new book: "Listening to Angels" (w/angel pics!)

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new book: "Listening to Angels" (w/angel pics!)

Post by lifeWhisk » Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:37 am

A member of this forum suggested joining.

A new book is out called "Listening to Angels" ($4.99, Michael A. Ford) at Amazon, iTunes, etc.
7 angels stepped forward to help reader get any answers in any language to (almost) any questions.

8 actual photos of angels in light energy form are included in that book (from a collection of over 25,000 photos - yup).

If you wish to see any pics for free, peek via and look closely at book 1 of the "Angels Please!" series. They're tucked into that book cover.

Will wrap this up... (it's been a long, interesting road "getting intuitive" past 4 yrs. Was just a PR type (a happy person!) before in NYC for ever. Have helped 100's upon 100's sit still and listen to angels and also 3 Indian Chiefs of Dull Knife, Red Shirt & Geronimo but have yet to charge anyone so this is a baby step forward, i.e., regarding this book posting.).

Apologies for coming out of the blue like this and thanks for allowing this post.
Respectfully, Michael (Austin, TX)

ps - see/hear angels daily now and have seen them in human form too a bunch over years(!). Help others to "unlock" more/ let go more (only 'thinking' blocks). Have shown maybe 2,500 folks their energy fields (500 or so over phone). Plus this summer, people can see auras too and even ask for hugs from angels - it's the best part of this all. long story - sorry. Cheers. Thanks again. :)

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Re: new book: "Listening to Angels" (w/angel pics!)

Post by Sandy » Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:15 am

Dear Michael,
I will definitely look into purchasing your book as it was a book about communicating with your angels that first catapulted me on a most wonderful spiritual path.
And so, it is I who should thank you for joining us as it seems you have a vast experience in opening the door to the activities of angels in our lives and in helping us to see what we ourselves, perhaps unconsciously, throw to the fore to block this. For me, realizing that we can communicate openly with the angels and other celestial beings was like going from a world of black and white to one of full vibrant colour.
And yet, I have so far to many questions remain unanswered so please bear with me as I pick your brain or refer to you and your experience from time to time.
It is good to have you here. I welcome you with open arms to our little internet forum and hope you will share more with the kindly members who post here. :D

“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

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