More Alive Than Ever......Always Karen

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More Alive Than Ever......Always Karen

Post by Geoff » Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:42 am

This is just a beautiful book. The original book "Always Karen" was republished under the title "More Alive Than Ever... Always, Karen" in 1995. These older copies can be many hundreds of dollars second hand as this newer edition is also out of print. Jeanne Walker passed away in 2012, and through a friend I asked her if I could publish these. She had passed her copyright to someone else, and i could not get a response to my offer of a free ebook that they could place on Amazon.

This I expected to be a "nice" book about the after death experiences of a beautiful 19 year old girl who died of cancer.

I am absolutely blown away by the information in this book on the topic of thoughtforms - a subject that is very rarely even mentioned, and I have never found discussed. It is also in my view, very sound on the subject of reincarnation, and in this it introduces an approach also not often found. It also discusses possession by those so determined to reincarnate that they attach themselves to a physical body and deprive the real incarnate of a life experience. I truly wish I could share this book as a pdf. It's not really about life after death, and probably should be in another of my favourite book lists. But her mother, Jeanne, who was very concerned about proving that the communications were genuine, takes up a lot of the first book with that aspect. This was reduced in the second version.

There is probably a 90% commonality in content and even entire sentences are repeated exactly the same in the two books, yet the minor additional careful editing makes this later book much better for a serious researcher into the occult. For one thing it becomes very clear that thoughtforms created by discarnates are effective in our material world. That strangely was left unsaid in the earlier book. There is far less emphasis given in this later book to all the proof that Jeanne (understandably) required. And the later book has some few pages covering what transpired in the following 20 years.

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