57 am

Wow thanks for that, Geoff. I cannot imagine what a thrill it must have been for the people attending the event to hear their friend or loved one's own voice again.
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